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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Chemistry689602742
2School of Materials Science and Engineering254919628
3Department of Chemical Engineering5247166
4Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences418298101
5Department of Mechanical Engineering71563755
6Mechanical Design and Production Engineering Department515445
7Institute of Physics13145114
8Production Engineering and Printing Technology Department313013
9College of Engineering2113290176
10School of Chemical Engineering711256112
11Department of Chemistry7109116151
12Department of Earth Science51062661
13School of Materials Science and Engineering81052665
14School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering109728
15Institute of Physics3929475
16Department of Chemical Engineering49176
17Department of Chemical Engineering19011146
17Department of Chemistry1909547
19Department of Physics88377
20Ministry of Education4815261
21Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry87548130
22Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering6741880
23School of Materials Science and Engineering670103158
24Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology1662211
25Department of Chemistry964143290
26Faculty of Pharmacy1635030
26Faculty of Pharmacy1635622
28Department of Chemistry462145177
29School of Life Sciences258283366
29Mechanical Engineering Department258810
31College of Materials Science and Engineering257148111
32Faculty of Mechanical Engineering8563987
32Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering8562683
34Department of Civil Engineering155189115
35Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry Department1524125
35College of Materials and Environmental Engineering35275106
37Faculty of Chemistry551105192
37Department of Applied Chemistry55111
37Department of Chemistry3511522
40Department of Physical Organic Chemistry1472115
40College of Physics and Optoelectronics14712069
42School of Public Health246596567
43Department of Chemical Engineering3453258
44College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering4444690
45Department of Chemistry74294265
46Department of Physics1414430
47Institute of Solid State Physics440423
47Materials Science Centre44067126
49Department of Chemistry3394568
49Department of Chemistry539113208
49Department of Mathematics83926
49Department of Mechanical Engineering339106151
53Department of Chemistry438108162
54School of Chemistry43773166
54Center of Excellence in Electrochemistry23776113
54College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering337295410
54Graduate School of Science and Engineering137323184
54School of Mechanical Engineering23712095
54Department of Chemistry337186285
60Division of Pharmacology1366469
60Division of Organic Chemistry1363033
62Department of Biochemistry and Medical Chemistry1354959
62School of Materials Science and Engineering1358789
62School of Studies in Chemistry135178
62Department of Chemical Engineering435830
66Graduate School of Engineering334676842
66Department of Physics43494118
66Department of Physics3341238
69Centre for Energy Studies133112106
69Institute of Chemistry2338396
69Department of Chemistry23378145
69Department of Organic Chemistry1335139
69School of Materials Science and Engineering233145160
69Division of Engineering Materials1331117
75School of Chemistry132337352
76Faculty of Engineering231332338
76Physics Department3311231
76Faculty of Engineering1314243
76School of Energy and Power Engineering4315194
76College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering2312843
81Department of Materials Science1306962
82Institute of Chemical Physics129178129
82School of Chemistry and Materials Science72947162
82Department of Chemistry2293673
82Department of Chemistry3293073
82Department of Chemistry1292222
82Department of Environmental Engineering1291312
88Department of Geriatrics128211
88School of Medicine128217205
88School of Medicine1281.5K1.2K
88Department of Geriatrics1281420
88Department of Computer Science22882147
88Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering128201207
94Department of Chemistry226134194
94Department of Physics526730
96Department of Materials Science and Engineering22569123
96College of Mechanics and Materials225187237
96Department of Chemistry125322349
96Mechanical Engineering Department2251019
96Faculty of Engineering2254671
96School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering125913
96Faculty of Engineering1255055
103Department of Physics1248983
103Department of Metallurgical and Materials Science12423
103Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology124148
103School of Civil Engineering2241725
103School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering324105184
103College of Chemical Engineering1243328
109Department of Physics623740
109State Key Laboratory of Coal Mine Disaster Dynamics and Control123173169
109Department of Chemistry423112342
109Department of Mechanical Engineering123123126
109School of Electric and Information Engineering1231423
109Department of Physics52317
115School of Mechanical Engineering122236231
115Institute for Energy Studies1223946
115Department of Chemistry122236245
115Biology-Chemistry Department62223
115Department of Chemistry222105162
115Department of Materials Science and Engineering122133138
115Department of Aerospace Engineering1226986
115School of Materials Science and Engineering32258134
115Faculty of Chemistry1223134
115Department of Polymer Chemistry12213
125Institute of Physics42149100
125Institute of Petroleum Engineering1215559
125Department of Physics42161187
125Department of Physics221110140
129Department of Chemistry3203797
129Nanomaterials Research Institute42011
129Solar Energy Institute1205065
129Department of Chemistry1207389
133Department of Electronics1195352
133Department of Physics and Materials Science119325368
133Department of Materials Science and Engineering219149210
133Faculty of Engineering219291509
133Chemistry Department319148327
133Department of Mechanical Engineering119923
