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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Biology573,00312
2Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology91,06243
3Department of Biology1264611
4Department of Agronomy and Horticulture456242
5Department of Biology74917850
6Department of Horticulture and Crop Science44254021
7Department of Horticulture103522128
8Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology62964548
9Department of Biology1223727
10School of Plant Biology62265587
11Department of Agronomy51712931
12Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences3158556355
13French Associates Institute for Agriculture and Biotechnology of Drylands11555513
13French Associates Institute for Agriculture and Biotechnology of Drylands1155406
15School of Life Sciences514869112
16Department of Biology114720193
17Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics1131203130
18Department of Horticulture6125923
19Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology5119911
20Department of Biology31154043
21School of Physics1108277111
21Department of Applied Physics11084621
23Faculty of Biology210121288
24Department of Horticulture2984051
24Faculty of Biology49860109
26Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology194338257
27Department of Biology5924899
28Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1908240
29Department of Agroecology387106121
30Faculty of Life and Physical Sciences1821416
31Department of Agriculture2811917
32Institute of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology1772618
33Department of Botany and Plant Pathology1769765
33Department of Agriculture and Forestry176910
33Soil Science and Plant Nutrition1765149
36School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology1759088
37School of Forestry2732632
38Department of Plant Ecology and Evolutionary Biology1725747
39Institute for Conservation Biology and Environmental Management1702117
40Department of Plant Biotechnology16923
41Department of Biology265365448
41Department of Pediatrics165936675
43Department of Biochemistry2631420
44Department of Cell and Systems Biology161170135
44Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics36178128
44Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology161168141
47School of Forestry and Resource Conservation1578761
48Graduate School of Agriculture356211262
49College of Pastoral Agriculture Science and Technology75434111
50Institute of Botany153208165
51Department of Agricultural Engineering1491820
51College of Life Sciences3494770
53Department of Biology24662114
53Department of Biology24687111
53Department of Biology2461919
56Department of Biology1452917
57School of Forestry and Wood Products1414150
57Faculty of Agronomy1413136
59Department of Biology139307358
59Department of Biology1392017
59Department of Chemistry139289281
62School of Life Sciences138433444
63Institute of Botany335286447
63Institute of General Botany3351022
63Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics33579212
66Department of Agronomy1344527
67Department of Food Science1332533
68Faculty of Biology1311015
69Department of Chemical Engineering1303840
69Department of Biology1301826
71Department of Plant Biology12982107
72School of Pharmacy228155349
72Faculty of Agriculture228129187
74Department of Agronomy227170291
75Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography226240336
76Institute of Experimental Biology1253033
76Faculty of Agriculture1257282
78Department of Biology1245629
78Institute of Biology and Environmental Sciences224744
78Department of Biology324647
78Faculty of Life Sciences1241316
82Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition123147211
83Agronomy Department22274128
83Department of Life Sciences222160383
83Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding2223874
83Department of Biology222322
83College of Information Science and Technology1221613
88Department of Molecular and Cell Biology12197142
88Faculty of Agriculture221107125
90Department of Environment and Agriculture120107161
90Department of Biology120135163
90College of Life Sciences120132159
93Faculty of Agriculture117187208
93Department of Agronomy117611
93School of Studies in Botany21788
96Department of Geography116202304
96School of Geography116201274
96Department of Physics1169494
99Faculty of Biology1154594
99Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics115345448
101School of Life Sciences214238543
102Department of Biology113103167
102School of Biology113184311
104Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering212103320
104Department of Biology112359546
104Faculty of Agriculture112158209
104Institute of Botany11299155
108Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology11158101
108Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering1113466
108Department of Physics1111621
111Department of Environmental Horticulture4101787
111Department of Biology110325503
111Department of Biology1102359
111Department of Biology11036
115Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology1971140
115Ministry of Education3983322
115Ministry of Agriculture1912
115Department of Microbiology and Parasitology1925
119Institute of Microbiology and Genetics185196
119Institute of Experimental Botany18310
119Department of Life Sciences18919
122Institute of Botany17111164
122Department of Biology and Molecular Biotechnology Program17416
122Institute of Botany1767112
122Institute of Horticulture172148
126Department of Biology16236427
126Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry16254460
126Graduate School of Environmental Earth Science16306480
126Faculty of Agriculture16168283
126Faculty of Agriculture1684134
131Department of Agronomy1566133
131School of Life Sciences15106219
131Faculty of Agriculture15911
131Department of Agronomy1555
131Department of Agricultural Microbiology154491
136School of Pharmacy14177384
136Department of Microbiology14187347
136Horticulture and Crop Science Department14420
136School of Life Sciences1484243
136Department of Chemistry1462131
136Department of Biology14117242
136College of Agriculture14271476
136Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding1469138
136Department of Ecology142973
145Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology13378665
145School of Agriculture and Food Sciences13321602
145Faculty of Applied Sciences131543
145French Associates Institute for Agriculture and Biotechnology of Drylands13212
149Department of Agronomy1244100
149Faculty of Agriculture12320573
149Agriculture Division of DowDuPont12421
152School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science11130336
152Department of Agronomy1189202
152Department of Biology111545
155Research School of Biology10267572
155Hungarian Department of Biology and Ecology102267
155Department of Crop Science and Plant Ecology102765