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Most Cited Articles of BMC Medical Genetics in 2007

A genome-wide association study for blood lipid phenotypes in the Framingham Heart Study2007252
Framingham Heart Study 100K Project: genome-wide associations for blood pressure and arterial stiffness2007209
Genome-wide association with bone mass and geometry in the Framingham Heart Study2007188
Genome-wide association of sleep and circadian phenotypes2007170
Genetic correlates of brain aging on MRI and cognitive test measures: a genome-wide association and linkage analysis in the Framingham Study2007152
Genetic correlates of longevity and selected age-related phenotypes: a genome-wide association study in the Framingham Study2007150
The Framingham Heart Study 100K SNP genome-wide association study resource: overview of 17 phenotype working group reports2007145
Framingham Heart Study 100K project: genome-wide associations for cardiovascular disease outcomes2007135
Genome-wide association to body mass index and waist circumference: the Framingham Heart Study 100K project2007126
Genome-wide association study for subclinical atherosclerosis in major arterial territories in the NHLBI's Framingham Heart Study2007106
Cerebellar gene expression profiles of mouse models for Rett syndrome reveal novel MeCP2 targets200796
Genome-wide association with select biomarker traits in the Framingham Heart Study200791
A genome-wide association study of breast and prostate cancer in the NHLBI's Framingham Heart Study200789
Framingham Heart Study genome-wide association: results for pulmonary function measures200787
Genome-wide association of echocardiographic dimensions, brachial artery endothelial function and treadmill exercise responses in the Framingham Heart Study200776
A genome-wide association for kidney function and endocrine-related traits in the NHLBI's Framingham Heart Study200770
Genome-wide association with diabetes-related traits in the Framingham Heart Study200768
Genome-wide association study of electrocardiographic and heart rate variability traits: the Framingham Heart Study200768
Mutations in the 3'-untranslated region of GATA4 as molecular hotspots for congenital heart disease (CHD)200763
Association of TGFbeta1, TNFalpha, CCR2 and CCR5 gene polymorphisms in type-2 diabetes and renal insufficiency among Asian Indians200761
Genome-wide association and linkage analyses of hemostatic factors and hematological phenotypes in the Framingham Heart Study200759
Dominant inhibition of Fas ligand-mediated apoptosis due to a heterozygous mutation associated with autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (ALPS) Type Ib200753
Antisense-induced exon skipping for duplications in Duchenne muscular dystrophy200753
Missense mutations in desmocollin-2 N-terminus, associated with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, affect intracellular localization of desmocollin-2 in vitro200752
Transient trimethylaminuria related to menstruation200749