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Top Institutions (by citations)

#InstitutionArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Russian Academy of Sciences1,6206,00931108
2Moscow State University2801,37353180
3USSR Academy of Medical Sciences1054351051
4Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation572261620
5Siberian Federal University291362669
6Limnological Institute8843167
7Novosibirsk State University1983118374
8Kuban State University8686156
9Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University35313859
9Southern Federal University353496314
11North Carolina State University2494.3K3.9K
12Kazan Federal University1648145515
12Orenburg State University5485815
14Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology1441106369
15Russian National Research Medical University124070230
16Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology93664279
17Cardiff University5332.1K4.1K
18University of Michigan3317.3K8.3K
18Kuban State Medical University5313825
20National Academy of Sciences of Belarus629226501
21Phillips University1281935
22National Renewable Energy Laboratory127571624
23National Research Centre7246631.6K
24Irkutsk State University323173202
25James Hutton Institute222264502
26Petrozavodsk State University32099104
26Federal Biomedical Agency1020218
28Columbia University2196.9K7.9K
28Howard Hughes Medical Institute2199441.5K
28Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography3191627
31Tomsk State University518305668
31Tomsk Polytechnic University218528615
31Siberian State Medical University31889119
34Novosibirsk State Medical University7172466
35I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University416186428
35Kazan State Medical University31696169
35Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology31685281
38Federal Research Center "Kazan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences"31571135
39Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology1143313
40New York University1136.1K6.0K
41Belarusian State University212528687
41Krasnoyarsk State University812853
41A. N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds81242177
44N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod610139478
44Yerevan State University410173451
44United States Forest Service1108361.1K
44Perm State University310147247
44National Academy of Sciences of Armenia61051236
44National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases3106861.5K
44National Research University Higher School of Economics410353969
51Roscosmos State Corporation1959
51National Institutes of Health294.0K5.4K
51University of Oslo892.0K6.9K
51National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine499662.1K
51Radboud University Medical Centre191.7K2.2K
51Zabol University of Medical Sciences19211348
57Humboldt University of Berlin184.7K5.4K
57Institut Gustave Roussy18614868
57National Center for Scientific Research189.0K9.1K
57Georgia Institute of Technology184.5K5.3K
57Medical University of Silesia181.1K1.4K
57Kursk State University284853
57Nguyen Tat Thanh University18225327
64Joint Institute for Nuclear Research27448677
64University of Perugia571.3K4.3K
64Dagestan State Technical University173618
64Stavropol State Medical University178140
68Utah State University162.9K3.9K
68University of Abertay Dundee16338661
68Voronezh State University36264484
68Angarsk State Technical Academy1695
68Ural State Technical University16134158
68Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics167280
68Shandong First Medical University16583761
75Pasteur Institute151.7K2.3K
75Colorado School of Mines151.3K1.8K
75Ulyanovsk State University15216184
75S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy353870
75Moscow State Pedagogical University35103208
75Federal Research Center "N.I. Vavilov All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources"15512
75Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan25126293
75Moscow State Regional University1514071
75Russian Foundation for Basic Research1537
75Siberian State Technological University153541
75Agrophysical Research Institute154159
75Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University15428681
75Sirius University153537
88Fordham University141.6K2.3K
88Freie Universität Berlin243.1K5.7K
88Yeditepe University146541.3K
88Peoples' Friendship University of Russia14570611
88Mordovia State University14159149
93TU Dresden133.9K5.5K
93University of California2314.6K18.3K
93National Academy of Sciences237801.7K
93Wageningen University & Research133.1K4.5K
93University of Technology of Compiègne234321.2K
93Far Eastern Federal University13563755
93Macquarie University134.3K6.0K
93Xi'an Jiaotong University133.6K4.7K
93University of Delaware134.2K5.8K
93Gaziantep University131.1K1.8K
93Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry13127165
93Osh State University134326
93Fujian Medical University131.0K1.5K
93Jining Medical University13320638
93Changchun University of Chinese Medicine13204407
93Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine131969
93University of Kansas Medical Center139541.7K
110Weizmann Institute of Science122.0K3.1K
110Technical University of Berlin123.0K4.5K
110University of Chicago225.1K8.6K
110University of Colorado Boulder123.2K4.9K
110Katholieke Universiteit Leuven225.4K9.5K
110Bashkir State University12302343
110Dagestan State University12105156
110Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University125653
110University of California, Davis124.2K6.2K
110Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency12478690
120Princeton University114.5K6.3K
120University of Cambridge119.1K11.8K
120Ferdowsi University of Mashhad112.1K3.4K
120University of Leeds116.9K9.5K
120Emory University115.3K7.4K
120National University of Uzbekistan11211382
120University of Camerino111.2K2.0K
120University of Sheffield116.7K9.2K
120South China University of Technology112.8K3.9K
120University of Illinois at Chicago115.8K8.3K
120Ministry of Health113.3K4.6K
120University of Wales112.4K3.8K
120University of Costa Rica111.1K2.0K
120University of Madras111.2K2.0K
120Texas Tech University113.8K6.0K
120Georgian Technical University11150260
120Zoological Museum of Moscow University211063
120Ryazan State Medical University115966
120Tver State Medical Academy111730
120University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey118531.6K
120Vitebsk State Medical University113143
120Orenburg State Medical Academy111126
120Togliatti State University11139191
120COMSATS University Islamabad111.8K3.0K
120Nanjing Medical University112.0K2.8K
120Rega Institute for Medical Research11412789
120Southern Medical University112.2K3.0K
120Tezpur University116341.2K
120Islamia University of Bahawalpur117171.3K
120Fedorov Institute of Applied Geophysics113288
120Research Institute of Human Morphology1151106
120Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics11924
120Sukachev Institute of Forest113768
153University of Southern California108.0K11.0K
153Goethe University Frankfurt103.8K6.0K
153Leipzig University103.9K6.1K
153École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay106521.3K
153University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway102.2K3.9K
153University of Latvia304042.0K
153Medical University of Innsbruck101.6K2.6K
153University of Groningen105.9K8.7K
153University of Science and Technology of China103.2K4.7K
153Irkutsk State Technical University10183311
153Tula State University10171275
153Omsk State University10143208
153King Abdulaziz University103.4K5.7K
153Lebedev Physical Institute10147260
153North-Eastern Federal University10158337
153University Medical Center Groningen102.2K3.4K
153Belarusian State Medical University10102241
153Forest Research Institute10351712
153Irkutsk State Medical University1093138
153Yaroslavl State Medical Academy1076109
153Central University of Rajasthan10272786
153Ningxia Medical University10423955
153Shandong Sport University102996
153Hubei University of Medicine104701.0K
153Ningxia Medical University General Hospital10227
153Qilu Medical University10640