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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Public Health485871062
2School of Public Health50442531
3School of Medicine and Public Health282761364
4School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences132373485
5School of Public Health and Community Medicine182231462
6School of Psychology814767141
7Faculty of Medicine and Health2514424142
8School of Nursing and Midwifery81412532
9School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine1410959219
10Faculty of Social Sciences41011327
11Faculty of Health Sciences149910117
12Faculty of Medicine389264339
13School of Public Health9761046
14Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research1661313
15Faculty of Health Sciences562148364
16Faculty of Medicine1596338
17School of Public Health and Social Work6542198
18School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine1524346
19School of Psychology44844160
20Department of Epidemiology14614
21Deakin Health Economics4432155
22National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health34172217
22School of Social Sciences and Psychology24151118
24School of Medicine64034239
25College of Medicine and Dentistry33652100
26School of Applied Psychology43573235
27School of Medicine233155361
27School of Psychiatry63395390
27School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences43345129
27School of Education2332545
31School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences4322670
32Discipline of Obstetrics and Gynaecology12977117
32School of Medicine52929138
32Discipline of Obstetrics and Gynaecology12937
35Faculty of Education and Social Work32726110
35School of Education127123124
37Division of Health Sciences126102175
37Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine126188199
37School of Medical and Health Sciences102620164
37Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology12655
41Adelaide Medical School32493271
42School of Social Sciences2232756
43Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences1221318
44Dentistry and Health Sciences1214272
45School of Nursing220157320
45School of Public Health120102126
45School of Computer Science120110111
45School of Psychology120420549
45Faculty of Medicine120804887
45Institute for Global Food Security120155228
45School of Psychology and Counselling22075202
45School of Life Sciences1204373
45School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science120108144
54College of Medicine and Public Health91933332
54Department of General Practice21964165
54School of Medicine and Dentistry11960116
57Department of Anthropology1186089
57School of Medicine218141406
59School of Social Sciences2171264
60School of Psychology116161256
60Faculty of Health Sciences21652182
60Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences1164862
63Faculty of Pharmacy115282456
63School of Public Health71545366
63School of Psychology and Public Health41563306
66School of Psychology114149259
66Business School11464139
68Faculty of Business2132485
69School of Psychology and Psychiatry112120263
69College of Nursing and Midwifery412417
69Department of Social Work and Social Policy1121217
69Children's Bioethics Centre112912
73Sydney Nursing School11199167
73School of Psychology211327729
73School of Medicine311109530
73School of Management11179159
73School of Humanities and Social Sciences1114459
73Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management1112454
79School of Nursing110512
79School of Nursing and Midwifery1101316
79School of Medical Sciences11083219
79School of Psychology and Speech Pathology31050265
83College of Nursing and Health Sciences3961200
83Department of Psychiatry29227531
83Department of Psychiatry19442647
83Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences197871.2K
83School of Pharmacy19115224
83Faculty of Education39147391
83Department of General Practice29412
90School of Dentistry3853239
90School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology181243
92School of Medicine27191724
92School of Psychology1743109
92School of Medicine1791217
95Rollins School of Public Health169861.5K
95School of Education16104192
95School of Education and Professional Studies1696171
95School of Psychology and Social Science161970
95School of Social Sciences164589
100School of Public Health15392663
100Department of General Practice151847
100School of Dentistry151745
100College of Business1511
100School of Nursing15923
100Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre3515126
100School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences15132275
100Faculty of Law152847
100Centre for Health Services Management151020
100School of Medicine2569349
100Department of General Practice1537
100Centre for Research in Nursing and Health15211
112Department of Sociology and Anthropology142478
112Department of Linguistics141734
112Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care2436165
112School of Public Health14198395
112Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine14503869
112School of Psychology14377622
112School of Education1497169
112Dunedin School of Medicine24233828
112Griffith Business School14243473
112School of Education144893
112School of Nursing144492
123Nutrition and Dietetics132663
123School of Law13914
123School of Education1349126
123Department of Public Health and Primary Care13399736
123School of Psychology13238473
123Business School1331128
123School of Health Sciences1353171
123Department of Psychiatry1370172
123School of Teacher Education134491
123School of Education134396
133College of Health and Medicine1249152
133Department of Medical Oncology1229
133Melbourne Graduate School of Education12189380
133School of Public Health and Health Sciences12126329
133School of Education1245145
133School of Business2249263
133School of Public Health12410
133Department of Health Sciences12927
133Faculty of Health and Medicine12151398
142Faculty of Business and Economics111471
142Faculty of Agriculture and Environment1192242
142School of Psychology and Counselling112388
142Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine11442893
142Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation1144114
142School of Medicine1150188
142Faculty of Life Sciences and Education1166179
142School of Medicine and Public Health1129113
142School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy111468
151Department of Health Care and Epidemiology10115289
151Department of Linguistics1080212
151School of Medicine105741.3K
151School of Agriculture and Food Sciences10321675
151Cumming School of Medicine109051.7K
151School of Public Health1049118
151School of Human Services and Social Work1038139
151Faculty of Medicine10377849
151College of Health Sciences10534