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1The Benefits of Human–Companion Animal Interaction: A ReviewJournal of Veterinary Medical Education2008190
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4Searching the Veterinary Literature: A Comparison of the Coverage of Veterinary Journals by Nine Bibliographic DatabasesJournal of Veterinary Medical Education2012107
5A Study of Depression and Anxiety, General Health, and Academic Performance in Three Cohorts of Veterinary Medical Students across the First Three Semesters of Veterinary SchoolJournal of Veterinary Medical Education2012103
6Factors Influencing Veterinary Students’ Career Choices and Attitudes to AnimalsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200592
7Predictors of Depression and Anxiety in First-Year Veterinary Students: A Preliminary ReportJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200691
8How Useful Is Plastination in Learning Anatomy?Journal of Veterinary Medical Education200789
9Development and Validation of a Competency Framework for VeterinariansJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201189
10Envisioning the Future of Veterinary Medical Education: The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges Foresight Project, Final ReportJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200782
11The First-Year Veterinary Student and Mental Health: The Role of Common StressorsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200882
12Attitudes of Veterinary Students at One US College toward Factors Relating to Farm Animal WelfareJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200577
13Can Teaching Veterinary and Animal-Science Students about Animal Welfare Affect Their Attitude toward Animals and Human-Related Empathy?Journal of Veterinary Medical Education201177
14Integrating a Bovine Rectal Palpation Simulator into an Undergraduate Veterinary CurriculumJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200575
15Building on Existing Models from Human Medical Education to Develop a Communication Curriculum in Veterinary MedicineJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200675
16Teaching and Learning Communication in Veterinary MedicineJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200674
17Stress and Depression among Veterinary Medical StudentsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201774
18Outcome-Based EducationJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200372
19Failure to Acknowledge High Suicide Risk among VeterinariansJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201269
20Understanding Reliability: A Review for Veterinary EducatorsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201669
21Managing Stress in Veterinary StudentsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200568
22Veterinary Students as Elite Performers: Preliminary InsightsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200567
23Predictors of Anxiety and Depression in Veterinary Medicine Students: A Four-Year Cohort ExaminationJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201267
24Coping with Stress: A Survey of Murdoch University Veterinary StudentsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200566
25Problem Based Learning: An Introduction and Overview of the Key Features of the ApproachJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200566
26Towards a Humane Veterinary EducationJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200565
27Faculty Development: Principles and PracticesJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200664
28Teaching Surgery to the Veterinary Novice: The Ohio State University ExperienceJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200762
29Change in Higher Education: Understanding and Responding to Individual and Organizational ResistanceJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200762
30Veterinary Students and Non-academic StressorsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200561
31Understanding Veterinary Practitioners' Decision-Making Process: Implications for Veterinary Medical EducationJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201261
32Development, Teaching, and Evaluation of a Consultation Structure Model for Use in Veterinary EducationJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200659
33Veterinarians in Population Health and Public Practice: Meeting Critical National NeedsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200358
34Implementing a Simulated Client Program: Bridging the Gap between Theory and PracticeJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200458
35Final-Year Veterinary Students' Perceptions of Their Communication Competencies and a Communication Skills Training Program Delivered in a Primary Care Setting and Based on Kolb's Experiential Learning TheoryJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201456
36Anxiety in Veterinary Surgical Students: A Quantitative StudyJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201255
37Implementing the Flipped Classroom in a Veterinary Pre-clinical Science Course: Student Engagement, Performance, and SatisfactionJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201855
38Quality of Life and Stress Factors for Veterinary Medical StudentsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200554
39Animal Welfare and the Human–Animal Bond: Considerations for Veterinary Faculty, Students, and PractitionersJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200854
40The Life of Meaning: A Model of the Positive Contributions to Well-Being from Veterinary WorkJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201554
41Mainstreaming Alternatives in Veterinary Medical Education: Resource Development and Curricular ReformJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200553
42Teaching Medical Pathology in the Twenty-First Century: Virtual Microscopy ApplicationsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200753
43Observations of Veterinary Medicine Students’ Approaches to Study in Pre-clinical YearsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200451
44Communication Education in Veterinary Education in the United Kingdom and Ireland: The NUVACS Project Coupled to Progressive Individual School EndeavorsJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200651
45Beyond NAVMEC: Competency-Based Veterinary Education and Assessment of the Professional CompetenciesJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201351
46Team-Based Learning Increases Active Engagement and Enhances Development of Teamwork and Communication Skills in a First-Year Course for Veterinary and Animal Science UndergraduatesJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201351
47Resilience in Veterinary Students and the Predictive Role of Mindfulness and Self-CompassionJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201750
48Problem-Based Learning in Veterinary EducationJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200849
49Evaluation of Veterinary Student Surgical Skills Preparation for Ovariohysterectomy Using Simulators: A Pilot StudyJournal of Veterinary Medical Education201649
50Approaches to Teaching Animal Welfare at 13 Veterinary Schools WorldwideJournal of Veterinary Medical Education200548