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1Anxiety and cognitive performance: Attentional control theory.Emotion20073,429
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5Happiness unpacked: Positive emotions increase life satisfaction by building resilience.Emotion2009987
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16A functional MRI study of human amygdala responses to facial expressions of fear versus anger.Emotion2001586
17Emotion regulation: Taking stock and moving forward.Emotion2013585
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19Interpersonal emotion regulation.Emotion2013564
20Beyond reciprocity: Gratitude and relationships in everyday life.Emotion2008544
21Loving-kindness meditation increases social connectedness.Emotion2008532
22Becoming happier takes both a will and a proper way: An experimental longitudinal intervention to boost well-being.Emotion2011515
23Very first impressions.Emotion2006510
24Emotion and motivation I: defensive and appetitive reactions in picture processingEmotion2001505
25Effects of Direct and Averted Gaze on the Perception of Facially Communicated Emotion.Emotion2005503
26Rumination as a common mechanism relating depressive risk factors to depression.Emotion2001501
27Synchrony and the social tuning of compassion.Emotion2011486
28What Is Interesting? Exploring the Appraisal Structure of Interest.Emotion2005477
29Mental Imagery and Emotion: A Special Relationship?Emotion2005469
30Fundamental dimensions of subjective state in performance settings: Task engagement, distress, and worry.Emotion2002465
31Leveling up and down: The experiences of benign and malicious envy.Emotion2009460
32Toward an Understanding of the Determinants of Anger.Emotion2004449
33Parental Socialization of Emotion Expression: Gender Differences and Relations to Child Adjustment.Emotion2005439
34Emotion regulation and vulnerability to depression: Spontaneous versus instructed use of emotion suppression and reappraisal.Emotion2010439
35Does emotional intelligence meet traditional standards for an intelligence? Some new data and conclusions.Emotion2001433
36The Effects of Fear and Anger Facial Expressions on Approach- and Avoidance-Related Behaviors.Emotion2005432
37Mindfulness and mind-wandering: Finding convergence through opposing constructs.Emotion2012430
38Acceptability and suppression of negative emotion in anxiety and mood disorders.Emotion2006423
39Happiness and unhappiness in east and west: Themes and variations.Emotion2009423
40The developmental origins of a disposition toward empathy: Genetic and environmental contributions.Emotion2008410
41Gender and Culture Differences in Emotion.Emotion2004402
42Minding one’s emotions: Mindfulness training alters the neural expression of sadness.Emotion2010399
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45Decreases in psychological well-being among American adolescents after 2012 and links to screen time during the rise of smartphone technology.Emotion2018381
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47Shifting moods, wandering minds: Negative moods lead the mind to wander.Emotion2009379
48Gender Differences in Judgments of Multiple Emotions From Facial Expressions.Emotion2004377
49Moving faces, looking places: Validation of the Amsterdam Dynamic Facial Expression Set (ADFES).Emotion2011377
50A 12-point circumplex structure of core affect.Emotion2011374