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1Psychological impact of COVID-19 pandemic in Western frontline healthcare professionals. A systematic reviewMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202197
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3Bladder cancer: Present and futureMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201751
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5Emotional impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on healthcare workers in one of the most important infection outbreaks in EuropeMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202041
6The burden of disease in Spain: Results from the Global Burden of Disease 2016Medicina Clínica (English Edition)201837
7The PRISMA statement extension for systematic reviews incorporating network meta-analysis: PRISMA-NMAMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201633
8Effectiveness of corticoid pulses in patients with cytokine storm syndrome induced by SARS-CoV-2 infectionMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202027
9Mortality of COVID-19 patients with vascular thrombotic complicationsMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202127
10Characteristics, applications and prospects of mesenchymal stem cells in cell therapyMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201725
11Crucial laboratory parameters in COVID-19 diagnosis and prognosis: An updated meta-analysisMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202025
12Persistent symptoms after acute COVID-19 infection: importance of follow-upMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202124
13Radiological findings for diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia (COVID-19)Medicina Clínica (English Edition)202023
14Bullous pemphigoid and COVID-19 vaccineMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202122
15Diabetes and periodontitis: A bidirectional relationshipMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201521
16Orally-transmitted Chagas diseaseMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201720
17Infection and thrombosis associated with COVID-19: Possible role of the ABO blood groupMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202020
18Hypoalbuminemia on admission in COVID-19 infection: An early predictor of mortality and adverse events. A retrospective observational studyMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202119
19Atherosclerosis and inflammation. New therapeutic approachesMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202017
20SARS-CoV-2 and EBV coinfectionMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202017
21Increased levels of ferritin on admission predicts intensive care unit mortality in patients with COVID-19Medicina Clínica (English Edition)202117
22Prevalence of obesity and diabetes in Spanish adults 1987–2012Medicina Clínica (English Edition)201716
23Pneumococcal superinfection in COVID-19 patients: A series of 5 casesMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202016
24Diagnosis and treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma. Update of the consensus document of the AEEH, AEC, SEOM, SERAM, SERVEI, and SETHMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202116
25Maternal autoimmune thyroid disease: Relevance for the newbornMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201515
26Effects of an exercise and relaxation aquatic program in patients with spondyloarthritis: A randomized trialMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201515
27Direct oral anticoagulants: An updateMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201815
28Gastric MALT lymphoma and Helicobacter pyloriMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201915
29Pityriasis rosea Gibert type rash in an asymptomatic patient that tested positive for COVID-19Medicina Clínica (English Edition)202015
30Psychometric analysis of the Spanish and Catalan versions of a questionnaire for hypoglycemia awarenessMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201514
31Causality assessment in reports on adverse drug reactions. Algorithm of Spanish pharmacovigilance systemMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201614
32Hepatocellular carcinoma: Present and futureMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201814
33Acute pancreatitis in a patient with COVID-19 infectionMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202014
34Impact of COVID-19 pandemic in cardiology admissionsMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202014
35Coronary heart disease and COVID-19: A meta-analysisMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202114
36Effects of probiotics supplement in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: A meta-analysis of randomized trialsMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201713
37Efficacy and safety of rituximab in the treatment of primary antiphospholipid syndrome: Analysis of 24 cases from the bibliography reviewMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201512
38Adherence to treatment of hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia and diabetes in an elderly population of a Spanish cohortMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201912
39Polycystic ovary syndrome in adult womenMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201912
40Mental health in times of COVID: Thoughts after the state of alarmMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202012
41SARS-CoV-2 infection triggering a giant cell arteritisMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202112
42Reduced retinal vessel density in COVID-19 patients and elevated D-dimer levels during the acute phase of the infectionMedicina Clínica (English Edition)202112
43Diabetes and tuberculosis: A syndemic complicated by COVID-19Medicina Clínica (English Edition)202112
44Quality control of oral anticoagulant therapy in Primary Care in Madrid City, Spain: CHRONOS-TAO studyMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201511
45Validation of satisfaction questionnaire ACTS in outpatients with atrial fibrillation treated with oral anticoagulants in Spain. ALADIN StudyMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201611
46Expression of miR-22 and miR-150 in type 1 diabetes mellitus: Possible relationship with autoimmunity and clinical characteristicsMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201611
47Multiple chemical sensitivity: Genotypic characterization, nutritional status and quality of life in 52 patientsMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201711
48Avoidable hospitalizations due to adverse drug reactions in an acute geriatric unit. Analysis of 3,292 patientsMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201811
49Molecular alterations in acute myeloid leukemia and their clinical and therapeutical implicationsMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201811
50Encephalitis associated with antibodies against the NMDA receptorMedicina Clínica (English Edition)201811