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#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Mechanical Engineering11164111263
2Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering51441843
3Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering10116122248
3Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering1011679233
5Department of Mechanical Engineering2110175156
6Thayer School of Engineering198379213
7Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering4802550
8Department of Electrical Engineering568126238
9Department of Engineering56750133
10Center for Control Engineering and Computation36446
10College of Information Science and Engineering106481187
12Department of Engineering363530710
13School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering759310544
14School of Mechanical Engineering557201358
14Department of Aerospace Engineering105746157
14Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering45761110
17Department of Mechanical Engineering95560203
18Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering55392237
19Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science352129216
20School of Electrical and Computer Engineering3513649
21Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering448190311
21School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science448832
23Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering54781149
24Department of Mechanical Engineering44625103
24Department of Engineering Cybernetics5462973
24Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering146142109
27School of Electrical Engineering24477107
28Department of Electrical Engineering343228400
28Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering143125104
30Department of Mechanical Engineering142250230
31Department of Electrical Engineering1412914
31Department of Electrical Engineering341717
31Department of Electrical Engineering141107
31Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering1415823
35Department of Engineering Science540335789
36School of Engineering Science33994165
36School of Aerospace Engineering63961163
38Department of Electrical Engineering33797168
38Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering63753186
38Department of Chemical Engineering137113137
38Department of Electrical Engineering3375477
42Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering336933
43College of Engineering535292651
43Department of Industrial Engineering and Management435419
45Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering53439189
46Department of Mathematics333445605
47Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics1314664
47Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering131526532
49Department of Aerospace Engineering130129131
49Department of Mechanical Engineering43084196
49Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering630202486
52Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics22978132
53Department of Mechanical Engineering2271331
53Department of Mechanical Engineering127386408
53Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering327109243
53Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering327101239
57Department of Mathematics226191225
57School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering52678234
57Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering62628170
60Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science32535167
61Department of Chemical Engineering124109144
61Department of Chemical Engineering124138197
63Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering123377363
63Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering223152250
63Institute of Control and Computation Engineering2232835
63Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science2233386
67Department of Electrical Engineering22259104
68Department of Electrical Engineering221153247
68Department of Mathematics221130142
68Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science12163119
71Department of Aerospace Engineering120132127
71Department of Mechanical Engineering320390766
71Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering32046131
74Department of Electrical Engineering119302366
74Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering119139158
74Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering11943
74Department of Mathematics and Statistics41943125
74Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1197779
79Department of Biomedical Engineering218249526
79Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering2185366
79Department of Engineering21899210
82Department of Mechanical Engineering117323329
82School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering217177309
82The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering3172289
82School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering1171022
82Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering217913
82School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering1171933
88Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering1165141
88Department of Mechanical Engineering116495538
88Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering31632120
88Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1164655
88School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science51628155
93Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering115142209
93Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences1153578
93Mechanical Engineering Department2152482
96Department of Automotive Engineering2143052
96Department of Mechanical Engineering214469902
96Department of Mechanical Engineering214237478
96School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science114159218
96Department of Mathematics and Statistics1147080
101Department of Mechanical Engineering1137591
101Department of Computer Science1131830
101Department of Aerospace Engineering21360133
101School of Electrical and Computer Engineering313267609
101Department of Mechanical Engineering11372115
101Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering21355130
107Department of Electronics312957
107Department of Computer Engineering and Systems Science212640
107Department of Electrical Engineering212100158
107Department of Mechanical Engineering21244112
107Department of Chemical Engineering2121154
107Department of Cybernetics1121624
107School of Electrical and Computer Engineering21267198
114Department of Mechanical Engineering211292468
114Department of Electrical and Control Engineering31142118
114Automation and Robotics Research Institute111927
114Department of Electrical Engineering111134212
114Department of Electrical Engineering21185145
114Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering111304434
114Department of Chemical Engineering311156424
114Department of Electrical Engineering111204278
114School of Electrical Engineering21169113
123Department of Physics110285445
123Department of Aerospace Engineering41019
123Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences110334525
123Department of Computer Science110396625
123Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering21051140
123Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering410108311
123Graduate School of Engineering Science110796891
123Department of Systems and Computer Engineering110175254
123Department of Mechanical Engineering310108331
123Department of Mathematics1101410
123Department of Computer Science1103898
134Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science19439712
134Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering1980143
134Department of Mechanical Engineering49229735
134Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering2971238
134School of Electrical and Computer Engineering19142239
134Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering3987255
134Department of Mechanical Engineering291785
134Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering19130194
142Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control282261
142Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1892159
142Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science28306669
142Department of Mathematics28209347
142Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering18443645
142Department of Applied Mathematics28150349
142Department of Mechanical Engineering181232
149Institute for System Dynamics172959
149Department of Mathematics17252325
149Department of Electrical Engineering17102182
149School of Electrical Engineering17237326
149Department of Mechanical Engineering3796286
149Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering27127335
149Department of Mechanical Engineering175871
149Department of Radiation Oncology1780146
149Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering271982
149Ministry of Education27148292
159Department of Mechanical Engineering36201628
159Department of Chemical Engineering26194480
159Department of Biomedical Engineering16111261
159School of Electrical and Computer Engineering16356600
159Department of Mathematics and Computer Science262788
159Department of Mechanical Engineering161946
159Department of Information Systems and Mathematical Sciences1668
159Department of Computer and Systems Engineering162739
159Department of Electrical Engineering162349
159Department of Mechanical Engineering16518
159Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering16217
159College of Information Engineering1669102
171Department of Thermal Engineering15193305
171Faculty of Electrical Engineering15173237
171Department of Mechanical Engineering15113173
171Department of Mechanical Engineering15287463
171Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering1573138
171School of Control Science and Engineering15281444
171Department of Electrical Engineering251892
171Department of Mechanical Engineering25164407
171Department of Aerospace Engineering15214330
171Electronic and Mechanical Engineering251895
171Department of Electrical Engineering1533
171Department of Applied Mathematics153767
171Department of Chemical Engineering151548
171Department of Electrical Engineering151726
185Department of Computer Science and Technology14333497
185School of Engineering and Applied Sciences1436115
185Department of Mechanical Engineering14114153
185Department of Mechanical Engineering14169284
185Department of Control and Systems Engineering141118
185Department of Chemical Engineering14102189
185Systems and Control Engineering141329
185Faculty of Mechanical Engineering141340
185Division of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science142864
185Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering24140401
185Department of Mechanical Engineering143993
185School of Engineering1476158
185Department of Mathematics14255399
185Department of Mechanical Engineering14121206
185Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering14155281
185Department of Mechanical Engineering14132254
201Department of Electrical Engineering23320644
201Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering13379621
201Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering13306579
201Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science13182334
201Department of Mechanical Engineering13307539
201Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering13418
201Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1399198
201Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering3358292
201Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering1397171
201Department of Production Engineering13313
201Department of Electrical Engineering13156272
201Department of Mechanical Engineering13236457
201Department of Mechanical Engineering1390193
201School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering13264538
201Graduate School of Engineering137441.1K
201Faculty of Electrical Engineering133171
201Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering13187347
201Department of Mechanical Engineering13101179
201Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering13104261
220Graduate School of Information Science and Technology12275505
220Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science12155304
220Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering12214417
220School of Electronics and Computer Science22184589
220Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science124397
220Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems1254101
220Department of Mechanical Engineering4279437
220Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1296201
220Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering2284286
220Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science1291194
220Department of Mathematics and Statistics2234159
220Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management3276313
220Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering12299496
220Department of Computer Science and Automation2239167
220Haskayne School of Business12117257
220Department of Electrical Engineering121141
220Faculty of Electrical Engineering22429
220Department of Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics123683
220Department of Electrical Engineering121223
220School of Chemical Engineering12104240
240Graduate School of Engineering11557915
240Graduate School of Education11124253
240Department of Instrumentation Engineering113170
240Department of Chemical Engineering11423755
240Department of Aerospace Engineering11738
240Department of Mathematics11613
240School of Computational and Applied Mathematics1163142
240Department of Electrical Engineering112685
240Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering11100226
240Department of Mathematics1160126
240Department of Chemical Engineering31112381
240Department of Chemical Engineering1134107
240Department of Mathematics11225349
240Department of Electronic Engineering11349581
240Department of Aerospace Engineering1181134
240Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering112993
240Department of Mechanical Engineering11268523
240Department of Industrial Engineering111144
240Center of Excellence in Information Systems112032
240College of Information and Electrical Engineering112142
240School of Electronic Information and Control Engineering1137
240Faculty of Cybernetics211633
240Department of Mechanical Engineering11913
240Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering11190368
240Department of Engineering Cybernetics1113
265Department of Mechanical Engineering10477833
265Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science10198378
265Institute of Applied Mechanics10166348
265Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering1079177
265Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering10142309
265Department of Electrical Engineering103485
265Department of Electrical Engineering104497
265Department of Mathematics10174303
265Department of Electronic Engineering103591
265Department of Mechanical Engineering101750
265Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering10270522
265Department of Mechanical Engineering2046199
265Department of Electrical Engineering10484869
265Department of Mechanical Engineering101957
265Department of Mathematics10151264
265College of Mechatronics Engineering and Automation1059146
265Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1031105
265Department of Mathematics202094
265Division of Engineering1047127
265Department of Applied Mathematics101345
265Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering10415
265Department of Mechanical Engineering10851
265School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering1079182
265Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering1084239
265Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering10211514
265Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering10265538