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1Global, Regional, and National Cancer Incidence, Mortality, Years of Life Lost, Years Lived With Disability, and Disability-Adjusted Life-years for 32 Cancer Groups, 1990 to 2015JAMA Oncology20174,254
2Trends in the Incidence, Prevalence, and Survival Outcomes in Patients With Neuroendocrine Tumors in the United StatesJAMA Oncology20172,289
3The Global Burden of Cancer 2013JAMA Oncology20152,269
4Global, Regional, and National Cancer Incidence, Mortality, Years of Life Lost, Years Lived With Disability, and Disability-Adjusted Life-Years for 29 Cancer Groups, 1990 to 2017JAMA Oncology20191,691
5Fatal Toxic Effects Associated With Immune Checkpoint InhibitorsJAMA Oncology20181,625
6The Burden of Primary Liver Cancer and Underlying Etiologies From 1990 to 2015 at the Global, Regional, and National LevelJAMA Oncology20171,448
7Safety and Efficacy of Pembrolizumab Monotherapy in Patients With Previously Treated Advanced Gastric and Gastroesophageal Junction CancerJAMA Oncology20181,350
8Global, Regional, and National Cancer Incidence, Mortality, Years of Life Lost, Years Lived With Disability, and Disability-Adjusted Life-Years for 29 Cancer Groups, 1990 to 2016JAMA Oncology20181,260
9Nomenclature Revision for Encapsulated Follicular Variant of Papillary Thyroid CarcinomaJAMA Oncology20161,192
10SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in Patients With Cancer at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Wuhan, ChinaJAMA Oncology2020862
11Effect of Nivolumab vs Bevacizumab in Patients With Recurrent GlioblastomaJAMA Oncology2020805
12Using the National Cancer Database for Outcomes ResearchJAMA Oncology2017786
13Consolidative Radiotherapy for Limited Metastatic Non–Small-Cell Lung CancerJAMA Oncology2018755
14Incidence of Endocrine Dysfunction Following the Use of Different Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor RegimensJAMA Oncology2018753
15Efficacy and Safety of Durvalumab in Locally Advanced or Metastatic Urothelial CarcinomaJAMA Oncology2017750
16Efficacy and Safety of Nivolumab Plus Ipilimumab in Patients With Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Previously Treated With SorafenibJAMA Oncology2020746
17Association of Immune-Related Adverse Events With Nivolumab Efficacy in Non–Small-Cell Lung CancerJAMA Oncology2018735
18Cancer Incidence, Mortality, Years of Life Lost, Years Lived With Disability, and Disability-Adjusted Life Years for 29 Cancer Groups From 2010 to 2019JAMA Oncology2022719
19Association of the Extent of Resection With Survival in GlioblastomaJAMA Oncology2016710
20Outcomes of Observation vs Stereotactic Ablative Radiation for Oligometastatic Prostate CancerJAMA Oncology2020696
21Quantitative Assessment of the Heterogeneity of PD-L1 Expression in Non–Small-Cell Lung CancerJAMA Oncology2016693
22Effect of Pembrolizumab After Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy vs Pembrolizumab Alone on Tumor Response in Patients With Advanced Non–Small Cell Lung CancerJAMA Oncology2019670
23Treatment of the Immune-Related Adverse Effects of Immune Checkpoint InhibitorsJAMA Oncology2016667
24A Prospective, Multi-institutional, Pathologist-Based Assessment of 4 Immunohistochemistry Assays for PD-L1 Expression in Non–Small Cell Lung CancerJAMA Oncology2017658
25Efficacy and Safety of Pembrolizumab or Pembrolizumab Plus Chemotherapy vs Chemotherapy Alone for Patients With First-line, Advanced Gastric CancerJAMA Oncology2020611
26HER2-Specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor–Modified Virus-Specific T Cells for Progressive GlioblastomaJAMA Oncology2017608
27Incidence of Programmed Cell Death 1 Inhibitor–Related Pneumonitis in Patients With Advanced CancerJAMA Oncology2016600
28Association of the Lung Immune Prognostic Index With Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Outcomes in Patients With Advanced Non–Small Cell Lung CancerJAMA Oncology2018599
29Validity and Reliability of the US National Cancer Institute’s Patient-Reported Outcomes Version of the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (PRO-CTCAE)JAMA Oncology2015581
30Comparison of Pharmaceutical, Psychological, and Exercise Treatments for Cancer-Related FatigueJAMA Oncology2017580
31Inherited Mutations in Women With Ovarian CarcinomaJAMA Oncology2016576
32The Effect of Abemaciclib Plus Fulvestrant on Overall Survival in Hormone Receptor–Positive, ERBB2-Negative Breast Cancer That Progressed on Endocrine Therapy—MONARCH 2JAMA Oncology2020572
33Role of Local Radiation Therapy in Cancer ImmunotherapyJAMA Oncology2015570
34Hyperprogressive Disease in Patients With Advanced Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated With PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibitors or With Single-Agent ChemotherapyJAMA Oncology2018567
35Long-term Clinical Outcomes and Biomarker Analyses of Atezolizumab Therapy for Patients With Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast CancerJAMA Oncology2019557
36Prognostic and Predictive Relevance of Primary Tumor Location in Patients With RAS Wild-Type Metastatic Colorectal CancerJAMA Oncology2017555
37Androgen Receptor Splice Variant 7 and Efficacy of Taxane Chemotherapy in Patients With Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate CancerJAMA Oncology2015552
38Prognostic Survival Associated With Left-Sided vs Right-Sided Colon CancerJAMA Oncology2017544
39Estimating Survival in Patients With Lung Cancer and Brain MetastasesJAMA Oncology2017543
40Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer SyndromeJAMA Oncology2015540
41Analysis of Plasma Cell-Free DNA by Ultradeep Sequencing in Patients With Stages I to III Colorectal CancerJAMA Oncology2019538
42Association of AR-V7 on Circulating Tumor Cells as a Treatment-Specific Biomarker With Outcomes and Survival in Castration-Resistant Prostate CancerJAMA Oncology2016535
43Ipilimumab Therapy in Patients With Advanced Melanoma and Preexisting Autoimmune DisordersJAMA Oncology2016534
44Treatment-Related Adverse Events of PD-1 and PD-L1 Inhibitors in Clinical TrialsJAMA Oncology2019526
45Association of Polymerase e–Mutated and Microsatellite-Instable Endometrial Cancers With Neoantigen Load, Number of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes, and Expression of PD-1 and PD-L1JAMA Oncology2015523
46Assessment of Resistance Mechanisms and Clinical Implications in Patients WithEGFRT790M–Positive Lung Cancer and Acquired Resistance to OsimertinibJAMA Oncology2018522
47Prospective Validation of Rapid Plasma Genotyping for the Detection ofEGFRandKRASMutations in Advanced Lung CancerJAMA Oncology2016516
48Prevalence and Spectrum of Germline Cancer Susceptibility Gene Mutations Among Patients With Early-Onset Colorectal CancerJAMA Oncology2017510
49Fusobacterium nucleatumand T Cells in Colorectal CarcinomaJAMA Oncology2015498
50Etiology of Ibrutinib Therapy Discontinuation and Outcomes in Patients With Chronic Lymphocytic LeukemiaJAMA Oncology2015498