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1Amazon's Mechanical TurkPerspectives on Psychological Science20118,300
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3Loneliness and Social Isolation as Risk Factors for MortalityPerspectives on Psychological Science20153,561
4Dual-Process Theories of Higher CognitionPerspectives on Psychological Science20132,641
5How Does Mindfulness Meditation Work? Proposing Mechanisms of Action From a Conceptual and Neural PerspectivePerspectives on Psychological Science20112,031
6Toward a Psychology of Human AgencyPerspectives on Psychological Science20061,905
7The Power of Personality: The Comparative Validity of Personality Traits, Socioeconomic Status, and Cognitive Ability for Predicting Important Life OutcomesPerspectives on Psychological Science20071,751
8The Power of Testing Memory: Basic Research and Implications for Educational PracticePerspectives on Psychological Science20061,415
9Are Emotions Natural Kinds?Perspectives on Psychological Science20061,337
10Self-Determination Theory Applied to Health ContextsPerspectives on Psychological Science20121,309
11Puzzlingly High Correlations in fMRI Studies of Emotion, Personality, and Social CognitionPerspectives on Psychological Science20091,277
12Psychology as the Science of Self-Reports and Finger Movements: Whatever Happened to Actual Behavior?Perspectives on Psychological Science20071,206
13Cultures and SelvesPerspectives on Psychological Science20101,082
14Impulse and Self-Control From a Dual-Systems PerspectivePerspectives on Psychological Science20091,070
15Understanding the Links Between Social Support and Physical Health: A Life-Span Perspective With Emphasis on the Separability of Perceived and Received SupportPerspectives on Psychological Science20091,063
16Choosing Prediction Over Explanation in Psychology: Lessons From Machine LearningPerspectives on Psychological Science20171,063
17Editors’ Introduction to the Special Section on Replicability in Psychological SciencePerspectives on Psychological Science20121,039
18Rebooting Psychotherapy Research and Practice to Reduce the Burden of Mental IllnessPerspectives on Psychological Science20111,027
19Regulatory FlexibilityPerspectives on Psychological Science2013998
20Scientific UtopiaPerspectives on Psychological Science2012992
21Renovating the Pyramid of NeedsPerspectives on Psychological Science2010944
22A Review of Facebook Research in the Social SciencesPerspectives on Psychological Science2012938
23Beyond Power CalculationsPerspectives on Psychological Science2014922
24Mind the Hype: A Critical Evaluation and Prescriptive Agenda for Research on Mindfulness and MeditationPerspectives on Psychological Science2018900
25Reciprocal Effects of Self-Concept and Performance From a Multidimensional Perspective: Beyond Seductive Pleasure and Unidimensional PerspectivesPerspectives on Psychological Science2006879
26The Unconscious MindPerspectives on Psychological Science2008872
27The Function of Fiction is the Abstraction and Simulation of Social ExperiencePerspectives on Psychological Science2008869
28LonelinessPerspectives on Psychological Science2015774
29AcculturationPerspectives on Psychological Science2010771
30Basic Emotions, Natural Kinds, Emotion Schemas, and a New ParadigmPerspectives on Psychological Science2007761
31A Theory of Unconscious ThoughtPerspectives on Psychological Science2006758
32Bayesian Versus Orthodox Statistics: Which Side Are You On?Perspectives on Psychological Science2011748
33What Is Ego Depletion? Toward a Mechanistic Revision of the Resource Model of Self-ControlPerspectives on Psychological Science2012742
34Statistical Evidence in Experimental PsychologyPerspectives on Psychological Science2011728
35Building a Better America—One Wealth Quintile at a TimePerspectives on Psychological Science2011722
36Development, Freedom, and Rising Happiness: A Global Perspective (1981–2007)Perspectives on Psychological Science2008721
37Psychological Treatments That Cause HarmPerspectives on Psychological Science2007714
38Arousal-Biased Competition in Perception and MemoryPerspectives on Psychological Science2011712
39Why Heuristics WorkPerspectives on Psychological Science2008706
40An Agenda for Purely Confirmatory ResearchPerspectives on Psychological Science2012698
41PupillometryPerspectives on Psychological Science2012696
42Who Sees Human?Perspectives on Psychological Science2010673
43The Future of Emotion Regulation ResearchPerspectives on Psychological Science2013673
44Increasing Transparency Through a Multiverse AnalysisPerspectives on Psychological Science2016668
45A Multilab Preregistered Replication of the Ego-Depletion EffectPerspectives on Psychological Science2016660
46Self-Enhancement: Food for ThoughtPerspectives on Psychological Science2008651
47Working Memory Training Does Not Improve Performance on Measures of Intelligence or Other Measures of “Far Transfer”Perspectives on Psychological Science2016651
48Ideology: Its Resurgence in Social, Personality, and Political PsychologyPerspectives on Psychological Science2008650
49Embodied Perception and the Economy of ActionPerspectives on Psychological Science2006629
50A Heuristic for Developing Transdiagnostic Models of PsychopathologyPerspectives on Psychological Science2011628