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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Medicine1479658
2School of Medical Education1556113
3Centre for Medical Education755413
4Medical Directorate54612
5Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care3442762
6Department of Primary Care and Public Health Sciences4381386
7Discipline of General Practice437942
8School of Medicine136271261
9Institute of General Practice13321
9Department of General Practice and Health Services Research1336249
11Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences42956252
11General Practice and Primary Care229422
11Graduate Entry Medical School22951106
14Department of Family Medicine22858103
15Department of Family Medicine72729176
16School of Medical Education226612
17Centre for General Practice225315
17Discipline of General Practice4251027
19School of Social and Community Medicine72386525
19School of Medicine72343422
19Medical Education Unit22334
22Department of Family Medicine32159190
23School of Medicine418174832
23Department of General Practice118916
23Department of Family Medicine41833153
26Faculty of Medicine4174231.4K
26School of Medicine117251381
26School of Medicine11791145
29School of Medicine and Public Health416132542
30Medical School21492326
31Department of General Practice3131232
32Department of General Practice111616
32Department of Family and Community Medicine311110410
32School of Medicine41167415
32Department of General Practice/Family Medicine111915
32GKT School of Medical Education811561
32Medical Sciences and Nutrition21160240
32School of Education11197145
32Department of Family Medicine11183127
32College of Medicine and Health Sciences21142134
41Department of Family Medicine210523
41Department of General Practice110120209
41School of Social Sciences31070339
41Wessex School of General Practice51011
45Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care1948103
45Faculty of Medicine19459696
45School of Education3969211
45Department of Family Medicine1914
45School of Medicine19152236
45Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care19549816
45Department of Medical Education1923
45Postgraduate General Practice Education1914
45School of Medicine and Pharmacy192547
54Graduate School of Medicine181.8K2.1K
54School of Public Health28284710
54Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine4872558
54Faculty of Medicine186221.1K
54Faculty of Health Sciences1854130
54Department of Health Sciences18366567
54Dunedin School of Medicine28233727
54School of Nursing and Midwifery184887
54Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences2830160
63School of Medicine17521919
63School of Social Work174599
63School of Social Work172959
63Department of Postgraduate Medical Education8711
63Institute of Family Medicine1711
63Faculty of Medicine17284380
69Faculty of Medicine16106254
69Mailman School of Public Health169321.5K
69Faculty of Health Sciences16563995
69Department of Human Biology16211404
69Department of Community Health and Social Medicine16722
69Department of General Practice261447
69School of Medicine and Dentistry26415
69Department of General Practice162964
69Department of Community Health and Social Medicine161552
69Faculty of Health and Life Sciences3615191
79Dentistry and Nursing1587171
79School of Management1559150
79School of Medicine25315961
79Centre for Nursing and Health Studies151651
79School of Medicine15321698
79Centre for Medical Education351048
79Department of Health Sciences15306572
79Department of Family Medicine/General Practice1511
79Faculty of Medicine15927
88Faculty of Medicine146261.1K
88Department of Family Medicine143772
88Faculty of Medicine141.1K1.4K
88Department of Family Medicine14511
88Department of Internal Medicine1484126
88Department of Family Medicine143591
88Department of Community and Family Medicine1428
88Department of Community Health and Psychiatry142879
88Medical School14132360
88School of Medicine and Public Health141.7K2.3K
88Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care141427
88Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care142775
88College of Life Sciences2421143
88Faculty of Medicine146731.2K
88Department of General Practice1468
88School of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education1427
88Lancashire Business School142699
88Faculty of Medicine2494329
88School of Medicine1450128
88Department of Family Medicine1429
88Department of Family Medicine14512
109Department of Public Health and Primary Care13399736
109School of Dentistry1378173
109Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences13358782
109Faculty of Medicine137131.3K
109Division of Health Sciences2356290
109School of Medicine23133582
109School of Medicine234591.3K
109School of Medicine2379419
109Family Medicine Unit1322
109Department of Family Medicine13213
109School of Medicine2376464
109Department of Family Medicine131433
109Department of Family Medicine2315
109South Eastern General Practice Training Scheme1311
109Department of Family Medicine1339
124College of Medicine and Public Health12360776
124Department of Surgery and Cancer126621.3K
124School of Medicine and Dentistry2254349
124Faculty of Medicine1245133
124Faculty of Education12295528
124Department of Family Medicine121448
124Faculty of Health Sciences125741.2K
124Department of Physiology12828
124Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine12188455
124Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences12450853
124Department of Family Medicine122689
124Family Medicine Teaching Unit1212
124College of Medicine12127364
124Faculty of Medicine12476995
124Discipline of Family Medicine121339
124Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology42451
124Department of Dermatology1224
124School of Dentistry1235
124Centre for Public Health122075
124North West: Postgraduate Medicine and Dentistry1211
144Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research1111
144College of Medical and Dental Sciences115771.2K
144Department of Primary Care and General Practice1162141
144Department of General Practice and Primary Care11933
144Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology1157161
144School of Medicine11273686
144Centre for Medical Education111653
144School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences1176259
144Department of General Practice112064
144Department of Family Medicine112775
144Department of Pediatrics1190213
144Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology11412
144Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research1116
144Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology11622
144Trent Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre1127
144Department of Medical Education11412
144Department of General Practice21737
161Department of Family Medicine101567
161School of Public Health107041.4K
161Department of General Practice1060161
161Department of Surgery10295680
161Health Services Management Centre3042174
161Department of Family Medicine101755
161School of Medicine10116365
161Discipline of General Practice30748
161Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine10723
161Medical School1010
161Institute of General Practice and Primary Care102364
161Department of Public Health and Primary Care2090437
161Faculty of Medicine207312.2K
161Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences1048154
161Department of Family Medicine102999
161Institute of Public Health10230542
161Department of Public Health and Primary Care10143347
161Department of Psychiatry102042
161Department of Medicine10397861
161Department of Family Medicine20412
161Faculty of Health and Medicine10151453
161Department of Medicine302281.1K
161Department of Pediatrics10139412