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Most Cited Articles of Lighting Research and Technology in 2000

Simulation of annual daylighting profiles for internal illuminance2000101
Perceptions of safety at night in different lighting conditions200092
Preferred luminous conditions in open-plan offices: research and practice recommendations200089
Simulated driving performance and peripheral detection at mesopic and low photopic light levels200059
Mathematical model for the performance of light pipes200046
Effect of thermal conditions and light source type on visual comfort appraisal200044
Occupant reactions to daylight in offices200041
A step in quantifying the appearance of a lit scene200023
RADIANCE algorithm to simulate laser-cut panel light-redirecting elements200017
Vertical solar radiation and daylight illuminance data for Hong Kong200017
Daylighting using light pipes and its integration with solar heating and natural ventilation200013
Approximate field measurement of surface luminance using a digital camera200011
Determination of sky types from global illuminance200011
Effect of brief exposure to glare on brightness perception in the scotopic-mesopic range200011
Lighting design based on luminance contrast20008
Daylighting museum galleries: a review of performance criteria20007
Daylight availability in top-lit atria: prediction of skylight transmittance and daylight factor20007
Daylighting, energy and glazed balconies: a study of a refurbishment project in Engelsby, near Flensberg, Germany20006
Effect of sparkling luminous elements on the overall brightness impression: A pilot study20006
Calibration and use of camera-based systems for road lighting assessment20004
Daylight transmission of atrium roofs under overcast and partly cloudy skies20003
Parallax in artificial sky domes20003
Application of photogrammetry in lighting calculations for obstructed interiors20002
Daylighting design and research20002
Luminous energy field: a finite-element model20001