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Top Articles

1COVID‐19: Vulnerability and the power of privilege in a pandemicHealth Promotion Journal of Australia2020226
2Qualitative data analysis: conceptual and practical considerationsHealth Promotion Journal of Australia2009223
3Safety in numbers in Australia: more walkers and bicyclists, safer walking and bicyclingHealth Promotion Journal of Australia2005113
4Occupational sitting time: employees' perceptions of health risks and intervention strategiesHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201198
5Food insecurity in three socially disadvantaged localities in Sydney, AustraliaHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200688
6Tooty Fruity Vegie: an obesity prevention intervention evaluation in Australian preschoolsHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201287
7Television viewing, television content, food intake, physical activity and body mass index: a cross-sectional study of preschool children aged 2–6 yearsHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201287
8Protecting and promoting mental health in the workplace: developing a systems approach to job stressHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200781
9Barriers and motivators for owners walking their dog: results from qualitative researchHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200881
10Strong in the City: towards a strength-based approach in Indigenous health promotionHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200480
11Men's Sheds function and philosophy: towards a framework for future research and men's health promotionHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201574
12Health literacy, digital health literacy and the implementation of digital health technologies in cancer care: the need for a strategic approachHealth Promotion Journal of Australia202173
13Promoting physical activity in the workplace: using pedometers to increase daily activity levelsHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200671
14Applying usability testing techniques to improve a health promotion websiteHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200871
15‘We don't tell people what to do’: ethical practice and Indigenous health promotionHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201571
16Australian school canteens: menu guideline adherence or avoidance?Health Promotion Journal of Australia201470
17Beliefs, barriers, social support, and environmental influences related to diabetes risk behaviours among women with a history of gestational diabetesHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201068
18Health literacy and Australian Indigenous peoples: an analysis of the role of language and worldviewHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201168
19Implementing lifestyle change through phone-based motivational interviewing in rural-based women with previous gestational diabetes mellitusHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201268
20Beyond masculine stereotypes: Moving men's health promotion forward in AustraliaHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200767
21Dog ownership and human health-related physical activity: an epidemiological studyHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200566
22The relationship between organised physical recreation and mental healthHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200766
23Social determinants, political contexts and civil society action: a historical perspective on the Commission on Social Determinants of HealthHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200664
24Culturally appropriate methods for enhancing the participation of Aboriginal Australians in health-promoting programsHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201162
25Culturally appropriate health promotion: its meaning and application in Aboriginal communitiesHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200460
26How does evidence influence public health policy? Tackling health inequalities in EnglandHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200359
27Barriers to implementation of a healthy canteen policy: A survey using the theoretical domains frameworkHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201959
28Using Indigenist and Indigenous methodologies to connect to deeper understandings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ quality of lifeHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201558
29An Indigenous model of health promotionHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200457
30Healthy revolutions: promoting cycling among womenHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200356
31Improving the translation of health promotion interventions using effectiveness–implementation hybrid designs in program evaluationsHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201656
32Closing the chasm between research and practice: evidence of and for changeHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201455
33Health Public Policy Public opinion on food-related obesity prevention policy initiativesHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201254
34The injury iceberg: an ecological approach to planning sustainable community safety interventionsHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200552
35Australian primary schools’ sun protection policy and practice: evaluating the impact of the National SunSmart Schools ProgramHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200852
36Developing a research and practice tool to measure walkability: a demonstration projectHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201452
37Comparison of air pollution exposure for five commuting modes in Sydney – car, train, bus, bicycle and walkingHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200451
38The war on obesity: a social determinant of healthHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200650
39Are workers or their workplaces the key to occupational sun protection?Health Promotion Journal of Australia200849
4010,000 Steps Rockhampton: Establishing a multi-strategy physical activity promotion project in a communityHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200348
41Demographic and individual correlates of achieving 10,000 steps/day: use of pedometers in a population-based studyHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200648
42Pester power: snackfoods displayed at supermarket checkouts in Melbourne, AustraliaHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200648
43Is dog ownership or dog walking associated with weight status in children and their parents?Health Promotion Journal of Australia200848
44Reach, engagement, and effectiveness: a systematic review of evaluation methodologies used in health promotion via social networking sitesHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201648
45Scoping supermarket availability and accessibility by socio-economic status in AdelaideHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200647
46Residential air-conditioning and climate change: voices of the vulnerableHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201147
47Tooty Fruity Vegie in Preschools: an obesity prevention intervention in preschools targeting children's movement skills and eating behavioursHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200946
48Reliability and validity of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire–Short Form for older adults in VietnamHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201346
49The usefulness of GPS bicycle tracking data for evaluating the impact of infrastructure change on cycling behaviourHealth Promotion Journal of Australia201645
50Labour market initiatives: potential settings for improving the health of people who are unemployedHealth Promotion Journal of Australia200944