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1The success story of graphite as a lithium-ion anode material – fundamentals, remaining challenges, and recent developments including silicon (oxide) compositesSustainable Energy and Fuels2020608
2Current progress of Pt and Pt-based electrocatalysts used for fuel cellsSustainable Energy and Fuels2020375
3Green hydrogen from anion exchange membrane water electrolysis: a review of recent developments in critical materials and operating conditionsSustainable Energy and Fuels2020367
4Recent progress of transition metal nitrides for efficient electrocatalytic water splittingSustainable Energy and Fuels2019305
5Biomass-derived carbon electrode materials for supercapacitorsSustainable Energy and Fuels2017287
6Current understanding of chemical degradation mechanisms of perfluorosulfonic acid membranes and their mitigation strategies: a reviewSustainable Energy and Fuels2017231
7Encapsulating perovskite solar cells to withstand damp heat and thermal cyclingSustainable Energy and Fuels2018231
8Hydrogen production from the thermochemical conversion of biomass: issues and challengesSustainable Energy and Fuels2019224
9Supercritical water gasification of biomass: a state-of-the-art review of process parameters, reaction mechanisms and catalysisSustainable Energy and Fuels2019210
10Highly efficient monolithic perovskite silicon tandem solar cells: analyzing the influence of current mismatch on device performanceSustainable Energy and Fuels2019208
11The rise of lithium–selenium batteriesSustainable Energy and Fuels2017203
12How to determine optical gaps and voltage losses in organic photovoltaic materialsSustainable Energy and Fuels2018199
13Innovative design of microencapsulated phase change materials for thermal energy storage and versatile applications: a reviewSustainable Energy and Fuels2019194
14Energy efficiency: a critically important but neglected factor in battery researchSustainable Energy and Fuels2017183
15New insights into evaluating catalyst activity and stability for oxygen evolution reactions in alkaline mediaSustainable Energy and Fuels2018183
16Bifunctional electrocatalysts for Zn–air batteriesSustainable Energy and Fuels2018179
17Solution processing of air-stable molecular semiconducting iodosalts, Cs2SnI6−xBrx, for potential solar cell applicationsSustainable Energy and Fuels2017174
18Tin–lead halide perovskites with improved thermal and air stability for efficient all-perovskite tandem solar cellsSustainable Energy and Fuels2018167
19Cellulose solvent-based pretreatment for enhanced second-generation biofuel production: a reviewSustainable Energy and Fuels2019164
20Hydrogen production from natural gas and biomethane with carbon capture and storage – A techno-environmental analysisSustainable Energy and Fuels2020164
21Alkaline membrane fuel cells: anion exchange membranes and fuelsSustainable Energy and Fuels2021163
22A mini-review on the synthesis and structural modification of g-C3N4-based materials, and their applications in solar energy conversion and environmental remediationSustainable Energy and Fuels2019158
23Two-dimensional nanomaterials for photocatalytic CO2reduction to solar fuelsSustainable Energy and Fuels2017156
24Scalable slot-die coating of high performance perovskite solar cellsSustainable Energy and Fuels2018155
25Atomic layer deposition for perovskite solar cells: research status, opportunities and challengesSustainable Energy and Fuels2017150
26Recent advances in integrated CO2capture and utilization: a reviewSustainable Energy and Fuels2021142
27Sustainable energy and fuels from biomass: a review focusing on hydrothermal biomass processingSustainable Energy and Fuels2020140
28Dual functions of zirconium modification on improving the electrochemical performance of Ni-rich LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2Sustainable Energy and Fuels2018135
29Multidimensional performance optimization of conducting polymer-based supercapacitor electrodesSustainable Energy and Fuels2017133
30A garnet structure-based all-solid-state Li battery without interface modification: resolving incompatibility issues on positive electrodesSustainable Energy and Fuels2019133
31The effect of electrode design parameters on battery performance and optimization of electrode thickness based on the electrochemical–thermal coupling modelSustainable Energy and Fuels2019128
32A cobalt–phosphorus nanoparticle decorated N-doped carbon nanosheet array for efficient and durable hydrogen evolution at alkaline pHSustainable Energy and Fuels2020127
33Green ammonia as a spatial energy vector: a reviewSustainable Energy and Fuels2021126
34On the climate impacts of blue hydrogen productionSustainable Energy and Fuels2021126
35An advanced and highly efficient Ce assisted NiFe-LDH electrocatalyst for overall water splittingSustainable Energy and Fuels2020125
36FeS2/carbon hybrids on carbon cloth: a highly efficient and stable counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsSustainable Energy and Fuels2019122
37Design of a novel and highly stable lead-free Cs2NaBiI6 double perovskite for photovoltaic applicationSustainable Energy and Fuels2018121
38Insights on pathways for hydrogen generation from ethanolSustainable Energy and Fuels2017120
39Evaluating spinel ferrites MFe2O4 (M = Cu, Mg, Zn) as photoanodes for solar water oxidation: prospects and limitationsSustainable Energy and Fuels2018119
40Investigation of the reaction mechanism of lithium sulfur batteries in different electrolyte systems by in situ Raman spectroscopy and in situ X-ray diffractionSustainable Energy and Fuels2017115
41Magnetic energy harvesting with magnetoelectrics: an emerging technology for self-powered autonomous systemsSustainable Energy and Fuels2017115
42Economics & carbon dioxide avoidance cost of methanol production based on renewable hydrogen and recycled carbon dioxide – power-to-methanolSustainable Energy and Fuels2018115
43Sonochemical synthesis of a 2D–2D MoSe2/graphene nanohybrid electrode material for asymmetric supercapacitorsSustainable Energy and Fuels2019110
44An overview of a novel concept in biomass pyrolysis: microwave irradiationSustainable Energy and Fuels2017107
45Lignin-first biorefinery: a reusable catalyst for lignin depolymerization and application of lignin oil to jet fuel aromatics and polyurethane feedstockSustainable Energy and Fuels2018106
46Recent trends in graphene supercapacitors: from large area to microsupercapacitorsSustainable Energy and Fuels2021105
47Recent advances in quantum dot-sensitized solar cells: insights into photoanodes, sensitizers, electrolytes and counter electrodesSustainable Energy and Fuels2017103
48Quantitative analysis of the transient photoluminescence of CH3NH3PbI3/PC61BM heterojunctions by numerical simulationsSustainable Energy and Fuels2018103
49Nickel–copper supported on a carbon black hydrogen oxidation catalyst integrated into an anion-exchange membrane fuel cellSustainable Energy and Fuels2018102
50Nature-inspired salt resistant polypyrrole–wood for highly efficient solar steam generationSustainable Energy and Fuels2019100