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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics14893865
2Department of Chemistry414312463
3Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry323931412
4Pisarzhevskii Institute of Physical Chemistry1313511
5Department of Chemistry269125102
6Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion9671027
7Department of Chemistry264180157
8Department of Chemistry162169111
8Institute of Chemistry262473420
8School of Pharmacy162271169
11Process Chemistry Centre5613180
12Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry4556553
13Faculty of Physics351188170
13Institute of Chemical Physics9512792
13Department of Chemistry251250235
16School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering145239170
16International Research Center for Renewable Energy1457776
18School of Chemical Engineering and Technology743268521
19Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering139143132
20School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering135420364
21Department of Applied Chemistry1334748
21Department of Chemical Engineering13310590
21Department of Chemistry133236222
24School of Materials Science231175228
24Department of Chemical Engineering231147177
26Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry1305032
27Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry129189160
28Department of Chemistry127181179
28College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering227278343
28College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering5273389
31Department of Mechanical Engineering126477472
31Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics3261215
31Litvinenko Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry and Coal Chemistry42632
34Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science1256544
35Institute of Limnology2232726
35College of Chemistry and Environmental Science323141239
35Institute of Organic Chemistry12310799
35Department of Chemistry123292326
39Konstantinov Institute of Nuclear Physics1212411
39School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering221185273
41Department of Chemical Engineering1203555
41Department of Organic Chemistry1201630
41Department of Chemistry12012
41Faculty of Engineering and Architecture1201518
41Department of Chemical Engineering12035
41School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering120915
41School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering720238
48School of Environmental Science and Engineering219148271
48School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering119206224
48School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1193456
51Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics118133106
51Faculty of Chemical Engineering21811
53Institute of Process Engineering217430636
53Department of Chemistry117295371
53Department of Chemistry and Material Engineering1175069
53Faculty of Engineering117336292
53Institute of Applied Chemistry817124
58Institute of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry11631
58Department of Chemical Engineering41630135
60Department of Chemical Engineering115422485
61Department of Chemical Engineering114117168
61Faculty of Chemistry314215441
63Graduate School of Engineering113557579
63Department of Chemistry21393210
63Institute of Chemical and Environment Engineering1132538
63Department of Chemistry113173236
63Health and Environmental Engineering1133152
68Department of Chemistry112383566
68Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics212364547
68Department of Chemistry112398578
68Chemistry Department2123398
68Department of Chemistry31264118
68Department of Chemical Engineering1123961
68Department of Chemical Engineering1121524
75Institute of High Energy Physics111592662
75Department of Chemical Physics111190251
77Department of Agricultural Chemistry110157252
77Institute of Applied Physics110282299
77Faculty of Science and Engineering110108241
77College of Chemistry210366545
77National Centre of Excellence in Physical Chemistry11082125
82Department of Chemical Engineering291237
82Department of Electrical and Information Engineering291979
82Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1998152
82Department of Chemical Engineering19230330
82College of Chemical Engineering19208289
82Syrkin Department of Physical Chemistry1911
88Institute of Solid State Physics18175203
88Institute of Technical Chemistry18621
88Department of Chemistry18177247
88Faculty of Microsystem Electronics and Photonics184269
88Department of Materials Science182653
88School of Chemistry38173423
88Department of Chemistry18213306
88Faculty of Chemistry18256360
88Department of Chemical Engineering18623
88Chemistry Department28153290
88School of Biological and Chemical Engineering181643
88Division of Advanced Nanomaterials182850
100College of Engineering171.1K1.4K
100Department of Chemical Engineering2736121
100Department of Chemistry47111320
103Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics3642122
103Faculty of Fundamental Physical and Chemical Engineering26835
103Department of Chemistry5640229
103Department of Chemistry26844
103Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry16185242
103Department of Applied Chemistry16104148
103School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering26248442
103Department of Chemistry1678123
103Faculty of Chemistry16178260
103Department of Physical Chemistry164784
103Department of Chemistry16352483
103Department of Chemistry164877
103Department of Mathematics1637
103Institute of Thermal Physics of Extreme States1624
103Faculty of Chemistry16281457
118Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics1515
118School of Engineering and Science15217475
118Razuvaev Institute of Organometallic Chemistry153236
118Department of Chemical Engineering15423687
118Department of Chemistry15276443
118Department of Chemistry15188324
118Department of Applied Chemistry25417
118Department of Chemistry15341596
118Faculty of Education15320443
118Chemical Engineering Division1594127
118School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering15172264
118Department of Chemical Engineering1557102
118School of Chemistry and Biochemistry1584160
118School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering152848
132Department of Chemical Engineering14452701
132Department of Chemical Engineering1464108
132Department of Chemical Engineering14296445
132Center of Excellence in Electrochemistry14107209
132Department of Chemistry14276411
132Department of Chemistry14178265
132Department of Chemistry24449816
132College of Chemistry14157226
132Department of Chemistry1485174
132College of Chemistry24125241
132Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering141744
132School of Environment and Chemical Engineering141044
132School of Chemistry Engineering14822
132Department of Chemical Engineering1458139
132Department of Chemistry14156245
132Department of Chemical Engineering144297
132Department of Chemical Engineering1438107
149School of Chemistry13182314
149Department of Chemistry131235
149Department of Chemical Engineering13308520
149Institute of Physics and Technology1362130
149School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering13117220
149School of Chemistry134275
149Department of Chemistry13122211
149Department of Chemical Engineering13821
149School of Chemical and Material Engineering13289415
149College of Chemistry and Environmental Science132566
149College of Chemical Engineering133169
160Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry1222
160Department of Mathematics and Statistics12159310
160Institute of Molecular Physics12202311
160Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry12168341
160Department of Chemistry1247121
160Ministry of Education126651.1K
160Institute of Chemical Physics22420
160Department of Chemistry12171291
160Department of Chemistry1268136
160School of Chemical Engineering and Technology12206325
160Faculty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering12192291
160School of Physics and Electronic Information Engineering1276130
160Department of Applied Chemistry2235127
160Department of Chemistry122973
160Department of Chemistry12414
175Department of Materials Science and Engineering11360545
175Scientific Research Institute for System Analysis112343
175Institute of Organic Chemistry11110240
175Institute of Physics11547769
175Department of Applied Chemistry1159
175Department of Chemistry11386706
175School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering11269466
175Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry11366653
175Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry1175113
175School of Automotive Engineering21949
175Chemical Engineering Department112165
175Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences1138
175Department of Chemistry1126
175Chemical Engineering Division112260
175School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1140108
190Institute of Organic Chemistry102467
190College of Chemical and Biological Engineering20225509
190Department of Chemical Engineering1063148
190Department of Chemical Engineering201686
190Research Institute of Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Chemical Processes10920
190College of Materials and Environmental Engineering10170323
190Department of Chemistry10518