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1A Generic Intelligent Bearing Fault Diagnosis System Using Compact Adaptive 1D CNN ClassifierJournal of Signal Processing Systems2019391
2Histopathological Image Analysis Using Model-Based Intermediate Representations and Color Texture: Follicular Lymphoma GradingJournal of Signal Processing Systems2009163
3Gaussian Noise Filtering from ECG by Wiener Filter and Ensemble Empirical Mode DecompositionJournal of Signal Processing Systems2011114
4Binary Adders on Quantum-Dot Cellular AutomataJournal of Signal Processing Systems2010101
5Variable Partitioning and Scheduling for MPSoC with Virtually Shared Scratch Pad MemoryJournal of Signal Processing Systems201099
6Wavelet-based Burst Event Detection and Localization in Water Distribution SystemsJournal of Signal Processing Systems201398
7Implementation of a Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Media Processor for AVC DecoderJournal of Signal Processing Systems200897
8Mitigating Near-field Interference in Laptop Embedded Wireless TransceiversJournal of Signal Processing Systems201187
9Overview of the MPEG Reconfigurable Video Coding FrameworkJournal of Signal Processing Systems201181
10Pedestrian Navigation Based on Inertial Sensors, Indoor Map, and WLAN SignalsJournal of Signal Processing Systems201380
11Memory Access Optimized Implementation of Cyclic and Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes on a GPGPUJournal of Signal Processing Systems201179
12Sparse Coding with Anomaly DetectionJournal of Signal Processing Systems201577
13Research on Image Retrieval Algorithm Based on Combination of Color and Shape FeaturesJournal of Signal Processing Systems202175
14Novelty Detection with Multivariate Extreme Value StatisticsJournal of Signal Processing Systems201174
15Power Signature Watermarking of IP Cores for FPGAsJournal of Signal Processing Systems200872
16An Intelligent Digital Microfluidic Processor for Biomedical DetectionJournal of Signal Processing Systems201571
17Keystroke Biometric Systems for User AuthenticationJournal of Signal Processing Systems201770
18Hardware Implementation of Reconfigurable 1D ConvolutionJournal of Signal Processing Systems201666
19Robust Multimodal Registration Using Local Phase-Coherence RepresentationsJournal of Signal Processing Systems200965
20Application of Multiscale Learning Neural Network Based on CNN in Bearing Fault DiagnosisJournal of Signal Processing Systems201965
21A Scalable Framework For Segmenting Magnetic Resonance ImagesJournal of Signal Processing Systems200964
22An Automatic Approach for Accurate Edge Detection of Concrete Crack Utilizing 2D Geometric Features of CrackJournal of Signal Processing Systems201464
23Regular Expression Matching in Reconfigurable HardwareJournal of Signal Processing Systems200863
24Parallel Scalability of Video DecodersJournal of Signal Processing Systems200961
25Software Code Generation for the RVC-CAL LanguageJournal of Signal Processing Systems201161
26Synthesizing Hardware from Dataflow ProgramsJournal of Signal Processing Systems201159
27PULP: A Ultra-Low Power Parallel Accelerator for Energy-Efficient and Flexible Embedded VisionJournal of Signal Processing Systems201658
28Discovering Biclusters by Iteratively Sorting with Weighted Correlation Coefficient in Gene Expression DataJournal of Signal Processing Systems200857
29Spectrum Occupancy Statistics and Time Series Models for Cognitive RadioJournal of Signal Processing Systems201156
30Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images using Bayesian Non-negative Matrix Factorization with Volume PriorJournal of Signal Processing Systems201156
31Hardware Implementation of Successive-Cancellation Decoders for Polar CodesJournal of Signal Processing Systems201254
32Filter Bank Channelizers for Multi-Standard Software Defined Radio ReceiversJournal of Signal Processing Systems201152
33Calibration of Abstract Performance Models for System-Level Design Space ExplorationJournal of Signal Processing Systems200851
34Video Streaming with Network CodingJournal of Signal Processing Systems201049
35A Method for Windows Malware Detection Based on Deep LearningJournal of Signal Processing Systems202148
36Real-time Visual Tracker by Stream ProcessingJournal of Signal Processing Systems200947
37Implementation and Comparison of the 5/3 Lifting 2D Discrete Wavelet Transform Computation Schedules on FPGAsJournal of Signal Processing Systems200846
38An Empirical Study of Collaborative Acoustic Source LocalizationJournal of Signal Processing Systems200946
39A Container-Based Elastic Cloud Architecture for Pseudo Real-Time Exploitation of Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) StreamJournal of Signal Processing Systems201746
40Improving the Performance of Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing Algorithms Using Parallel, Distributed and Specialized Hardware-Based SystemsJournal of Signal Processing Systems201045
41Social Similarity Routing Algorithm based on Socially Aware Networks in the Big Data EnvironmentJournal of Signal Processing Systems202245
42An Evaluation Study of Mobility Support in ZigBee NetworksJournal of Signal Processing Systems201044
43An Embedded Real-Time Surveillance System: Implementation and EvaluationJournal of Signal Processing Systems200843
44Automated Breast Cancer Diagnosis Based on GVF-Snake Segmentation, Wavelet Features Extraction and Fuzzy ClassificationJournal of Signal Processing Systems200942
45An Electromechanical Film Sensor Based Wireless Ballistocardiographic Chair: Implementation and PerformanceJournal of Signal Processing Systems200942
46A Review of Region-Based Image RetrievalJournal of Signal Processing Systems201042
47Finding Maximum Cliques on the D-Wave Quantum AnnealerJournal of Signal Processing Systems201942
48An Equivalent Exchange Based Data Forwarding Incentive Scheme for Socially Aware NetworksJournal of Signal Processing Systems202142
49Detection of Retinal Blood Vessels Based on Nonlinear ProjectionsJournal of Signal Processing Systems200941
50Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Methods: A Performance-Complexity Tradeoff PerspectiveJournal of Signal Processing Systems202041