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1Model of autism: increased ratio of excitation/inhibition in key neural systemsGenes, Brain and Behavior20032,198
2Sociability and preference for social novelty in five inbred strains: an approach to assess autistic‐like behavior in miceGenes, Brain and Behavior20041,241
3Autism‐like behavioral phenotypes in BTBR T+tf/J miceGenes, Brain and Behavior2008709
4Automated apparatus for quantitation of social approach behaviors in miceGenes, Brain and Behavior2004680
5Microbial genes, brain & behaviour – epigenetic regulation of the gut–brain axisGenes, Brain and Behavior2014495
6Psychiatric endophenotypes and the development of valid animal modelsGenes, Brain and Behavior2006456
7Relatively strong automatic appetitive action‐tendencies in male carriers of the OPRM1 G‐alleleGenes, Brain and Behavior2009332
8Unusual repertoire of vocalizations in adult BTBR T+tf/J mice during three types of social encountersGenes, Brain and Behavior2011316
9Linking genes to brain, behavior and neurological diseases: what can we learn from zebrafish?Genes, Brain and Behavior2004315
10Neuroligin‐3‐deficient mice: model of a monogenic heritable form of autism with an olfactory deficitGenes, Brain and Behavior2009315
11Long‐term individual housing in C57BL/6J and DBA/2 mice: assessment of behavioral consequencesGenes, Brain and Behavior2005308
12Altered anxiety‐related and social behaviors in the Fmr1 knockout mouse model of fragile X syndromeGenes, Brain and Behavior2005307
13Mouse inbred strain differences in ethanol drinking to intoxicationGenes, Brain and Behavior2007304
14Individual differences in allocation of funds in the dictator game associated with length of the arginine vasopressin 1a receptor RS3 promoter region and correlation between RS3 length and hippocampal mRNAGenes, Brain and Behavior2008303
15Neurotrophic factors in Alzheimer’s disease: role of axonal transportGenes, Brain and Behavior2008298
16Abnormal anxiety-related behavior in serotonin transporter null mutant mice: the influence of genetic backgroundGenes, Brain and Behavior2003294
17The molecular genetics of cognition: dopamine, COMT and BDNFGenes, Brain and Behavior2006275
18Impaired spatial learning in the APPSwe�+�PSEN1?E9 bigenic mouse model of Alzheimer?s diseaseGenes, Brain and Behavior2007272
19Association study of eight circadian genes with bipolar I disorder, schizoaffective disorder and schizophreniaGenes, Brain and Behavior2006257
20Down's syndrome: a genetic disorder in biobehavioral perspectiveGenes, Brain and Behavior2003248
21Behavioral profiles of inbred strains on novel olfactory, spatial and emotional tests for reference memory in miceGenes, Brain and Behavior2002244
22The utility of the non-human primate model for studying gene by environment interactions in behavioral researchGenes, Brain and Behavior2003242
23Gene–environment interactions at the FKBP5 locus: sensitive periods, mechanisms and pleiotropismGenes, Brain and Behavior2014238
24A hitchhiker's guide to behavioral analysis in laboratory rodentsGenes, Brain and Behavior2006234
25Beyond modules and hubs: the potential of gene coexpression networks for investigating molecular mechanisms of complex brain disordersGenes, Brain and Behavior2014229
26Social approach in genetically engineered mouse lines relevant to autismGenes, Brain and Behavior2009225
27Social reward among juvenile miceGenes, Brain and Behavior2007224
28Serotonin 5-HT2Creceptors regulate anxiety-like behaviorGenes, Brain and Behavior2007220
29Fear extinction and BDNF: translating animal models of PTSD to the clinicGenes, Brain and Behavior2012215
30Can zebrafish be used as a model to study the neurodevelopmental causes of autism?Genes, Brain and Behavior2003214
31Species differences in cannabinoid receptor 2 (CNR2 gene): identification of novel human and rodent CB2 isoforms, differential tissue expression and regulation by cannabinoid receptor ligandsGenes, Brain and Behavior2009214
32The Trace Amine 1 receptor knockout mouse: an animal model with relevance to schizophreniaGenes, Brain and Behavior2007208
33Attenuated pain responses in mice lacking CaV3.2 T-type channelsGenes, Brain and Behavior2007205
34Functional dissection of Odorant binding protein genes in Drosophila melanogasterGenes, Brain and Behavior2011205
35Localization of FMRP‐associated mRNA granules and requirement of microtubules for activity‐dependent trafficking in hippocampal neuronsGenes, Brain and Behavior2005203
36Estrous cycle effects on behavior of C57BL/6J and BALB/cByJ female mice: implications for phenotyping strategiesGenes, Brain and Behavior2007203
37Understanding the human brain through mouse modelsGenes, Brain and Behavior2007203
38High‐throughput behavioral phenotyping in the expanded panel of BXD recombinant inbred strainsGenes, Brain and Behavior2010199
39Distinct genetic influences on grammar and phonological short-term memory deficits: evidence from 6-year-old twinsGenes, Brain and Behavior2006196
40Genetic susceptibility to heroin addiction: a candidate gene association studyGenes, Brain and Behavior2008189
41A phenotypic and molecular characterization of the fmr1‐tm1Cgr Fragile X mouseGenes, Brain and Behavior2004182
42Increased anxiety‐like behavior in mice lacking the inhibitory synapse cell adhesion molecule neuroligin 2Genes, Brain and Behavior2009180
43Behavioral phenotypes of amyloid-based genetically modified mouse models of Alzheimer's diseaseGenes, Brain and Behavior2005179
44Visual detection, pattern discrimination and visual acuity in 14 strains of miceGenes, Brain and Behavior2006175
45Hypolocomotion, anxiety and serotonin syndrome-like behavior contribute to the complex phenotype of serotonin transporter knockout miceGenes, Brain and Behavior2007174
46Behavioral alterations induced by repeated testing in C57BL/6J and 129S2/Sv mice: implications for phenotyping screensGenes, Brain and Behavior2004169
47Behavioral and neurochemical phenotyping of Homer1 mutant mice: possible relevance to schizophreniaGenes, Brain and Behavior2005167
48Brain‐derived neurotrophic factor polymorphism Val66Met influences cognitive abilities in the elderlyGenes, Brain and Behavior2008167
49Dendritic pathology in mental retardation: from molecular genetics to neurobiologyGenes, Brain and Behavior2006166
50Reduced scent marking and ultrasonic vocalizations in the BTBR T+tf/J mouse model of autismGenes, Brain and Behavior2011166