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1The Mixed Logit model: The state of practiceTransportation20031,338
2A micro-analysis of land use and travel in five neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay AreaTransportation1997727
3Stated preference analysis of travel choices: the state of practiceTransportation1994486
4Predicting consumers’ intention to adopt hybrid electric vehicles: using an extended version of the theory of planned behavior modelTransportation2016464
5Motivators and deterrents of bicycling: comparing influences on decisions to rideTransportation2011396
6Dynamic ride-sharing and fleet sizing for a system of shared autonomous vehicles in Austin, TexasTransportation2018385
7Effects of built environment and weather on bike sharing demand: a station level analysis of commercial bike sharing in TorontoTransportation2017366
8Introduction: Habitual travel choiceTransportation2003350
11Observing the rhythms of daily life: A six-week travel diaryTransportation2002324
12Do changes in neighborhood characteristics lead to changes in travel behavior? A structural equations modeling approachTransportation2007319
13Estimation of the determinants of bicycle mode share for the journey to work using census dataTransportation2007313
14The Influences of the Built Environment and Residential Self-Selection on Pedestrian Behavior: Evidence from Austin, TXTransportation2006307
15Cycling to work in 90 large American cities: new evidence on the role of bike paths and lanesTransportation2012307
16Urban form, travel time, and cost relationships with tour complexity and mode choiceTransportation2007300
17An evaluation of activity-based travel analysisTransportation1988297
18Travel mode choice and travel satisfaction: bridging the gap between decision utility and experienced utilityTransportation2016290
20A behavioral choice model of the use of car-sharing and ride-sourcing servicesTransportation2017286
21Influences on bicycle useTransportation2007285
22Literature review on surveys investigating the acceptance of automated vehiclesTransportation2017285
23A method to evaluate equitable accessibility: combining ethical theories and accessibility-based approachesTransportation2016282
24The implications on willingness to pay of respondents ignoring specific attributesTransportation2005273
25Children’s mode choice for the school trip: the role of distance and school location in walking to schoolTransportation2007264
26The measurement of accessibility: Some preliminary resultsTransportation1976257
27Habitual travel behaviour: Evidence from a six-week travel diaryTransportation2003257
28Sustainability and automobility among the elderly: An international assessmentTransportation2001255
29Role of the built environment on mode choice decisions: additional evidence on the impact of densityTransportation2008254
30The impact of ride-hailing on vehicle miles traveledTransportation2019252
31Assuring finite moments for willingness to pay in random coefficient modelsTransportation2012247
32The impact of weather conditions on bikeshare trips in Washington, DCTransportation2014240
33Using the revenues from congestion pricingTransportation1992238
34Indicators of urban accessibility: Theory and applicationTransportation1980236
35Subjective well-being related to satisfaction with daily travelTransportation2011236
36Travel to work and household responsibility: new evidenceTransportation1997232
37An analysis of bicycle route choice preferences in Texas, USTransportation2009232
38A conceptual analysis of the transportation impacts of B2C e-commerceTransportation2004231
39A review on travel behaviour modelling in dynamic traffic simulation models for evacuationsTransportation2012226
40New evidence on walking distances to transit stops: identifying redundancies and gaps using variable service areasTransportation2014225
41Mood and mode: does how we travel affect how we feel?Transportation2015221
42Empirical evidence on induced trafficTransportation1996220
43Travel mode choice: affected by objective or subjective determinants?Transportation2007216
44An empirical study of consumers’ intention to use ride-sharing services: using an extended technology acceptance modelTransportation2020208
45Assessing the accuracy of the Sydney Household Travel Survey with GPSTransportation2007200
46Ride-hailing, travel behaviour and sustainable mobility: an international reviewTransportation2020199
47Using ordered attitudinal indicators in a latent variable choice model: a study of the impact of security on rail travel behaviourTransportation2012191
48Values, attitudes and travel behavior: a hierarchical latent variable mixed logit model of travel mode choiceTransportation2014190
49The Impacts of Ict on leisure Activities and Travel: A Conceptual ExplorationTransportation2006185
50Are we ready to embrace connected and self-driving vehicles? A case study of TexansTransportation2018185