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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Clinical Epidemiology Program133231231
2Department of Cardiology11912
3Department of Endocrinology1131533
4Faculty of Medicine110105116
4Department of Emergency Medicine21017
4Department of Internal Medicine110313
7Department of Nephrology1773164
7Department of Urology17162270
7Department of Nephrology1767161
7Department of Urology17156262
11Medical Faculty Mannheim148911.4K
11Department of Internal Medicine14341642
11Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology1447112
11Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology1426
11Department of Cardiology141661
16Department of Biomedical Engineering13237556
16Center for Human Genetics13137296
16Cardiology Department13933
19Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology12838
19School of Medicine12105317
19Department of Internal Medicine1212
19Neurology Department122678
23Department of Anesthesiology11101264
23Cardiology Department212695
23Department of Hematology111127
23Department of Internal Medicine1127
23Department of Radiology111850
23School of Medicine4147485
23Department of Gastroenterology1174214
23Department of Gastroenterology111774
31Department of Pathology and Surgery101658
31Department of Health Psychology1034110
31Department of Emergency Medicine10149366
31Department of Dermatology3022104
31School of Medicine10159449
31School of Medicine20134555
31Department of Dermatology101120
31School of Medicine10317
31Department of Neurology102059
31Department of Dermatology102069
31College of Public Health10230542
31Department of Biochemistry and Medical Chemistry1088211
31Department of Physiology1039117
31Department of Radiology1073162
31Department of Human Pathology10131368
31Department of Internal Medicine101260
31Department of Pathology103393
31Department of Medicine106141.1K
31Rheumatology Department101343
31Cardiology Department102571
31Faculty of Medicine10413830
31School of Medicine1044165
31Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism10525
31Department of Hematology101533
31Department of Pharmacy10159379
31Department of Pediatric Surgery10923
31Clinical Microbiology and Parasitology Department2029
31Department of Internal Medicine101439
31Department of Cardiovascular Surgery10414
31Department of Cardiology102153
31School of Medicine1054173
31Department of Neurology1036
31Faculty of Medicine1055177
31Department of Neurology10933
31Faculty of Medicine101870
31Department of Medical Genetics1015
31Department of Internal Medicine10210
31Faculty of Medicine2067294
31Department of Emergency Medicine10631
31Department of Cardiology201553
31Department of Emergency Medicine10212
31Department of Rheumatology and Immunology101433
31School of Medicine107761.6K
31Department of Neurology1067180
31School of Pharmacy10134387
31Pharmacy Department101553
31Department of Dermatology1036
31Internal Medicine Department1025
31Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine101543
31Department of Hematology1019
31Department of Radiology1015
31Department of Nephrology10820
31School of Medicine101864
31School of Medicine10734
31Department of Neurology10624
31Department of Internal Medicine1035
31Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health1074191