133School of Chemistry and Physics1194760
140Department of Chemistry2187201.1K
140Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics118275320
140Department of Materials Engineering118218254
140Department of Mathematics218225252
140Department of Materials Science and Engineering1181114
140Institute of Chemistry1182727
140Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering118136119
140Faculty of Mechanical Engineering2183388
140Department of Chemical Engineering1181312
140Department of Physics21834
140Department of Chemistry21824
140School of Engineering and Technology11856
152Institute of Chemistry317389646
152Department of Chemistry117239279
152Department of Life Sciences1171830
152College of Materials Science and Engineering41731121
152Department of Chemical Engineering1175585
152Institute of Experimental Medicine2172344
152Department of Physics2171018
159Department of Chemistry216194349
159Department of Materials Engineering1163757
159Department of Applied and Environmental Chemistry21665132
159Department of Chemistry1162032
159Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering1165163
159Department of Chemical Engineering1165275
159Physical Chemistry Division11634
159Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering216414
159Department of Chemistry216614
159Department of Solid State Physics216719
159Department of Civil Engineering116293302
159College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering11622
171Department of Organic Chemistry2151743
171School of Mechanical Engineering115660663
171Department of Chemistry315160291
171Department of Mechanical Engineering315305581
171Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry115227294
171Department of Physical Chemistry2153485
171School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering115117154
171Department of Physics41597226
171Department of Manufacturing Engineering1151823
171School of Chemical Engineering1151714
171College of Chemical and Environmental Engineering115189252
171School of Biotechnology and Health Sciences1157885
171College of Civil Aviation Safety Engineering1151824
171School of Economics and Management215720
171College of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering2154391
171School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering21536
171School of Chemistry and Life Science1156586
188College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering214400615
188Department of Chemistry114138218
188Department of Chemistry1141530
188College of Engineering and Applied Sciences114238272
188School of Chemistry114295376
188Department of Chemistry114486616
188Department of Chemistry1143564
188Graduate School of Environmental Studies314185433
188School of Energy and Environment1146172
188Department of Chemistry114126172
188Department of Chemistry114112150
188Department of Chemistry114127155
188College of Physics1141223
201Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics31342158
201Department of Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics1131317
201Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics413131260
201Department of Chemical Engineering1133453
201Institute of Solid State Physics31393183
201School of Electrical and Computer Engineering21393163
201College of Materials Science and Engineering113203246
201School of Physics and Information Technology113185212
201School of Mechanical Engineering11387102
201Department of Chemistry2131760
201School of New Energy Science and Engineering1131423
201School of Environmental and Safety Engineering41328102
201School of Materials Science and Engineering41329148
214Institute of Physical Chemistry112114117
214Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry212103252
214Department of Physics212114272
214Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering112298446
214Department of Chemistry112249313
214College of Engineering3126321.2K
214Department of Physics112917
214Faculty of Science and Mathematics11287114
214Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering11213
214Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science112133192
214Department of Mechatronics Engineering1122540
214School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering112332374
214Department of Organic Chemistry1126581
214Faculty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering112192204
214Chemical Engineering Department1122142
214Faculty of Chemical Engineering112137193
214School of Physics and Electronic Engineering51250157
214Institute of Chemistry512121399
232Department of Advanced Materials Science111155198
232Department of Applied Chemistry111278307
232Department of Chemistry111499633
232Department of Chemistry111173214
232Department of Chemistry3111856
232School of Materials Science and Engineering21161130
232Department of Chemistry211152317
232Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Management111814
232College of Materials Science and Engineering2111436
232Chemical Engineering Department211714
232Department of Chemistry1114684
232Faculty of Science and Literature1112241
232Department of Mathematics3111436
232Department of Chemical Engineering111230301
232Faculty of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering1112945
232College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering111177218
232Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering1111027
249Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering110156234
249Institute of Physics110415493
249Department of Chemistry110198267
249Department of Physics210125224
249Department of Applied Chemistry110144202
249School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering210222386
249Department of Applied Physics11090126
249Materials Science Centre11088121
249Department of Physics and Astronomy110138189
249Faculty of Engineering210438847
249Department of Chemistry110357503
249Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering1102237
249Engineering Faculty1104782
249College of Architecture and Environment110241334
