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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Biology1324373181
2Department of Bioengineering2208150111
3Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology219513789
4Biotechnology Division117254
5Department of Microbiology117011348
6Department of Process and Environmental Engineering11314919
7Department of Bioengineering198268141
8Department of Dermatology1954223
9Institute of Technical Microbiology19495
9Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science294295252
9Institute of Technical Chemistry994219
12Department of Ecogenomics and Systems Biology2911928
13Department of Chemical Engineering2867869
14Faculty of Engineering385313247
15School of Chemical Engineering375152190
15Department of Chemical Engineering375232278
17School of Chemical Engineering373120177
18Faculty of Engineering466220256
19Department of Chemical Engineering163423358
19Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology4634064
21Institute of Pharmacy and Food Chemistry1626143
21Institute of Organic Chemistry1627543
21Department of Simulation16266
24Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering1611712
25State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology160281219
25School of Biotechnology160259170
27Institute of Microbiology159129
28College of Engineering158727519
28Institute of Biochemistry158155145
28Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology158232210
31Department of Chemical Engineering25673106
31Institute of Systems Biotechnology256614
31Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology156405346
34Department of Chemical Engineering15410787
35College of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering452103151
36School of Computer Science14911268
36Department of Pathology149222208
38Faculty of Life Sciences14812380
38Department of Biochemistry14813293
38Department of Chemical Engineering1482422
41College of Life Sciences and Oceanography14712387
42Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering146160142
43Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering145350386
43Institute of Bioprocess Engineering and Pharmaceutical Technology345814
43Department of Microbiology14588126
43Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics145113137
47Division of Oncology144144163
48Department of Biochemistry143113115
48Department of Bacteriology143234226
50School of Engineering142892594
50Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology142202196
50Department of Electrical Engineering142426293
53Institute of Biotechnology1417165
53Medical Faculty Mannheim141891708
53Department of Chemical Engineering1413631
56Department of Microbiology and Genetics1401015
56Department of Food Science140122129
56Department of Chemical Engineering1401011
59School of Chemistry139309276
60School of Chemical and Biological Engineering138340328
60Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology2383063
60School of Life Science and Biotechnology138129137
63School of Civil Engineering137198201
64Department of Chemical Engineering136467437
65Department of Agricultural Chemistry13510594
65Department of Structural Engineering2356091
65Institute for Surgical Research and Hospital Management235313
68Department of Chemistry134426398
68Food and Bioprocess Engineering Group2342557
68Institute of Organic Chemistry1344948
71Department of Materials Science and Engineering133114132
71Department of Chemistry133100109
71Department of Pharmaceutics and Analytical Chemistry1335889
71Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering133149172
71School of Life Sciences and Facility Management23314
76School of Biology132114181
76Institute of Process Engineering232430513
78Department of Mathematics131181144
78School of Life Sciences131338338
78Department of Chemistry231202276
78Department of Experimental Medicine131203246
82Department of Biology/Chemistry1303862
82School of Bioscience and Bioengineering130115134
82Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering2305178
85Institute of Biochemical Engineering1292536
86Department of Biomedical Engineering128244320
86Department of Chemical Engineering1283025
88Department of Molecular Biotechnology1277386
88Institute for Wine Biotechnology1274669
90School of Life Sciences126372421
90Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology126158220
90Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology126109198
93Institute of Food Chemistry and Food Biotechnology325627
93Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering125164230
95Faculty of Life Sciences124201287
95Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine1247467
95Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering124198242
95Institute of Botany12499131
99Department of Chemical Engineering12380118
99Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering223122268
101Department of Chemical Engineering12270104
102Institute of Microbiology1214162
102Center for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering221128281
102Institute of Microbiology321281573
102Department of Chemical Engineering1212124
102School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering221296482
102Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology12170117
108Division of Bioengineering120125202
108School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials22070180
108Department of Computer Science1205689
108Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition120147228
108Graduate School of Engineering120347304
108Faculty of Pharmacy320127375
114Department of Chemical Engineering21994144
114Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences119383457
116Department of Chemical Engineering1185976
116Faculty of Engineering118524528
116Area of Microbiology1182537
116School of Civil and Environmental Engineering118403518
116Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering21844135
116Department of Applied Chemistry118292293
116Faculty of Pharmacy11894121
116Department of Analytical Chemistry1181742
124Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics1175381
124Department of Chemistry117347473
124Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology117243361
124Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology21734126
128Genetics of Prokaryotes216825
128Department of Philosophy1164260
128School of Energy and Environment116205281
128Faculty of Agriculture116151175
128Department of Medical Engineering11638
133Faculty of Engineering115350332
133Department of Biomedical Engineering115372551
133Institute of Life Sciences215110349
133Department of Biology115544800
133Department of Materials Science and Technology1153448
133Department of Chemical Engineering115114162
