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1Review of Some Interesting Surface Plasmon Resonance-enhanced Properties of Noble Metal Nanoparticles and Their Applications to BiosystemsPlasmonics20071,119
2A Review on Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Biosensing ApplicationsPlasmonics2011649
3A Study of the Surface Plasmon Resonance of Silver Nanoparticles by the Discrete Dipole Approximation Method: Effect of Shape, Size, Structure, and AssemblyPlasmonics2010565
4Plasmonics in Biology and Plasmon-Controlled FluorescencePlasmonics2006512
5The Optimal Aspect Ratio of Gold Nanorods for Plasmonic Bio-sensingPlasmonics2010430
6Plasmon-Enhanced Fluorescence Biosensors: a ReviewPlasmonics2014380
7Plasmonic Optical Properties and Applications of Metal NanostructuresPlasmonics2008373
8Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles for Plasmonic and Sensing ApplicationsPlasmonics2009364
9Surface Plasmon Enhancement of Optical Absorption in Thin-Film Silicon Solar CellsPlasmonics2009212
10Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging Sensors: A ReviewPlasmonics2014212
11Dielectric Function for Gold in Plasmonics Applications: Size Dependence of Plasmon Resonance Frequencies and Damping Rates for NanospheresPlasmonics2016205
12On the Performance of Graphene-Based D-Shaped Photonic Crystal Fibre Biosensor Using Surface Plasmon ResonancePlasmonics2015182
13Sensitivity of Optical Fiber Sensor Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance: Modeling and ExperimentsPlasmonics2008151
14Drastic Surface Plasmon Mode Shifts in Gold Nanorods Due to Electron ChargingPlasmonics2006150
15Highly Sensitive Surface Plasmon Resonance Based D-Shaped Photonic Crystal Fiber Refractive Index SensorPlasmonics2017149
16Long Range Surface Plasmons for Observation of Biomolecular Binding Events at Metallic SurfacesPlasmonics2007148
17Design of Plasmonic Nanoparticles for Efficient Subwavelength Light Trapping in Thin-Film Solar CellsPlasmonics2011148
18Analysis of Graphene-Based Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensor Using Birefringence and Surface Plasmon ResonancePlasmonics2017145
19Gold Nanoparticle Based FRET for DNA DetectionPlasmonics2007144
20Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based Fiber Optic U-Shaped Biosensor for the Detection of Blood GlucosePlasmonics2012144
21Photocatalytic Activity of Ag/TiO2 Nanotube Arrays Enhanced by Surface Plasmon Resonance and Application in Hydrogen Evolution by Water SplittingPlasmonics2013141
22Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Plasmonic Bimetallic NanoparticlesPlasmonics2009139
23Analysis of a Surface Plasmon Resonance Probe Based on Photonic Crystal Fibers for Low Refractive Index DetectionPlasmonics2018137
24Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based Fiber Optic Methane Gas Sensor Utilizing Graphene-Carbon Nanotubes-Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Hybrid NanocompositePlasmonics2015134
25Dynamic Control of Double Plasmon-Induced Transparencies in Aperture-Coupled Waveguide-Cavity SystemPlasmonics2018131
26All-Optical Plasmonic Switches Based on Coupled Nano-disk Cavity Structures Containing Nonlinear MaterialPlasmonics2011129
27Maximizing Absorption and Scattering by Dipole ParticlesPlasmonics2014125
28Design of a Novel Dual-Band Terahertz Metamaterial AbsorberPlasmonics2016120
29Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2 into Methanol over Ag/TiO2 Nanocomposites Enhanced by Surface Plasmon ResonancePlasmonics2014117
30Theoretical Description of Dynamic Transmission Characteristics in MDM Waveguide Aperture-Side-Coupled with Ring CavityPlasmonics2015117
31Refractive Index Sensitivity Analysis of Ag, Au, and Cu NanoparticlesPlasmonics2011116
32Optical Nanofocusing on Tapered Metallic WaveguidesPlasmonics2007115
33Mono-Rectangular Core Photonic Crystal Fiber (MRC-PCF) for Skin and Blood Cancer DetectionPlasmonics2021115
34Optimization of Nanoparticle Size for Plasmonic Enhancement of FluorescencePlasmonics2007112
35Optical Extinction Spectroscopy of Oblate, Prolate and Ellipsoid Shaped Gold Nanoparticles: Experiments and TheoryPlasmonics2006109
36Review of Metasurface Plasmonic Structural ColorPlasmonics2017108
37Highly Sensitive SPR Sensor Based on D-shaped Photonic Crystal Fiber Coated with Indium Tin Oxide at Near-Infrared WavelengthPlasmonics2017106
38Polarization Insensitive and Broadband Terahertz Absorber Using Graphene DisksPlasmonics2017105
39Influence of Design Parameters on the Performance of a Surface Plasmon Sensor Based Fiber Optic SensorPlasmonics2008101
40Surface Plasmon Resonance and Enhanced Fluorescence Application of Single-step Synthesized Elliptical Nano Gold-embedded Antimony Glass Dichroic NanocompositesPlasmonics2010101
41Plasmonic Lenses: A ReviewPlasmonics2010101
42A CMOS Image Sensor Integrated with Plasmonic Colour FiltersPlasmonics2012101
43Coupled-Resonator-Induced Fano Resonances for Plasmonic Sensing with Ultra-High Figure of MeritsPlasmonics2013101
44Plasmonic Enhanced Optoelectronic DevicesPlasmonics2014100
45A High-Performance Refractive Index Sensor Based on Fano Resonance in Si Split-Ring MetasurfacePlasmonics201899
46Fano Resonance with Ultra-High Figure of Merits Based on Plasmonic Metal-Insulator-Metal WaveguidePlasmonics201598
47Aligned Silver Nanoparticles on Rippled Silicon Templates Exhibiting Anisotropic Plasmon AbsorptionPlasmonics200797
48Chemical Deposition of Silver for the Fabrication of Surface Plasmon Microstructured Optical Fibre SensorsPlasmonics201192
49Size and Temperature Effects on the Surface Plasmon Resonance in Silver NanoparticlesPlasmonics201292
50Scattering Efficiency and LSPR Tunability of Bimetallic Ag, Au, and Cu NanoparticlesPlasmonics201492