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1Patient-centred access to health care: conceptualising access at the interface of health systems and populationsInternational Journal for Equity in Health20131,599
2The burden of non communicable diseases in developing countriesInternational Journal for Equity in Health2005521
3Why cultural safety rather than cultural competency is required to achieve health equity: a literature review and recommended definitionInternational Journal for Equity in Health2019476
4Health equity and COVID-19: global perspectivesInternational Journal for Equity in Health2020442
5Social capital and health: Does egalitarianism matter? A literature reviewInternational Journal for Equity in Health2006420
6The Oslo Health Study: The impact of self-selection in a large, population-based surveyInternational Journal for Equity in Health2004370
7Better science with sex and gender: Facilitating the use of a sex and gender-based analysis in health researchInternational Journal for Equity in Health2009330
8A systematic review of the relationships between social capital and socioeconomic inequalities in health: a contribution to understanding the psychosocial pathway of health inequalitiesInternational Journal for Equity in Health2013271
9Access to primary health care services for Indigenous peoples: A framework synthesisInternational Journal for Equity in Health2016258
10An intersectionality-based policy analysis framework: critical reflections on a methodology for advancing equityInternational Journal for Equity in Health2014248
11Measuring health inequality among children in developing countries: does the choice of the indicator of economic status matter?International Journal for Equity in Health2003240
12Perceived barriers in accessing food among recent Latin American immigrants in TorontoInternational Journal for Equity in Health2013231
13A systematic review of racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in COVID-19International Journal for Equity in Health2021227
14Individual-level changes in self-rated health before and during the economic crisis in EuropeInternational Journal for Equity in Health2016223
15A model of disparities: risk factors associated with COVID-19 infectionInternational Journal for Equity in Health2020221
16Priority setting in health care: Lessons from the experiences of eight countriesInternational Journal for Equity in Health2008208
17Intragenerational social mobility and functional somatic symptoms in a northern Swedish context: analyses of diagonal reference modelsInternational Journal for Equity in Health2017205
18Race, gender, class, and sexual orientation: intersecting axes of inequality and self-rated health in CanadaInternational Journal for Equity in Health2011199
19The social gradient in doctor-patient communicationInternational Journal for Equity in Health2012195
20Inequality in the distribution of health resources and health services in China: hospitals versus primary care institutionsInternational Journal for Equity in Health2017193
21Different indicators of socioeconomic status and their relative importance as determinants of health in old ageInternational Journal for Equity in Health2017193
22Socioeconomic factors differentiating maternal and child health-seeking behavior in rural Bangladesh: A cross-sectional analysisInternational Journal for Equity in Health2010190
23What is known about the effects of medical tourism in destination and departure countries? A scoping reviewInternational Journal for Equity in Health2010188
24Exploring the promises of intersectionality for advancing women's health researchInternational Journal for Equity in Health2010188
25Barriers for conducting clinical trials in developing countries- a systematic reviewInternational Journal for Equity in Health2018184
26Inequities in under-five child malnutrition in South AfricaInternational Journal for Equity in Health2003183
27Closing the health equity gap: evidence-based strategies for primary health care organizationsInternational Journal for Equity in Health2012181
28Social class related inequalities in household health expenditure and economic burden: evidence from Kerala, south IndiaInternational Journal for Equity in Health2011180
29Age-period-cohort analysis on the cancer mortality in rural China: 1990–2010International Journal for Equity in Health2014180
30Defining and measuring gender: A social determinant of health whose time has comeInternational Journal for Equity in Health2005176
31Child health inequities in developing countries: differences across urban and rural areasInternational Journal for Equity in Health2006174
32Towards health equity: a framework for the application of proportionate universalismInternational Journal for Equity in Health2015173
33Determinants of antenatal and delivery care utilization in Tigray region, Ethiopia: a cross-sectional studyInternational Journal for Equity in Health2013167
34Socioeconomic-related health inequality in South Africa: evidence from General Household SurveysInternational Journal for Equity in Health2011161
35Gender inequalities in occupational health related to the unequal distribution of working and employment conditions: a systematic reviewInternational Journal for Equity in Health2013157
36The social determinants of chronic disease management: perspectives of elderly patients with hypertension from low socio-economic background in SingaporeInternational Journal for Equity in Health2019154
37Social health insurance contributes to universal coverage in South Africa, but generates inequities: survey among members of a government employee insurance schemeInternational Journal for Equity in Health2018152
38Relationship between household wealth inequality and chronic childhood under-nutrition in BangladeshInternational Journal for Equity in Health2006144
39Factors affecting the use of maternal health services in Madhya Pradesh state of India: a multilevel analysisInternational Journal for Equity in Health2011142
40Using relative and absolute measures for monitoring health inequalities: experiences from cross-national analyses on maternal and child healthInternational Journal for Equity in Health2007140
41Willingness to pay for rapid diagnostic tests for the diagnosis and treatment of malaria in southeast Nigeria: ex post and ex anteInternational Journal for Equity in Health2010140
42Mothers' education but not fathers' education, household assets or land ownership is the best predictor of child health inequalities in rural UgandaInternational Journal for Equity in Health2004139
43Trends in racial/ethnic disparities in medical and oral health, access to care, and use of services in US children: has anything changed over the years?International Journal for Equity in Health2013139
44The hidden inequity in health careInternational Journal for Equity in Health2011136
45A narrative synthesis of the impact of primary health care delivery models for refugees in resettlement countries on access, quality and coordinationInternational Journal for Equity in Health2013135
46Inequalities in health care among patients with type 2 diabetes by individual socio-economic status (SES) and regional deprivation: a systematic literature reviewInternational Journal for Equity in Health2014134
47Critical race theory as a tool for understanding poor engagement along the HIV care continuum among African American/Black and Hispanic persons living with HIV in the United States: a qualitative explorationInternational Journal for Equity in Health2017134
48The scope and impact of mobile health clinics in the United States: a literature reviewInternational Journal for Equity in Health2017134
49Gender (in)equality among employees in elder care: implications for healthInternational Journal for Equity in Health2012132
50How the government intervention affects the distribution of physicians in Turkey between 1965 and 2000International Journal for Equity in Health2015132