133School of Environmental Studies2152183
133Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology11596198
141Department of Chemistry1149481.2K
141Graduate School of Engineering1141.0K1.0K
141Department of Materials Chemistry1142959
141Department of Biological Engineering21485204
141Department of Business Chemistry21413
141Institute of Environmental Biotechnology1144887
147Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering21346135
147Faculty of Chemistry113390452
147Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition113141228
147Department of Microbiology113208293
147Department of Chemistry113188279
147Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery1132429
147Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology11313
147Graduate School of Engineering113744772
147Department of Biology213106288
147Institute for Food Toxicology and Analytical Chemistry1131227
157Department of Biology112137234
157Research Center of Biotechnology112128186
157Department of Zoology2122670
157Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology112100175
157State Level Biotechnology Centre11289
157Center for Environmental Biotechnology11259124
163Center for Microbial Biotechnology11161119
163School of Public Health1111047
163Department of Chemical and Process Engineering1111843
166Chemical and Materials Engineering Department110417
166Institute of Genetics1101526
166Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering110253433
169Department of Chemical Engineering19489768
169Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK)1999173
169Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences19223415
169Department of Biology19219406
169Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering1998144
169Department of Pediatrics1972136
169Department of Pediatrics19284517
176Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology48130494
176Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences18369575
176Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering187599
176Faculty of Engineering18271331
176College of Medical and Dental Sciences18577954
176Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy18133228
176Department of Medical Microbiology182361
176Graduate School of Agriculture189001.2K
176Department of Chemical Engineering186190
176Institute of Sustainable and Environmental Chemistry181630
176Department of Biochemistry1849103
176Research Institute of Chemical and Process Engineering1825
176Department of Environmental Engineering18108191
176School of Electronic Engineering18151193
176Department of Physical Sciences1833
176Center for Systems Biology184380
176School of Electronic and Information Engineering1882117
193Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry1755128
193Institute of Biochemistry1773151
193Department of Physics and Research Center OPTIMAS174675
193Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering171950
193School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences17335612
193Faculty of Life and Social Sciences1784238
193Department of Chemistry17349491
193Faculty of Agriculture17235363
193Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials172562
193School of Pharmacy17288418
193Department of Urology17411
193Department of Urology173984
205Department of Biological Engineering1660120
205Department of Chemical Engineering1669101
205Department of Environmental Engineering1626
205Department of Biochemistry16258405
205Research Faculty of Agriculture16269418
205Research Center for Advanced Waste and Emission Management162245
205Department of Pharmacy1685164
212Department of Chemical Engineering15422600
212Institute of Food Technology and Bioprocess Engineering251363
212Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry15406709
212Institute of Urban Water Management and Environmental Engineering151327
212Department of Computer Science15108190
212Department of Chemical Engineering15452675
212Centre for Stem Cell Biology151137
212Faculty of Science and Engineering15259426
212Department of Physics1586138
212School of Public Health15362665
212Department of Materials Science and Technology151427
212School of Public Health15369686
224CNC-Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology2436224
224Institute for Microbial Biotechnology and Metagenomics141944
224Biological Engineering Program141133
224Department of Chemical Engineering142565
224Faculty of Engineering14106202
224Department of Chemical Engineering141843
224Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering1485172
224Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences1485181
224Department of Biology1499230
224Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology1446
224Environmental and Bioscience Engineering141640
235Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering1362131
235Department of Ecosystem Analysis132032
235School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology23203624
235Department of Chemistry13569837
235School of Chemical Engineering134892
235Institute of Microbiology3347145
235Faculty of Pharmacy13288606
235Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology1393181
235Department of Chemistry13147261
235School of Pharmacy13246476
235Biotechnology Research Institute13130302
246Institute of Chemistry12117212
246Department of Chemistry12383697
246Department of Biochemistry12541944
246Faculty of Biology12257486
246Department of Mechanics122986
246Division of Chemical Engineering12123242
246Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology12523
246Department of Process Engineering1283158
246Department of Materials and Life Sciences12113227
246Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering12219426
256Department of Biology11142376
256School of Chemical Engineering and Technology11209372
256Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering11119276
256College of Life Sciences11198381
256Ministry of Agriculture11251445
256School of Chemical Engineering and Technology116741.0K
256School of Science and Engineering1133132
256Department of Microbiology1142103
256Department of Molecular Biotechnology11211
256Division of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics11720
266College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering10530828
266Department of Nutrition and Food Science10138234
266Department of Chemical Engineering1060127
266Division of Biology10518
266Department of Life Sciences10403814
266Faculty of Agriculture10319610
266Department of Life Sciences and Engineering10621
266Division of Biotechnology and Macromolecular Chemistry1038111
266Department of Biology10152386
266College of Life Sciences1048127
266Institute of Molecular Medicine and Bioengineering10521
266Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics1074179