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1Orthorexia nervosa: Validation of a diagnosis questionnaireEating and Weight Disorders2005341
2Orthorexia nervosa: A preliminary study with a proposal for diagnosis and an attempt to measure the dimension of the phenomenonEating and Weight Disorders2004270
3A systematic review of the health-related quality of life and economic burdens of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorderEating and Weight Disorders2016243
4Definition and diagnostic criteria for orthorexia nervosa: a narrative review of the literatureEating and Weight Disorders2019232
5The Body Uneasiness Test (BUT): Development and validation of a new body image assessment scaleEating and Weight Disorders2006221
6Insulin resistance in obesity: an overview of fundamental alterationsEating and Weight Disorders2018218
7Obesity is associated with memory deficits in young and middle-aged adultsEating and Weight Disorders2006208
8Instagram use is linked to increased symptoms of orthorexia nervosaEating and Weight Disorders2017198
9The interrelationship between orthorexia nervosa, perfectionism, body image and attachment styleEating and Weight Disorders2017167
10Evidence and gaps in the literature on orthorexia nervosaEating and Weight Disorders2013155
11The Eating Attitudes Test: Twenty-five years laterEating and Weight Disorders2001151
12The prevalence of orthorexia nervosa among eating disorder patients after treatmentEating and Weight Disorders2015147
13Prevalence of orthorexia nervosa is less than 1 %: data from a US sampleEating and Weight Disorders2017143
14The obesity paradox and osteoporosisEating and Weight Disorders2018142
15Prevalence of orthorexia nervosa among Turkish performance artistsEating and Weight Disorders2009134
16Orthorexia nervosa in the general population: A preliminary screening using a self-administered questionnaire (ORTO-15)Eating and Weight Disorders2011128
17Vitamin D: not just the bone. Evidence for beneficial pleiotropic extraskeletal effectsEating and Weight Disorders2017127
18Efficacy of an internet-based behavioral weight loss program for overweight adolescent African-American girlsEating and Weight Disorders2005125
19The Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire: reliability and validity of the Italian versionEating and Weight Disorders2017124
20An update on the prevalence of eating disorders in the general population: a systematic review and meta-analysisEating and Weight Disorders2022117
21The comorbidity of eating disorders and personality disorders: A metaanalytic review of studies published between 1983 and 1998Eating and Weight Disorders2000115
22The comorbidity of personality disorders in eating disorders: a meta-analysisEating and Weight Disorders2017114
23Temperament and character in eating disorders: Ten years of studiesEating and Weight Disorders2004110
24Epidemiology, health-related quality of life and economic burden of binge eating disorder: a systematic literature reviewEating and Weight Disorders2015110
25Prevalence of orthorexia nervosa among ashtanga yoga practitioners: a pilot studyEating and Weight Disorders2014107
26Psychopathological and clinical features of outpatients with an eating disorder not otherwise specifiedEating and Weight Disorders2001104
27Is cultural change associated with eating disorders? A systematic review of the literatureEating and Weight Disorders2015104
28An examination of perceptual and cognitive set shifting tasks in acute anorexia nervosa and following recoveryEating and Weight Disorders2002103
29Gastrointestinal complications in a patient with eating disordersEating and Weight Disorders2000102
30Orthorexia nervosa behavior in a sample of Brazilian dietitians assessed by the Portuguese version of ORTO-15Eating and Weight Disorders2012102
31Body weight and mortality in COPD: focus on the obesity paradoxEating and Weight Disorders2018100
32Validation and reliability of the Italian EAT-26Eating and Weight Disorders199898
33Thin is “in” and stout is “out”: What animated cartoons tell viewers about body weightEating and Weight Disorders200598
34Orthorexia vs. theories of healthy eatingEating and Weight Disorders201798
35Digital photography: A new method for estimating food intake in cafeteria settingsEating and Weight Disorders200497
36Patterns and prevalence of disordered eating and weight control behaviors in women ages 25–45Eating and Weight Disorders200996
37Medical comorbidity of binge eating disorderEating and Weight Disorders201796
38Spectral analysis of R-R interval variability by short-term recording in anorexia nervosaEating and Weight Disorders200295
39Decision-making in obesity: A study using the Gambling TaskEating and Weight Disorders200695
40Orthorexia nervosa: a frequent eating disordered behavior in athletesEating and Weight Disorders201291
41Adaptation of the ORTHO-15 test to Polish women and menEating and Weight Disorders201490
42Obesity paradox and agingEating and Weight Disorders202185
43Effects of bariatric surgery on binge eating and related psychopathologyEating and Weight Disorders199982
44Orthorexic eating behaviour as a coping strategy in patients with anorexia nervosaEating and Weight Disorders201780
45Correlates of orthorexia nervosa among a representative sample of the Lebanese populationEating and Weight Disorders201978
46How does zinc supplementation benefit anorexia nervosa?Eating and Weight Disorders200676
47Prevalence of overweight and obesity in Thai population: Results of the National Thai Food Consumption SurveyEating and Weight Disorders201176
48Obesity or obesities? Controversies on the association between body mass index and premature mortalityEating and Weight Disorders201674
49Intuitive eating longitudinally predicts better psychological health and lower use of disordered eating behaviors: findings from EAT 2010–2018Eating and Weight Disorders202174
50What can we learn from consumer studies and qualitative research in the treatment of eating disorders?Eating and Weight Disorders200373