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Top Articles

1Single-walled carbon nanotube electronicsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine20021,023
2QCADesigner: A Rapid Design and Simulation Tool for Quantum-Dot Cellular AutomataIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2004853
3The "millipede" - nanotechnology entering data storageIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2002659
4Benchmarking Nanotechnology for High-Performance and Low-Power Logic Transistor ApplicationsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2005583
5Luttinger liquid theory as a model of the gigahertz electrical properties of carbon nanotubesIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2002521
6Nanoscale Memory Elements Based on Solid-State ElectrolytesIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2005485
7Graphene Terahertz Plasmon OscillatorsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2008441
8High-Performance Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistor With Tunable PolaritiesIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2005440
9CNTFET-Based Design of Ternary Logic Gates and Arithmetic CircuitsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2011430
10An RF circuit model for carbon nanotubesIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2003356
11Quantitative theory of nanowire and nanotube antenna performanceIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2006330
12Array-based architecture for FET-based, nanoscale electronicsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2003323
13Immunity to Device Variations in a Spiking Neural Network With Memristive NanodevicesIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2013321
14Design, Identification, and Control of a Flexure-Based XY Stage for Fast Nanoscale PositioningIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2009316
15Nanocrystal nonvolatile memory devicesIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2002314
16A Method of Majority Logic Reduction for Quantum Cellular AutomataIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2004309
17Memristor Applications for Programmable Analog ICsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2011308
18Adder Designs and Analyses for Quantum-Dot Cellular AutomataIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2007251
19Logic Design Within Memristive Memories Using Memristor-Aided loGIC (MAGIC)IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2016244
20Synthesis, Transfer, and Devices of Single- and Few-Layer Graphene by Chemical Vapor DepositionIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2009241
21Carbon-Nanotube-Based Voltage-Mode Multiple-Valued Logic DesignIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2005235
22Study of Natural Convection MHD Nanofluid by Means of Single and Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Suspended in a Salt-Water SolutionIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2015211
23A Memristor SPICE Implementation and a New Approach for Magnetic Flux-Controlled Memristor ModelingIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2011210
24A New Dual-Material Double-Gate (DMDG) Nanoscale SOI MOSFET—Two-Dimensional Analytical Modeling and SimulationIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2005202
25A Low-Power Nonvolatile Switching Element Based on Copper-Tungsten Oxide Solid ElectrolyteIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2006199
26Real-Time, Label-Free Detection of Biological Entities Using Nanowire-Based FETsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2008198
27Natural convective heat transfer of suspensions of titanium dioxide nanoparticles (nanofluids)IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2006192
28Two-Phase Simulation of Nanofluid Flow and Heat Transfer in an Annulus in the Presence of an Axial Magnetic FieldIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2015192
29Joint Energy Harvesting and Communication Analysis for Perpetual Wireless Nanosensor Networks in the Terahertz BandIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2012190
30Coplanar Full Adder in Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata via Clock-Zone-Based CrossoverIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2015187
31Nanocomputing by field-coupled nanomagnetsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2002185
32Wafer-Scale Growth and Transfer of Aligned Single-Walled Carbon NanotubesIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2009175
33Comparative Analysis of Dielectric-Modulated FET and TFET-Based BiosensorIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2015175
34Assessment of High-Frequency Performance Potential of Carbon Nanotube TransistorsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2005169
35Low Complexity Design of Ripple Carry and Brent–Kung Adders in QCAIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2012169
36Single-Conductor Transmission-Line Model of Multiwall Carbon NanotubesIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2010164
37A New Method for Robust Damping and Tracking Control of Scanning Probe Microscope Positioning StagesIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2010162
38A First Step Toward Cost Functions for Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata DesignsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2014161
39A system architecture solution for unreliable nanoelectronic devicesIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2002159
40Nanotechnology goals and challenges for electronic applicationsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2002157
41Estimation of Upper Bound of Power Dissipation in QCA CircuitsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2009157
42On the Applicability of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as VLSI InterconnectsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2009156
43Spin-Based Neuron Model With Domain-Wall Magnets as SynapseIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2012154
44Chemical Sensors and Electronic Noses Based on 1-D Metal Oxide NanostructuresIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2008151
45CMOS/nano Co-design for crossbar-based molecular electronic systemsIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2003149
46Testing of Quantum Cellular AutomataIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2004147
47Challenges and Limitations of CMOS Scaling for FinFET and Beyond ArchitecturesIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2019147
48NEMO5: A Parallel Multiscale Nanoelectronics Modeling ToolIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2011144
49MHD Three-Dimensional Boundary Layer Flow of Casson Nanofluid Past a Linearly Stretching Sheet With Convective Boundary ConditionIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2014144
50One-Step Synthesis of Au/SnO2/RGO Nanocomposites and Their VOC Sensing PropertiesIEEE Nanotechnology Magazine2018144