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Top Articles

1The DSSAT cropping system modelEuropean Journal of Agronomy20033,085
2An overview of APSIM, a model designed for farming systems simulationEuropean Journal of Agronomy20032,073
3Consequences of climate change for European agricultural productivity, land use and policyEuropean Journal of Agronomy20021,106
4CropSyst, a cropping systems simulation modelEuropean Journal of Agronomy20031,051
5Temperatures and the growth and development of wheat: a reviewEuropean Journal of Agronomy1999904
6Impacts and adaptation of European crop production systems to climate changeEuropean Journal of Agronomy2011902
7An overview of the crop model sticsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2003870
8Diagnosis tool for plant and crop N status in vegetative stageEuropean Journal of Agronomy2008546
9Seed treatments to overcome salt and drought stress during germination in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)European Journal of Agronomy2006534
10On approaches and applications of the Wageningen crop modelsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2003511
11Measurement and estimation of actual evapotranspiration in the field under Mediterranean climate: a reviewEuropean Journal of Agronomy2000502
12Approaches and uncertainties in nutrient budgets: implications for nutrient management and environmental policiesEuropean Journal of Agronomy2003482
13Ammonia emission from field applied manure and its reduction—invited paperEuropean Journal of Agronomy2001472
14Sulphur in crop production — invited paperEuropean Journal of Agronomy2001452
15Carbon sequestration in croplands: the potential in Europe and the global contextEuropean Journal of Agronomy2004443
16Tree height quantification using very high resolution imagery acquired from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and automatic 3D photo-reconstruction methodsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2014426
17Simulation of winter wheat yield and its variability in different climates of Europe: A comparison of eight crop growth modelsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2011408
18Nitrogen deficiency effects on plant growth, leaf photosynthesis, and hyperspectral reflectance properties of sorghumEuropean Journal of Agronomy2005384
19Low-altitude, high-resolution aerial imaging systems for row and field crop phenotyping: A reviewEuropean Journal of Agronomy2015380
20Adaptation to climate change and climate variability in European agriculture: The importance of farm level responsesEuropean Journal of Agronomy2010376
21Environmental impact assessment of agricultural production systems using the life cycle assessment methodologyEuropean Journal of Agronomy2004360
22Facing up to the paradigm of ecological intensification in agronomy: Revisiting methods, concepts and knowledgeEuropean Journal of Agronomy2011357
23Biochar as a strategy to sequester carbon and increase yield in durum wheatEuropean Journal of Agronomy2011355
24Bases and limits to using ‘degree.day’ unitsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2000347
25Nitrogen efficiency of wheat: Genotypic and environmental variation and prospects for improvementEuropean Journal of Agronomy2010343
26A review of data assimilation of remote sensing and crop modelsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2018325
27Effects of plastic film mulch and tillage on maize productivity and soil parametersEuropean Journal of Agronomy2009309
28Genetic differences for nitrogen uptake and nitrogen utilisation efficiencies in winter wheatEuropean Journal of Agronomy2000305
29Effects of climate change and elevated CO2 on cropping systems: model predictions at two Italian locationsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2000296
30Sirius: a mechanistic model of wheat response to environmental variationEuropean Journal of Agronomy1998289
31Grain yield, nitrogen-use efficiency and baking quality of old and modern Italian bread-wheat cultivars grown at different nitrogen levelsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2004289
32Breeding progress in morpho-physiological, agronomical and qualitative traits of durum wheat cultivars released in Italy during the 20th centuryEuropean Journal of Agronomy2007286
33Environmental impacts of introducing grain legumes into European crop rotationsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2008283
34Environmental impact assessment of agricultural production systems using the life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology II. The application to N fertilizer use in winter wheat production systemsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2004275
35Yield gaps in oil palm: A quantitative review of contributing factorsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2017271
36Iron deficiency and chlorosis in orchard and vineyard ecosystemsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2001263
37Productivity and grain or seed composition: a new approach to an old problem—invited paperEuropean Journal of Agronomy2002258
38Combustion quality of biomass: practical relevance and experiments to modify the biomass quality of Miscanthus x giganteusEuropean Journal of Agronomy1997252
39Impact of biochar application on plant water relations in Vitis vinifera (L.)European Journal of Agronomy2014251
40Agricultural use of digestate for horticultural crop production and improvement of soil propertiesEuropean Journal of Agronomy2012250
41Does intercropping enhance yield stability in arable crop production? A meta-analysisEuropean Journal of Agronomy2017247
42Uptake and agronomic efficiency of nitrogen in winter barley and winter wheatEuropean Journal of Agronomy1998245
43Crop response to elevated CO2 and world food supplyEuropean Journal of Agronomy2007244
44Simulating the effects of elevated CO2 on crops: approaches and applications for climate changeEuropean Journal of Agronomy2002238
45Development of a generic crop model template in the cropping system model APSIMEuropean Journal of Agronomy2002236
46Wheat and chickpea intercropping systems in an additive series experiment: Advantages and weed smotheringEuropean Journal of Agronomy2006235
47Changes in seed yield and oil fatty acid composition of high oleic sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) hybrids in relation to the sowing date and the water regimeEuropean Journal of Agronomy2002234
48Examples of strategies to analyze spatial and temporal yield variability using crop modelsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2002234
49Dry matter and qualitative characteristics of alfalfa as affected by harvest times and soil water contentEuropean Journal of Agronomy2011234
50Yield performance and land-use efficiency of barley and faba bean mixed cropping in Ethiopian highlandsEuropean Journal of Agronomy2006233