249Department of Chemistry2103149
249College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering21075150
249Department of Chemistry11069103
249College of Materials Science and Engineering1103345
249Department of Physics41013
249Department of Mechanical Engineering1103144
249College of Life and Health Sciences21053179
249Physics and Technology Department11011
271School of Materials Science and Engineering193475
271Department of Organic Chemistry195874
271School of Materials Science and Engineering19181231
271Faculty of Physics3996246
271Department of Chemistry19569715
271Department of Chemistry191124
271Department of Mathematics195766
271School of Mechanical Engineering29184374
271College of Materials Science and Engineering19250324
271Department of Chemistry29232483
271Department of Physics19169186
271School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics19166233
271Faculty of Technical Physics2937106
271Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering19187280
271School of Materials Science and Engineering19379471
271Department of Mechanical Engineering29151349
271Plasma Physics Research Center191121
271Institute of Pharmacy19105164
271Institute of Chemical and Environment Engineering192542
271Department of Chemistry193261
271School of Physics19105132
271Department of Physics195185
271Department of Physics196297
271School of Physics and Optoelectronics2951105
271College of Chemical and Materials Engineering29932
296Faculty of Physics18253353
296Faculty of Engineering18179333
296Faculty of Physics18207265
296Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering182645
296Department of Chemistry18366538
296School of Materials Science and Engineering182842
296Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy187178
296Department of Chemistry18197269
296Department of Solar Energy and Environmental Physics2841124
296Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology1884165
296School of Mechanics and Civil Engineering28127224
296Department of Chemistry18106190
296Department of Theoretical Physics186273
296Department of Physics186699
296Department of Physics1883125
296Department of Materials Science and Engineering18197307
296Chemistry Department28153290
296School of Materials Science and Engineering2882156
296Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering18102157
296School of Materials Science and Engineering185296
316Institute of Chemistry17117167
316Department of Chemistry17244452
316Department of Analytical Chemistry1792160
316Department of Chemistry17101201
316Silesian Center for Education and Interdisciplinary Research174586
316Institute of Physical Chemistry17405538
316Department of Physics17112143
316Center for Materials Research and Analysis27429
316Department of Applied Physics1783134
316Department of Chemistry17226337
316Materials Science Research Center175294
316Department of Chemistry17142258
316Department of Chemical and Process Engineering17112212
316Department of Electrical Engineering17130215
316Department of Physics and Engineering Physics171532
316College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering17122186
316School of Mathematics and Statistics17190241
316Department of Chemistry17120188
316Department of Physics27199394
316School of Mechanical Engineering272962
316Department of Mechanical Engineering173458
316Department of Materials Science and Engineering171334
338Department of Chemistry16153255
338College of Chemical and Environmental Engineering161345
338Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics16102154
338Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics16157220
338Department of Analytical Chemistry1668138
338School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering16268424
338Department of Chemistry16220373
338Department of Chemistry26351662
338Radiation Chemistry and Chemical Dynamics Division162339
338Department of Chemistry16233350
338College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences16349492
338Department of Inorganic Chemistry261848
338Department of General and Physical Chemistry262258
338School of Engineering16718
338Department of Mechanical Engineering1659117
338Department of Physics1675136
338Faculty of Pharmacy16712
338Department of Physics161219
338School of Medicine1644104
338School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering36362
338Department of Theoretical Physics1613
338Department of Chemistry1629
338Mechatronics Engineering Department1614
338Faculty of Chemical Engineering1668151
338Department of Mechanical Engineering16185300
338Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering165589
338Department of Mathematics167588
365Department of Physics15205270
365Department of Chemistry15393613
365Institute of Solid State Physics3590230
365School of Chemistry15256424
365Institute of Physics15245382
365College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering15208324
365School of Physics and Electronics15138208
365Department of Physical and Computational Mechanics15511
365Faculty of Engineering15752951
365Department of Mechanical Engineering25202509
365Department of Chemical Engineering15167296
365Department of Biomedical Engineering15116260
365Department of Chemistry15386618
365Department of Physics3585276
365Department of Physics155865
365Faculty of Engineering15291385
365Faculty of Medicine1543119
365Department of Medical Biology and Genetics1516
365Department of Materials Science and Engineering15126199
365Department of Physics and Astronomy154071
365Department of Mathematics155480
365Department of Chemistry35344
365Department of Physics15136196
365Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology151771
365Department of Mechanical Engineering15107158
365Department of Physics151935
365Department of Physics15151236
365Department of Materials Engineering15104173
365Department of Physics151729
365Department of Physics1536
365School of Engineering and Technology15740
365College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering151226
365Department of Chemical Engineering1565138
365Department of Chemistry15119181
