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1A Review of Biogas Utilisation, Purification and Upgrading TechnologiesWaste and Biomass Valorization2017466
2Biological Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Biofuels and Bioproducts: An OverviewWaste and Biomass Valorization2019361
3Chemical Research and Climate Change as Drivers in the Commercial Adoption of Alkali Activated MaterialsWaste and Biomass Valorization2010344
4Biological Treatment of Municipal Organic Waste using Black Soldier Fly LarvaeWaste and Biomass Valorization2011328
5Biohydrogen Production from Biomass and Wastes via Dark Fermentation: A ReviewWaste and Biomass Valorization2010286
6Nutrient Recovery from Digestate: Systematic Technology Review and Product ClassificationWaste and Biomass Valorization2017278
7Biochar as an Exceptional Bioresource for Energy, Agronomy, Carbon Sequestration, Activated Carbon and Specialty MaterialsWaste and Biomass Valorization2016272
8Biochar from Biomass and WasteWaste and Biomass Valorization2010248
9Waste Gasification by Thermal Plasma: A ReviewWaste and Biomass Valorization2013207
10Biomass Residues in Brazil: Availability and Potential UsesWaste and Biomass Valorization2010199
11Fiber and Textile Waste UtilizationWaste and Biomass Valorization2010194
12Waste Polyolefins to Liquid Fuels via Pyrolysis: Review of Commercial State-of-the-Art and Recent Laboratory ResearchWaste and Biomass Valorization2011184
13Recycling Behaviour Among Householders: Synthesizing Determinants Via a Meta-analysisWaste and Biomass Valorization2013178
14Activation of Metakaolin/Slag Blends Using Alkaline Solutions Based on Chemically Modified Silica Fume and Rice Husk AshWaste and Biomass Valorization2012168
15Chemistry and Specialty Industrial Applications of Lignocellulosic BiomassWaste and Biomass Valorization2021166
16Utilization of Triglycerides and Related Feedstocks for Production of Clean Hydrocarbon Fuels and Petrochemicals: A ReviewWaste and Biomass Valorization2010156
17Biotransformation of Citrus By-Products into Value Added ProductsWaste and Biomass Valorization2014142
18Biogas Production from Organic Waste: Recent Progress and PerspectivesWaste and Biomass Valorization2020141
19Recent Advances in Polycarbonate Recycling: A Review of Degradation Methods and Their MechanismsWaste and Biomass Valorization2013139
20Hydrogen and Carbon Nanotubes from Pyrolysis-Catalysis of Waste Plastics: A ReviewWaste and Biomass Valorization2021137
21Status and Opportunities for Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste in EuropeWaste and Biomass Valorization2019136
22A Methodology for Sustainable Management of Food WasteWaste and Biomass Valorization2017134
23Characterisation of One-Part Geopolymer Binders Made from Fly AshWaste and Biomass Valorization2017131
24Sustainable Management of Digestate from the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste and Food Waste Under the Concepts of Back to Earth Alternatives and Circular EconomyWaste and Biomass Valorization2019129
25Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) Biomass in Malaysia: The Present and Future ProspectsWaste and Biomass Valorization2019128
26Microalgae as Bio-fertilizers for Rice Growth and Seed Yield ProductivityWaste and Biomass Valorization2018127
27Complex Effluent Streams as a Potential Source of Volatile Fatty AcidsWaste and Biomass Valorization2013125
28Grape Winery Waste as Feedstock for Bioconversions: Applying the Biorefinery ConceptWaste and Biomass Valorization2017123
29Novel Glycerol-Based Natural Eutectic Mixtures and Their Efficiency in the Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Antioxidant Polyphenols from Agri-Food Waste BiomassWaste and Biomass Valorization2016120
30Process Water from the Hydrothermal Carbonization of Biomass: A Waste or a Valuable Product?Waste and Biomass Valorization2018117
31Alternative Methods of Preparation of Soluble Keratin from Chicken FeathersWaste and Biomass Valorization2017115
32Alkaline Activation of Ceramic Waste MaterialsWaste and Biomass Valorization2013114
33Preparation of Bionanomaterials and their Polymer Nanocomposites from Waste and BiomassWaste and Biomass Valorization2010113
34The Possibility of Organo-Mineral Fertilizer Production from Sewage SludgeWaste and Biomass Valorization2017113
35Assessment of Pistachio Shell Biochar Quality and Its Potential for Adsorption of Heavy MetalsWaste and Biomass Valorization2015110
36Characterization of Solid Digestates: Part 1, Review of Existing Indicators to Assess Solid Digestates Agricultural UseWaste and Biomass Valorization2011109
37Effects of Larval Density and Feeding Rates on the Bioconversion of Vegetable Waste Using Black Soldier Fly Larvae Hermetia illucens (L.), (Diptera: Stratiomyidae)Waste and Biomass Valorization2015108
38Alternative Low-cost Adsorbent for Water and Wastewater Decontamination Derived from Eggshell Waste: An OverviewWaste and Biomass Valorization2011106
39Role of Phosphate in the Remediation and Reuse of Heavy Metal Polluted Wastes and SitesWaste and Biomass Valorization2010103
40Environmental Performances and Energy Efficiency for MSW Gasification TreatmentWaste and Biomass Valorization2015101
41Biotechnological Potential of Brewers Spent Grain and its Recent ApplicationsWaste and Biomass Valorization201299
42Hydrothermal Carbonization of Organic Waste and Biomass: A Review on Process, Reactor, and Plant ModelingWaste and Biomass Valorization202199
43Carbonation of Stainless Steel Slag as a Process for CO2 Storage and Slag ValorizationWaste and Biomass Valorization201098
44Current Role of Membrane Technology: From the Treatment of Agro-Industrial by-Products up to the Valorization of Valuable CompoundsWaste and Biomass Valorization201895
45The Impact of Using Microalgae as Biofertilizer in Maize (Zea mays L.)Waste and Biomass Valorization201992
46Characterization of Solid Digestates: Part 2, Assessment of the Quality and Suitability for Composting of Six Digested ProductsWaste and Biomass Valorization201191
47Comparison of Activated Carbons Prepared from Wheat Straw via ZnCl2 and KOH ActivationWaste and Biomass Valorization201791
48Phyco-synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Mediated from Marine Algae Sargassum myriocystum and Its Potential Biological and Environmental ApplicationsWaste and Biomass Valorization202089
49Kinetic Parameters Determination of Biomass Pyrolysis Fuels Using TGA and DTA TechniquesWaste and Biomass Valorization201588
50Preparation and Application of Hierarchical Porous Carbon Materials from Waste and Biomass: A ReviewWaste and Biomass Valorization202187