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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Psychology43676440
2Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy1335141
3School of Psychology4281200139
4School of Health Sciences926266
5School of Psychology6250112132
6Department of Psychiatry5242152170
7Department of Psychology1521827132
8Department of Psychology12125110
9Department of Psychology5176400477
10Department of Psychiatry31688364
11Department of Psychiatry1116367209
12Department of Psychology1146253130
12Department of Psychology114614047
14Department of Psychology41334660
15School of Psychology413058102
16Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences112216368
17Department of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting411244
18Department of Psychology611134115
19School of Psychology21089135
20Psychoanalysis Unit210637
21Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences495610
21Department of Psychology1951715
21Department of Clinical Psychology19536
24School of Psychology2947636
25Department of Psychology4906396
26Department of Psychology187325210
26Department of Psychology187136118
28Division of Clinical Psychology1862022
29Department of Clinical Neuroscience585263456
30Department of Dynamic and Clinical Psychology3792233
30Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology4792140
32School of Psychology8771062
33Department of Psychology3761838
34Institute of Psychiatry775221605
35Department of Psychology174266182
36School of Psychology27281125
37Department of Psychology47142122
38Department of Psychiatry17011096
38Department of Psychology57046179
40Doctorate in Clinical Psychology26912
41Department of Health Sciences267233258
42Department of Psychology366181290
42School of Medicine266459504
44Department of Psychology1624517
45Department of Family Medicine1612022
45Department of Psychology161216183
47Department of Social Work and Social Administration158209115
47Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology15812386
47School of Nursing15813971
47Department of Psychology158162114
47Department of Psychology1581722
52Faculty of Medicine157709509
52Institute of Clinical Medicine157586342
52Department of Philosophy1571411
55Department of Psychiatry1565449
55School of Psychology15613586
55Department of Psychiatry156209204
58Department of Clinical and Developmental Psychology25516
58Department of Clinical Psychology2554069
60School of Psychology45446176
60Department of Psychology254157213
62Department of Psychology153319275
63School of Health Sciences1516483
63School of Psychology2515786
65Institute of Psychiatry1505255
66Faculty of Life and Social Sciences14984113
66School of Psychology349194340
68Department of Psychology64844179
68Department of Psychiatry2484177
70Department of General Practice1472229
71Department of Developmental Psychology1465044
71School of Medicine146441229
73Department of Psychology1456447
74Department of Biological and Medical Psychology24380159
75Department of Psychology1422837
75Division of Psychiatry1425041
77Department of Psychology241105166
78Department of Psychology140107122
78Department of Psychiatry2401115
78School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences240100147
81Institute of Psychology13948
82Department of Nursing23634
83Department of Clinical Psychology2354589
83School of Social Work13510389
83School of Applied Psychology33594235
83Department of Psychology235215
87School of Arts and Social Sciences134717
87Department of Psychology1343930
87Department of Psychology1344473
87Department of Psychology134717
87Department of Neuropsychology1341215
92School of Psychology133210218
92Department of Psychology233127218
94Department of Psychology132342329
94School of Nursing1322222
94Department of Rheumatology1322231
97Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy1302645
97School of Psychology53070265
97Department of Economics and Social Sciences13046
97Isis Education Centre1301929
97Department of Psychology13039
102Department of Psychiatry II1293125
102Department of Psychology22955136
104Health Services Management Centre1288179
104School of Psychology328185451
104Centre for Applied Psychology1282841
104Department of Clinical Neuroscience328724
108Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences1271.3K1.2K
109Department of Clinical Psychology326131
110Institute of Psychiatry125185242
110Division of Psychiatry32594222
110Department of Psychiatry1253874
113Department of Social and Developmental Psychology1244364
113Department of Clinical Medicine124122175
113Department of Psychiatry1246581
116Department of Psychology123175215
116Department of Psychology223142330
116Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care123178275
116Faculty of Health and Medicine123151185
120Department of Psychology122387472
120Department of Psychiatry122617755
120Department of Psychology222114213
120Department of Psychiatry1223846
120Department of Psychiatry12269
120Department of Psychoeducation and Psychology122918
120Department of Psychiatry1222530
127Institute of Psychology1215696
127Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy12191122
129Department of Clinical Psychology22075201
129Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology120117153
129Ministry of Education120120115
132Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy219929
132Department of Psychology119427556
132School of Social Sciences and Psychology119113195
132School of Psychology and Counselling119133211
132Department of Medicine119298435
132Department of Psychiatry119141197
132Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics1193892
132Department of Psychiatry1192329
132Department of Psychiatry119823
132Acute and Rehabilitation Directorate11911
132Department of Medicine1192759
132Department of Psychiatry119210
144Department of Psychology21898219
144Faculty of Social Sciences11880167
144Department of Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology1185366
144School of Medicine118155310
144School of Psychology118149233
144Department of Psychology1186283
144Department of Psychology1182121
144School of Psychology1181317
144Department of Psychology218216
153Department of Psychology217317623
153Department of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy1172751
153Department of Psychology217266527
153School of Health Sciences and Social Care11760157
157Department of Psychiatry11665109
157School of Medicine216315678
157Institute of Neuroscience216201467
157Department of Clinical Psychology11637
157Institute of Psychiatry1164670
157Institute of Psychiatry1161018
157Department of Psychiatry1163066
164Department of Psychiatry115552746
164Department of Psychology115180308
164Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine115135214
164Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior115155254
168Department of Psychology1141339
168Department of Psychiatry114302481
168Salomons Centre for Applied Psychology214434
171Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences21353147
171Institute of Psychology11383143
171School of Psychology313979
171Department of Psychology113178275
175Department of Psychology112340526
175Manchester Centre for Health Psychology1122756
175Department of Psychology11246108
175School of Educational Sciences and Psychology1124570
179School of Medicine111488578
179Department of Psychology111309495
179Faculty of Life Sciences11193193
179Faculty of Medicine1111.1K1.0K
179Department of Psychology211123297
179Department of Clinical Psychology111104191
179Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences11123
186Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences110319539
186Bristol Doctorate in Clinical Psychology11012
186Department of Social and Organizational Psychology1101959
186School of Arts and Humanities1103047
186School of Psychology11094175
186Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences110105189
192Department of Psychology19106200
192School of Psychology1998179
192Department of Psychology1976138
192Department of Psychology193062
192Institute of Psychiatry19203387
197First Faculty of Medicine18511855
197Department of Psychiatry184086
197School of Rehabilitation18102158
197Department of Epidemiology and Public Health181644
197Graduate School of Medicine189061.1K
197Department of Epidemiology and Public Health18422
197Department of Psychology18124246
204Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy1774164
204Department of Clinical and Health Psychology1779180
204Department of English Studies171811
204School of Psychology17176328
204Department of Psychiatry1781160
204Division of Applied Psychology171551
204Department of Psychology171136
204Department of Clinical Psychology1759
204Centre for Applied Social Psychology17511
204Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology1751110
204Department of Psychiatry17416
204Department of Psychology17926
216School of Public Health16228423
216Department of Psychology161746
218Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics15485803
218Division of Psychology in Education152574
218School of Psychology1540119
218Department of Psychology15159360
218School of Psychology153299
218Department of Psychology15114231
218Department of Health Sciences151859
225Department of Psychology14178341
225Department of Psychology14382703
225Faculty of Medicine145841.1K
225Department of Psychology14144302
225School of Medicine14472918
225Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy143386
225Department of Psychology14288504
225Department of Psychology14122262
225School of Health Sciences1448111
234Department of Clinical and Health Psychology132279
234Department of Psychobiology and Methodology of Health Sciences131045
234Department of Psychobiology1348105
234Pharmacy and Health1314
234Institute of Psychology131745
234School of Business and Economics1328
234Department of Psychology13313609
234Department of Psychiatry13110264
234Department of Psychiatry1312
243Department of Social Work123485
243School of Psychology12179391
243Department of Psychiatry1241120
243Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy12111226
243Department of Neurology12134299
243Division of Biological Psychiatry121233
243Department of Psychiatry1259133
243Department of Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology12141293
243Department of Psychiatry1253132
252Faculty of Psychology1141150
252Department of Medical Psychology1177194
252Sackler School of Medicine116001.2K
252Department of Psychology and Sociology1144170
252Department of Psychology1143122
257Department of Psychiatry108891.6K
257Institute of Psychology1030107