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1Performance of One-Way Concrete Slabs Reinforced with Conventional and Polymer Re-bars Under Air-Blast LoadingLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202148
2Electrocoagulation as an Eco-Friendly River Water Treatment MethodLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202032
3Identifying and Analysing Key Factors Associated with Risks in Construction ProjectsLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202032
4Statistical Parameters of Hydrometeorological Variables: Standard Deviation, SNR, Skewness and KurtosisLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202031
5An Empirical Study of Major Factors Affecting Productivity of Construction ProjectsLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202031
6Blast Performance of RCC Slab and Influence of Its Design ParametersLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202231
7Digital Twins in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations. A Brief Review and AnalysisLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202129
8Big Cities Industrial Territories Revitalization Problems and Ways of Their SolutionLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202029
9Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Smart City ApplicationsLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202127
10Extinguishing Excess Flow Energy in Spillway StructuresLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202126
11Serviceability of RC Beams Reinforced with High Strength Rebar’s and Steel PlateLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202025
12Theoretical, CFD Simulation and Experimental Study to Predict the Flowrate Across a Square Edge Broad Crested Weir Depending on the End Depth as a Control SectionLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202025
13The Express Method for Assessing the Degraded Lands Reclamation CostsLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202125
14Calculation of Reinforced Concrete Columns Strengthened by CFRPLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202024
15Framework for Automated Billing in the Construction Industry Using BIM and Smart ContractsLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202123
16Effect of Rice Husk Ash and Silica Fume as Strength-Enhancing Materials on Properties of Modern Concrete—A Comprehensive ReviewLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202023
17Behavior of Ordinary Load-Bearing Masonry Structure Under Distant Large Explosion, Beirut ScenarioLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202223
18Influence of Charge Locations on Close-in Air-blast Response of Pre-tensioned Concrete U-girderLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202223
19Development of 48-hour Precipitation Forecasting Model using Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural NetworkLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202021
20Methodical Approaches for Durability Assessment of Engineering Structures in Cold RegionsLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202021
21Biominerlisation as a Remediation Technique: A Critical ReviewLecture Notes in Civil Engineering201920
22Mechanical Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Using Coal-Bottom Ash as Replacement of Fine AggregateLecture Notes in Civil Engineering201920
23Indoor Environmental QualityLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202020
24Bridge assessment for PSC Girder Bridge using Digital Twins ModelLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202020
25Investigating IoT Middleware Platforms for Smart Application DevelopmentLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202020
26Prediction of Compressive Strength of High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete Using Artificial Neural NetworkLecture Notes in Civil Engineering201919
27Mathematical Modeling of Rheological Properties During Structure Formation of Heterocomposite Potting Materials and Coatings and Their ApplicationLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202119
28Planning Experiment for Researching Reinforced Concrete Beams with DamagesLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202019
29Integrated Application of BIM and eXtended Reality Technology: A Review, Classification and OutlookLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202119
30Geoecoprotective Screens for Road Construction and Operation in Cold RegionsLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202019
31Semi-flexible Material: The Sustainable Alternative for the Use of Conventional Road Materials in Heavy-Duty PavementLecture Notes in Civil Engineering201818
32Effect of Construction Demolition and Glass Waste on Stabilization of Clayey SoilLecture Notes in Civil Engineering201918
33Mix Design and Factors Affecting Strength of Pervious ConcreteLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202018
34Nano-modified Ultra-rapid Hardening Portland Cement Compositions for High Strength ConcretesLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202018
35Finite Element Analysis of Static Loading on Urban TunnelsLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202018
36Analytical and Numerical Analysis of Piled-Raft Foundation of Storage TankLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202018
37Recovery of Manganese from Low-Grade Ferromanganese Ores Using Bacillus SafensisLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202018
38Analysis of Slope Stability of Fly Ash Stabilized Soil SlopeLecture Notes in Civil Engineering201917
393D Digital Documentation of a Cultural Heritage Site Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner—A Case StudyLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202017
40Influence of Microstructure of Geopolymer Concrete on Its Mechanical Properties—A ReviewLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202017
41Damage to Masonry Buildings Interacting with Slow-Moving Landslides: A Numerical AnalysisLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202017
42Flare Emissions from Asphalt PlantsLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202017
43Geoecoprotective Technologies from Heavy Metal Ions Pollution for Transport Construction in Permafrost RegionsLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202017
44Mathematical Model of Deformation of the River Channel in the Area of the Damless Water IntakeLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202217
45Analytic Wavelet Selection for Time–Frequency Analysis of Big Data Form Civil Structure MonitoringLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202116
46Crack Resistance of RC Columns Strengthened by JacketingLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202016
47Air Distribution Efficiency in a Room by a Two-Flow DeviceLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202016
48A New Approach to Damage Detection in Bridges Using Machine LearningLecture Notes in Civil Engineering201816
49Environmental Benefits of Green Roof to the Sustainable Urban Development: A ReviewLecture Notes in Civil Engineering201916
50Four Decades of Computing in Civil EngineeringLecture Notes in Civil Engineering202016