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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Computer and Systems Sciences4626022
2Department of Mathematics and Computer Science112561927
3Department of Computer Science and Engineering516198
4Department of Computer Science and Media Technology415341
5Institute of Databases and Information Systems1711626
6Faculty of Economics and Business2646541
7Information Systems Institute55523
8Institute of Computer Science653854
9Department of Computer Science and Engineering252610
9Faculty of Economics and Business Administration1252665
11Faculty of Computer Science948234
12Department of Business Informatics74712
13Institute of Mathematics and Informatics3366457
14Department of Computer Science43587289
14Department of Computer Science635614
16Sauder School of Business131151177
17Institute of Computer Science829220
18School of Economics328335
19Institute of Information Systems32615
20Faculty of Engineering1025104667
21Business School22434101
21Faculty of Economics and Management12472
23Faculty of Economics and Business523788
23School of Engineering and Computer Science1237489
25School of Computer Science and Engineering82221195
25Department of Information Systems122213
27Department of Computer and Information Science3211086
28Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science120210231
29Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science518468
29School of Industrial Engineering3182685
29Department of Software Engineering21855
29School of Information Technology and Management1184142
33Department of Information Systems2171337
33Faculty of Science and Engineering117109185
33School of Computing and Engineering21760156
33College of Engineering and Technology1172239
37Department of Computer Science5161699
37Computer Science Division216620
37School of Computer Science and Engineering116161155
40School of Engineering31543191
40Business Information Systems II21523
40Department of Industrial Engineering215925
40Department of Computer Science11533
44Department of Computer Science41439198
44Department of Oncology1143692
44Department of Computer Engineering and Science11453
47Department of International Studies413424
47Department of Computer Science1135281
47Computer Science Institute11379
50Department of Information Systems612335
51Telfer School of Management21185281
51Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering21192239
53Manchester Business School310105471
53Department of Mathematics and Computer Science1103773
53Higher School of Digital Economy21013
53College of Science and Engineering110152265
57Department of Factory Planning and Factory Management19611
57Department of Computer Science3932210
57Department of Geography19191298
57Department of Computer Science39846
57Department of Computer Science3954289
57Department of Computer Science29333
63Department of Computer Science18219391
63Department of Mathematics2839141
63Department of Computer Science182137
63Department of Control and Computer Engineering2837121
63Department of Information Engineering2845146
63Faculty of Economics18111
69Department of Computer Science27218
69Faculty of Management371044
69School of Information Science and Technology17139210
69Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy1792184
69Tilburg School of Economics and Management271389
69Business Informatics Group5715
69Department of Information Systems37210
69Department of Business Administration37116
69Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics17133237
69System and Computer Engineering1722
79Chair of Business Information Systems3613
79Department of Information Systems161146
79School of Computer Science2696352
79Department of Computer Science1688193
79School of Business461482
79Institute of Computer Science16111195
79Department of Artificial Intelligence and Systems Engineering6614
79Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering162348
79Faculty of Business and Economics1672160
79Department of Public Finance161523
79Curtin Business School16115265
79Department of Business Administration1669
79Department of Economics and Business Administration16630
79Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1657121
93Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science4564333
93School of Electronics and Computer Science35136510
93Institute of Advanced Computer Science15325
93Department of Computer Science15122248
93Department of Computer Science and Engineering15178359
93Institute of Psychology1559107
93John Molson School of Business15128232
93School of Computer Science2557187
93Department of Information Systems154791
93Goizueta Business School2544157
93Department of Computer Science351089
93Department of Computer Science15414
93Department of Electrical and Information Engineering152239
93Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science252398
93Business Process Technology Group1512
93Institute of Information Systems251130
93Department of Computer Science2541150
93Faculty of Economics1555150
93School of Management15328
93Department of Software Engineering35212
93Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering2555
93Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering151118
93Department of Computer Science5538
116Department of Computer Science3437221
116School of Computer Science14254501
116Department of Information Engineering14351618
116Department of Computer Science243277
116Department of Computer Science2469342
116Department of Computer Science14122283
116Technology Center of Software Engineering14513
116Institute of Cybernetics1466132
116School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science24116374
116Doctoral School of Regional Sciences and Business Administration14514
116Department of Mechanical Engineering14133248
116Department of Dermatology14181367
116Warwick Business School14356651
116School of Medicine24123565
116Department of Civil Engineering1494159
116Faculty of Management Science and Informatics242365
116Department of Computer Science and Information Technology14919
116College of Business and Finance142342
116Faculty of Computer Science and Management242687
135Department of Civil Engineering13174283
135School of Computer Science1391192
135Institute of Computer Science13439
135Faculty of Medicine1376188
135Department of Management Information Systems13514
135School of Computer Science and Statistics2325201
135Department of Computer Science13522
135Tallinn Law School1367
135Mechanical Engineering Department133781
135Department of Computer Science13313
135Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering13408686
135Institute of Information Systems Engineering13822
135Information and Software Engineering Group1312
135Nanyang Business School13204365
135Department of Management and Economics1357115
135Department of Computer Science2329136
135School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering33127538
135Manufacturing Engineering Centre132240
135Department of Computer Science13169311
135Department of Internal Medicine131346
135School of Business and Economics3337313
135Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology13184358
135School of Information Systems132681
135Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology232264
135Faculty of Computer Science13819
135Department of Computer Science1389198
135Department of Computer Science and Engineering131646
135Department of Computer Science13926
135Faculty of Management131426
135Computer Engineering Department134274
135Information and Computer Science Department132966
135Department of Computing and Information Systems131749
135Department of Automation Engineering13214
135Department of Business Management133389
169Faculty of Engineering12317618
169Information Systems Engineering1223
169Institute of Computer Science121053
169Institute of Information Systems1215
169Faculty of Medicine121.4K2.3K
169Amsterdam Business School1268170
169Department of Computer Science1290202
169Carlson School of Management12157323
169Department of Computer Engineering121645
