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Most Cited Articles of Lighting Research and Technology in 1995

Validation of a lighting simulation program under real sky conditions1995111
Modulation of fluorescent light: Flicker rate and light source effects on visual performance and visual comfort199546
Perceived room brightness: Pilot study on the effect of luminance distribution199543
Daylighting enhancement with light pipes coupled to laser-cut light-deflecting panels199539
Light shelves: Computer assessment of daylighting performance199533
Minimum acceptable transmittance of glazing199531
Quality of light and quality of life: An intervention study among older people199523
Luminance models for overcast skies: Assessment using measured data199522
Solar irradiance and illuminance models for Japan II: Luminous efficacies199520
Subjective reactions to daylight in rooms: Effect of using low-emittance coatings on windows199519
Solar irradiance and illuminance models for Japan I: Sloped surfaces199517
Performance of a new scanning sky simulator199516
Visual perception under tungsten lamps with enhanced blue spectrum199514
Luminous efficacy: Evaluation of models for the United Kingdom199511
The if, why and what of street lighting and street crime: A review†199511
Remote source electric lighting systems: A review19957
Escape route lighting: Comparison of human performance with traditional lighting and wayfinding systems19954
Goniophotometric measurements : Numerical simulation for research and development applications19954
Perception in complex fields under road lighting conditions19953
Greenhouse lighting side-effects: Community reaction19952
Elimination of arc curvature by standing radial acoustic waves19952
Sky luminance: Standard digital form for modelling19952
Automotive headlamps: calculation of light distribution19951
Skylight wells: A finite-element approach to analysis of efficiency19951