365School of Materials and Chemical Engineering15820
400School of Materials Science and Engineering14301440
400College of Energy and Power Engineering14159226
400Department of Chemistry and Materials Science Program141537
400Institute of Applied Physics14282365
400Department of Manufacturing Engineering142858
400School of Materials Science and Engineering14205306
400Department of Biophysics142469
400Physics Department14126166
400Department of Physics and Astronomy1487149
400School of Materials Science and Engineering14368497
400Department of Theoretical Physics14912
400School of Power and Mechanical Engineering14251429
400Department of Physics1476139
400Department of Electrical Engineering241150
400College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering14253349
400Department of Biophysics141742
400Faculty of Education143783
400Department of Physics1450108
400College of Chemical and Biological Engineering1479139
400Department of Chemistry14182347
400Department of Chemistry14103184
400Department of Chemistry1411
422School of Materials Science and Engineering13258393
422Space Science and Astrobiology Division132755
422School of Environmental Science and Engineering1358118
422Department of Physics134579
422Department of Chemistry2392250
422Department of Applied Mathematics1375114
422Department of Chemistry1351104
422Computer Science and Mathematics Division13148301
422School of Chemical Engineering13236428
422Department of Electronic Engineering13102172
422Faculty of Pharmacy13131268
422Department of Biochemistry1374187
422Department of Physics131738
422Department of Physics1369149
422Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences13127254
422Department of Mechanical Engineering13175296
422Department of Chemical Engineering13107206
422Faculty of Chemistry13280465
422Department of Mechanical Engineering13102200
422Department of Mechanical Engineering13439659
422Department of Physics1363141
422Faculty of Pharmacy133075
422College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering134386
422School of Materials Science and Engineering13277401
422Department of Solar Energy and Environmental Physics133586
422Faculty of Health Sciences13721
422Department of Physics13610
422Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science13713
422School of Mechanical Engineering13513
422Department of Chemistry13132265
422Department of Civil Engineering1369
422Ministry of Education13225342
422School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering1329
455Department of Mathematics12119194
455Department of Energy12165310
455Institute of Materials Science12318
455Department of Materials Engineering123151
455Department of Applied Physics121845
455Department of Chemistry2297293
455Graduate School of Engineering Science127951.2K
455Institute of Molecular Physics12202311
455Department of Chemistry12305545
455School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering12445703
455Department of Physics2254140
455Department of Physical Electronics2229
455Department of Chemistry12167267
455Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering12183334
455Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute12162270
455Institute of Chemical and Environmental Engineering12834
455Department of Chemistry12278477
455Department of Environmental Engineering12937
455Department of Physics122236
455School of Materials Science and Engineering12132222
455Department of Physics121025
455College of Chemistry1289163
455School of Materials Science and Engineering12204321
455Department of Chemistry2272221
455Department of Environmental Engineering122346
455Ministry of Education123497
455Biomedical Analysis Center121365
455Department of Mechanical Engineering1286183
455Radiation Physics Department12215
455College of Chemical Engineering12208370
455School of Architecture and Materials1238
486Faculty of Physics11354578
486Centre of Nanoheterostructure Physics11414
486Department of Engineering119721.7K
486Department of Mechanical Engineering11247455
486Department of Chemical Engineering11489880
486Institute of Physics11107223
486Department of Physics and Astronomy11127253
486Department of Organic Chemistry112566
486Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry11105249
486Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics1174159
486Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics RAS1138
486School of Physics and Astronomy21151457
486Department of Physics and Nanotechnology1147110
486Department of Physics11146268
486Department of Physics1159102
486Department of Electrical Engineering11483802
486Department of Physics11333503
486Department of Chemical Engineering1190168
486Department of Chemistry11258467
486Institute of Manufacturing Engineering113268
486Department of Chemistry11341645
486Department of Physics11271436
486Department of Physics11210343
486Department of Applied Chemistry1194146
486Faculty of Industrial Education112464
486Faculty of Education1191183
486Department of Chemistry11218408
486Department of Chemistry1198197
486Ministry of Education1165199
486Renewable Energy Science and Engineering Department11725
486Department of Chemical Engineering111762
486School of Chemistry1185207
486Department of Physical Chemistry112679
486Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering1138
486School of Materials Science and Engineering1171153
486Department of Physical Sciences1148
486School of Chemistry and Materials Science11122228
486Physiology and Pharmacology Department11219
486Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering11161341
486Institute of Materials Chemistry1115
526Department of Physics10156342
526Department of Chemistry10270496
526School of Electronic Science and Engineering10271463
526Department of Electronic Engineering10836
526School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering10178332
526Department of Physics102552
526Department of Applied Physics1013
526Department of Chemistry102371
526Department of Chemical Engineering10933
526School of Pharmacy10169341
526Department of Mathematics103168