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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Food Science and Nutrition42314341
2Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine118420390
2Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine1184534157
2Department of Food Safety and Food Quality11848239
2Department of Food and Nutrition1184227
6School of Life Sciences117927889
7Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences811030168
8School of Psychology598137232
9Institute of Translational Medicine180315207
10Institute of Human Nutrition5601671
11Faculty of Life Sciences259510
12Clinical and Health Psychology Research Centre15658
13Institute of Human Nutrition2551332
14Department of Experimental Psychology152460430
15Norwegian College of Fishery Science14799126
16School of Physics and Astronomy146150132
16Department of Agricultural Economics146104101
16School of Engineering and Physical Sciences146405317
19Human Nutrition Research Centre9459103
20Nutrition Division24425
21Medical Sciences and Nutrition14313889
21Department of Human Nutrition1432412
21Faculty of Food Science1434232
21Medical Sciences and Nutrition14343
21School of Medicine14343
26Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences542843
27Department of Food Science and Technology2414666
28Department of Food Science140153156
29School of Psychology53939174
29Department of Psychology1392021
29School of Management139232223
32Department of Biology235365603
33Department of Psychiatry133334371
34School of Experimental Psychology23258114
35Department of Health Sciences33066181
35Department of Food Science and Technology13087119
37Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences2242766
38Department of Food and Nutrition1235261
39School of Psychology322112310
40Faculty of Medicine221432815
41Department of Psychology120122144
42Institute of Psychiatry118714951
42School of Medicine21881194
44Department of Psychology1176284
45Department of Foods and Nutrition1162435
46School of Health and Life Sciences2141440
47Institute of Biological Anthropology1132641
47Department of Nutrition and Food Studies1131627
47Department of Nutrition1131945
47College of Agriculture and Life Sciences213638
51Department of Epidemiology112376564
51Department of Human Biology112132246
51Department of Psychology11266124
54School of Geography211208463
54School of Life and Health Sciences111273530
54Institute of Cellular Medicine111425717
57Department of Applied Chemistry and Microbiology110142275
57Faculty of Medicine1101.4K1.8K
57Institute of Nutritional Medicine1103274
57Institute for Global Food Security21087285
57Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences110315598
62Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering19197277
62Department of Rehabilitation Sciences19172319
62School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences29100279
62Department of Nutrition and Dietetics19513
66Faculty of Medicine277331.7K
67Department of Life Sciences1655131
67Department of Health Sciences16366606
69School of Medicine25116518
69Department of Food Science and Nutrition15196360
69School of Medicine15251571
69Division of Human Nutrition25111386
69School of Medicine15346693
69School of Life Sciences152384
69School of Geography and Environmental Sciences152266
76School of Rehabilitation Sciences1484170
76The York Management School1463168
76Department of Nutrition and Food Science14413
76Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics141020
76School of Clinical and Applied Sciences142157
76Centre for Public Health Research1425
76School of Medicine14128264
76Education Director1411
84Department of Food Science13208425
84Department of Primary Care and General Practice1362132
84School of Education13118218
84Department of Experimental Psychology13734
84Department of Biochemistry2380182
84School of Life Sciences1374235
84Department of Psychology13126239
91Department of Medicine12277545
91Centre for Public Health12231490
91Department of Management1292274
91Department of Food Science and Technology1258125
95Faculty of Medicine1157153
95Department of Animal Physiology and Nutrition113455
95Department of Physiology1117
95School of Medicine11245643
95School of Agriculture and Food Science11154358
95Department of Agricultural Economics and Management111124
95Department of Nutrition and Dietetics1140113
95Faculty of Health Sciences11123274
95Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology111146
95Department of Nutrition11311
95Department of Medical Microbiology113987
106School of Medicine and Dentistry101.5K2.6K
106Department of Biochemistry10113236
106Department of Nutrition and Dietetics102885
106School of Life Sciences10338763
106Department of Applied Biochemistry and Food Science1057102
106Department of Biochemistry10153277
106School of Biomedical and Life Sciences1059144
106Centre for Nutrition and Food Safety20312
106Department of Clinical Chemistry102255