169Human-Computer Interaction Center121433
169Institute for Information Business12516
169Faculty of Economics1290215
169Department of Systems Theory and Design1254
169Department of Industrial Engineering12420
169Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1296201
169Business School524141
169Department of Computer Science12154290
169Turku School of Economics1296237
169Department of Computer Science22167470
169Institute of Information Systems12414
169Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering121364
169Price College of Business1250120
169Department of Management and Engineering12213460
169School of Management12226429
169Department of Systems Design Engineering4272525
169Faculty of Law and Letters12919
169Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering12174345
169Department of Production and Management Engineering1238103
169Department of Computer Science123198
169Faculty of Biomedical Engineering124189
169Electronics and Computer Science2230162
169School of Business and Economics2294408
169Faculty of Economics and Management121836
169School of Production Engineering and Management1281170
169Department of Software Engineering12418
169School of Economics and Management12243417
169Portsmouth Business School12122324
169School of Economics and Management12174306
169Faculty of Business and Law22434
169Department of Demography2213
209School of Engineering and Applied Sciences115931.1K
209Saïd Business School11106326
209Department of Computer Science112399
209Institute of Statistics and Econometrics11716
209Department of Computer Science11941
209Natural Language Processing Group1111
209School of Information Science and Technology11111207
209School of Management and Information Systems11633
209The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management113991
209School of Computer Science11181444
209King’s Business School113197
209Faculty of Management and Economics11534
209Department of Medical Informatics11617
209Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management11136335
209Faculty of Law11817
209Department of Computer Science1119
209Department of Statistics and Operations Research111040
209Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science113073
209Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science11117199
209School of Law1124
209Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science1191209
209School of Computer Science and Technology2185248
209Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering11197382
209Department of Information Management1179187
209Department of Computer Science1173197
209School of Software and Electrical Engineering1199181
209Software Engineering Division1123
209Faculty of Economics and Business11207475
209Department of Computer Engineering1194213
209Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science2162296
209Department of Management Studies1147142
209Department of Information Systems111752
209Faculty of Engineering11113225
209College of Business112689
209Faculty of Electrical Engineering11364713
209Faculty of Business and Management11412
209Faculty of Economics and Management311483
209Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering111952
209Institute of Computer Science1150114
209Department of Computer Science11416
209School of Psychology and Computer Science11528
209Department of Mathematics and Computer Science111884
209College of Management3141232
209School of Business112495
209National School of Computer Science111125
209School of Information Science and Engineering11173369
209Department of Industrial Engineering and Management114381
209Department of Information Systems1113
209Department of Computer Science112152
209Department of Computer Science11941
209College of Computer Engineering and Sciences1159118
209Department of Management Studies1174188
209Software Engineering Department11310
209Business School111562
263Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics10127313
263Faculty of Business and Economics2045203
263College of Economics and Management4057381
263Department of Information Management1060169
263Munich School of Management10948
263Institute for Information Systems and New Media10411
263Institute of Information Systems101031
263Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering10524980
263Department of Information Science and Media Studies1024101
263Department of Computer Science10526
263School of Economics and Management2039284
263Foster School of Business1055132
263Department of Computer Science1056104
263Department of Computer Science1091246
263Business School1075186
263School of Business1043148
263Department of Computer Science and Mathematics10620
263Business School102174
263Jodrey School of Computer Science20748
263Department of Computer Science and Operations Research1028147
263School of Economics and Management1089214
263Department of Economics102153
263Department of Computer Science10152382
263School of Engineering10237525
263Faculty of Electrical Engineering1030107
263School of Business and Economics10108313
263School of Economics and Management1065168
263Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1085195
263Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems20218
263Department of Information Management102566
263Faculty of Management10114319
263School of Business Administration1057186
263Management School10154403
263Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics1053163
263School of Business and Social Sciences2028267
263Department of Management1093301
263Department of Computer Science10192423
263Department of Computer Science2059272
263Department of Artificial Intelligence102558
263Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering10240515
263School of Computer Science and Informatics1057187
263School of Information Management1049139
263Electronics and Computer Engineering103186
263Faculty of Biomedical Engineering2039223
263SILC Business School1025104
263Faculty of Business1046164
263Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering1070205
263Environmental and Chemical Engineering102049
263Oulu Business School1049206
263School of Information Management103491
263Department of Computer Science1093239
263Department of Computer Science1043156
263Department of Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems101966
263Department of Computer Science and Engineering1072179
263School of Management1023100
263School of Electrical and Computer Engineering10309701
263Computer Science Department101042
263Faculty of Informatics and Management1088234
263Department of Economics101141
263Faculty of Management101332
263Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics1090202
263Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence102159
263Department of Information Systems1019
263College of Mathematics and Statistics10114245
263Department of Computer Science10101274
263Electrical and Space Engineering1089248
263School of Computer Science1064174
263Department of Mathematics2058216
263Department of Engineering10145326
263Department of Computer Science1043139
263School of Engineering2046195
263Department of Computer and Information Sciences1079218
263Department of Computer Science10710
263School of Sports Engineering101030
263Department of Engineering10172391
263School of Economics and Management10109237
263School of Business1065185
263School of Management Science and Engineering10839
263School of Business Administration10622
263School of Management101835
263Department of Computer Science10832
263School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering101016
263Computer Science Department20430
263Department of Business Administration10411
263Department of Computer Science and Engineering1024104
263Department of Computer Science and Communication101332
263Department of Computer Science1026
263School of Economics and Management102991
263Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences10140315
263Tippie College of Business102893
263School of Computer Science20629
263School of Business10512
263Information Systems and Technologies1024