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Top Articles

1World Health Organization reference values for human semen characteristics*‡Human Reproduction Update20102,206
2Infertility around the globe: new thinking on gender, reproductive technologies and global movements in the 21st centuryHuman Reproduction Update20151,165
3Oxidative stress and male infertility—a clinical perspectiveHuman Reproduction Update20081,145
4Oxidative stress and protection against reactive oxygen species in the pre-implantation embryo and its surroundingsHuman Reproduction Update20011,085
5A systematic review of tests predicting ovarian reserve and IVF outcomeHuman Reproduction Update20061,040
6The variability of female reproductive ageingHuman Reproduction Update2002980
7Sex hormones and the immune response in humansHuman Reproduction Update2005925
8Temporal trends in sperm count: a systematic review and meta-regression analysisHuman Reproduction Update2017899
9Impaired glucose tolerance, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome in polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysisHuman Reproduction Update2010859
10Ultrasound assessment of the polycystic ovary: international consensus definitionsHuman Reproduction Update2003857
11Sperm transport in the female reproductive tractHuman Reproduction Update2006847
12Clinical implications of uterine malformations and hysteroscopic treatment resultsHuman Reproduction Update2001812
13Oocyte-secreted factors: regulators of cumulus cell function and oocyte qualityHuman Reproduction Update2008796
14Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) as a predictive marker in assisted reproductive technology (ART)Human Reproduction Update2010762
15Culture of preimplantation embryos: facts and artifactsHuman Reproduction Update1995753
16The effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy on female reproductionHuman Reproduction Update2001725
17The physiology and clinical utility of anti-Müllerian hormone in womenHuman Reproduction Update2014722
18Role of sperm chromatin abnormalities and DNA damage in male infertilityHuman Reproduction Update2003688
19Endometrial receptivity markers, the journey to successful embryo implantationHuman Reproduction Update2006677
20Why do people postpone parenthood? Reasons and social policy incentivesHuman Reproduction Update2011671
21A meta-analysis of pregnancy outcomes in women with polycystic ovary syndromeHuman Reproduction Update2006667
22Protamines and male infertilityHuman Reproduction Update2006643
23Conception to ongoing pregnancy: the 'black box' of early pregnancy lossHuman Reproduction Update2002617
24Epidemiology and prevention of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS): a reviewHuman Reproduction Update2002608
25Obstetric and perinatal outcomes in singleton pregnancies resulting from IVF/ICSI: a systematic review and meta-analysisHuman Reproduction Update2012601
26Overweight, obesity and central obesity in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysisHuman Reproduction Update2012582
27Why do singletons conceived after assisted reproduction technology have adverse perinatal outcome? Systematic review and meta-analysisHuman Reproduction Update2013560
28The prevalence of congenital uterine anomalies in unselected and high-risk populations: a systematic reviewHuman Reproduction Update2011558
29Recurrence of endometriosis and its controlHuman Reproduction Update2009538
30Premature ovarian failureHuman Reproduction Update2005537
31Prevalence and diagnosis of congenital uterine anomalies in women with reproductive failure: a critical appraisalHuman Reproduction Update2008533
32What we know about primary dysmenorrhea today: a critical reviewHuman Reproduction Update2015525
33Maternal smoking in pregnancy and birth defects: a systematic review based on 173 687 malformed cases and 11.7 million controlsHuman Reproduction Update2011522
34Fertility and ageingHuman Reproduction Update2005520
35Steroid hormone receptors: an updateHuman Reproduction Update2000512
36Women’s emotional adjustment to IVF: a systematic review of 25 years of researchHuman Reproduction Update2007512
37BMI in relation to sperm count: an updated systematic review and collaborative meta-analysisHuman Reproduction Update2013507
38Infertility and the provision of infertility medical services in developing countriesHuman Reproduction Update2008499
39Placental-related diseases of pregnancy: involvement of oxidative stress and implications in human evolutionHuman Reproduction Update2006491
40Anti-Müllerian hormone: ovarian reserve testing and its potential clinical implicationsHuman Reproduction Update2014491
41Role of nitric oxide in the biology, physiology and pathophysiology of reproductionHuman Reproduction Update1998485
42Culture and selection of viable blastocysts: a feasible proposition for human IVF?Human Reproduction Update1997482
43Control of hyperactivation in spermHuman Reproduction Update2008472
44Androgen excess fetal programming of female reproduction: a developmental aetiology for polycystic ovary syndrome?Human Reproduction Update2005462
45Uterine fibroid management: from the present to the futureHuman Reproduction Update2016461
46Follicle dynamics and anovulation in polycystic ovary syndromeHuman Reproduction Update2008460
47Demographic and medical consequences of the postponement of parenthoodHuman Reproduction Update2012458
48New insights into epididymal biology and functionHuman Reproduction Update2008457
49Cytokines, chemokines and growth factors in endometrium related to implantationHuman Reproduction Update2005446
50Fertility preservation in female patientsHuman Reproduction Update2004443