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Most Cited Articles of Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering in 2004

Data Division for Developing Neural Networks Applied to Geotechnical Engineering2004197
Spatial System Dynamics: New Approach for Simulation of Water Resources Systems2004118
Three-Dimensional Digital Representation of Granular Material Microstructure from X-Ray Tomography Imaging200499
Characterizing Surface Roughness and Shape of Sands Using Digital Microscopy200492
Transit Route Network Design Using Parallel Genetic Algorithm200485
Application of Imaging Techniques to Geometry Analysis of Aggregate Particles200470
Adaptive Cross Correlation for Imaging Displacements in Soils200462
Technical and Computational Aspects of the Measurement of Aggregate Shape by Digital Image Analysis200457
Two-Stepped Evolutionary Algorithm and Its Application to Stability Analysis of Slopes200453
Computational Platform for Predicting Lifetime System Reliability Profiles for Different Structure Types in a Network200446
Fuzzy Waste Load Allocation Model: Simulation-Optimization Approach200445
Application of Fourier Analysis to Digital Imaging for Particle Shape Analysis200440
Automated Quality Assessment of Stone Aggregates Based on Laser Imaging and a Neural Network200432
Decision Tree Approach to Classify and Quantify Cumulative Impact of Change Orders on Productivity200429
Use of Image Analysis in Determination of Strain Distribution During Geosynthetic Tensile Testing200424
Information Theory and Neural Networks for Managing Uncertainty in Flood Routing200422
Wavelet Analysis of Soil Mass Images for Particle Size Determination200422
Shuffled Complex Evolution Algorithms in Infrastructure Works Programming200420
Neural Network for Creep and Shrinkage Deflections in Reinforced Concrete Frames200417
Navigational Models for Computer Supported Project Management Tasks on Construction Sites200417
Optimum Bid Markup Calculation Using Neurofuzzy Systems and Multidimensional Risk Analysis Algorithm200417
Informatization Index for the Construction Industry200417
Object-Oriented Optimization Approach Using Genetic Algorithms for Lattice Towers200417
Quick Seismic Response Estimation of Prestressed Concrete Bridges Using Artificial Neural Networks200417
Evaluation of Economic Impact of Three-Dimensional Modeling in Precast Concrete Engineering200414