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1Stochastic simulation of chemical reactions with spatial resolution and single molecule detailPhysical Biology2004448
2A single-cell-based model of tumor growthin vitro: monolayers and spheroidsPhysical Biology2005369
3Boolean modeling in systems biology: an overview of methodology and applicationsPhysical Biology2012353
4Specific ion effects on the growth rates ofStaphylococcus aureusandPseudomonas aeruginosaPhysical Biology2005254
5Fluid biopsy in patients with metastatic prostate, pancreatic and breast cancersPhysical Biology2012252
6Hither and yon: a review of bi-directional microtubule-based transportPhysical Biology2004245
7Stochastic modelling of reaction–diffusion processes: algorithms for bimolecular reactionsPhysical Biology2009235
8The influence of geometry, surface character, and flexibility on the permeation of ions and water through biological poresPhysical Biology2004227
9Current trends and future requirements for the mass spectrometric investigation of microbial, mammalian and plant metabolomesPhysical Biology2008225
10Dynamic regulation of mechanosensitive channels: capacitance used to monitor patch tension in real timePhysical Biology2004224
11The statistical mechanics of complex signaling networks: nerve growth factor signalingPhysical Biology2004213
12Designed aromatic homo-dipeptides: formation of ordered nanostructures and potential nanotechnological applicationsPhysical Biology2006182
13Cancer tumors as Metazoa 1.0: tapping genes of ancient ancestorsPhysical Biology2011178
14A hydrophobic gate in an ion channel: the closed state of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptorPhysical Biology2006177
15Collective cell motion in endothelial monolayersPhysical Biology2010177
16Apoptosis: its origin, history, maintenance and the medical implications for cancer and agingPhysical Biology2016177
17Characterization of circulating tumor cell aggregates identified in patients with epithelial tumorsPhysical Biology2012176
18Active gels: dynamics of patterning and self-organizationPhysical Biology2006172
19Oscillatory behaviors and hierarchical assembly of contractile structures in intercalating cellsPhysical Biology2011171
20A role for helical intermediates in amyloid formation by natively unfolded polypeptides?Physical Biology2009170
21Statistics of polymer rings in the melt: a numerical simulation studyPhysical Biology2009170
22Constrained geometric simulation of diffusive motion in proteinsPhysical Biology2005166
23Precise particle tracking against a complicated background: polynomial fitting with Gaussian weightPhysical Biology2007164
24An immersed boundary lattice Boltzmann approach to simulate deformable liquid capsules and its application to microscopic blood flowsPhysical Biology2007161
25Contractility and retrograde flow in lamellipodium motionPhysical Biology2006160
26Elastic network models for understanding biomolecular machinery: from enzymes to supramolecular assembliesPhysical Biology2005159
27Reactive boundary conditions for stochastic simulations of reaction–diffusion processesPhysical Biology2007157
28Selective sweeps in growing microbial coloniesPhysical Biology2012150
29Tracking single particles: a user-friendly quantitative evaluationPhysical Biology2005147
30The 2019 mathematical oncology roadmapPhysical Biology2019147
31A cortical folding model incorporating stress-dependent growth explains gyral wavelengths and stress patterns in the developing brainPhysical Biology2013144
32On the role of electrostatics in protein–protein interactionsPhysical Biology2011139
33Toward an artificial cell based on gene expression in vesiclesPhysical Biology2005138
34The forces that shape embryos: physical aspects of convergent extension by cell intercalationPhysical Biology2008137
35Nanopore-facilitated, voltage-driven phosphatidylserine translocation in lipid bilayers—in cells andin silicoPhysical Biology2006135
36AFM stiffness nanotomography of normal, metaplastic and dysplastic human esophageal cellsPhysical Biology2011135
37Resting potential, oncogene-induced tumorigenesis, and metastasis: the bioelectric basis of cancerin vivoPhysical Biology2012134
38Modeling synaptic transmission of the tripartite synapsePhysical Biology2007132
39Multi-scale modelling of cancer cell intravasation: the role of cadherins in metastasisPhysical Biology2009131
40The role of the cytoskeleton in cellular force generation in 2D and 3D environmentsPhysical Biology2011128
41Probing embryonic tissue mechanics with laser hole drillingPhysical Biology2009124
42Dressed neurons: modeling neural–glial interactionsPhysical Biology2004123
43Synchronization of coupled nonidentical genetic oscillatorsPhysical Biology2006120
44Two-photon laser-generated microtracks in 3D collagen lattices: principles of MMP-dependent and -independent collective cancer cell invasionPhysical Biology2011120
45Fluid biopsy for circulating tumor cell identification in patients with early-and late-stage non-small cell lung cancer: a glimpse into lung cancer biologyPhysical Biology2012120
46Probing the compressibility of tumor cell nuclei by combined atomic force–confocal microscopyPhysical Biology2013120
47Modeling cell rheology with the Subcellular Element ModelPhysical Biology2008117
48Effect of channel block on the spiking activity of excitable membranes in a stochastic Hodgkin–Huxley modelPhysical Biology2004110
49Oscillations and temporal signalling in cellsPhysical Biology2007108
50Automated refinement and inference of analytical models for metabolic networksPhysical Biology2011108