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Most Cited Articles of Bioanalysis in 2013

Bioanalytical assay strategies for the development of antibody-drug conjugate biotherapeutics2013165
Hemato-critical issues in quantitative analysis of dried blood spots: challenges and solutions2013165
Bioanalysis of antibody-drug conjugates: American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Antibody-Drug Conjugate Working Group position paper2013112
State-of-the-art dried blood spot analysis: an overview of recent advances and future trends201391
Salting-out assisted liquid-liquid extraction for bioanalysis201388
Characterization of the drug-to-antibody ratio distribution for antibody-drug conjugates in plasma/serum201387
The effect of hematocrit on bioanalysis of DBS: results from the EBF DBS-microsampling consortium201385
Update of the EBF recommendation for the use of DBS in regulated bioanalysis integrating the conclusions from the EBF DBS-microsampling consortium201379
Hair as an alternative matrix in bioanalysis201359
Progress in the development of paper-based diagnostics for low-resource point-of-care settings201359
Merck's perspective on the implementation of dried blood spot technology in clinical drug development - why, when and how201359
Critique: measuring hydrogen stable isotope abundance of proteins to infer origins of wildlife, food and people201357
Large-molecule quantification: sensitivity and selectivity head-to-head comparison of triple quadrupole with Q-TOF201355
Metabolomics pilot study to identify volatile organic compound markers of childhood asthma in exhaled breath201352
Data acquisition and data mining techniques for metabolite identification using LC coupled to high-resolution MS201351
Detection of volatile organic compounds as biomarkers in breath analysis by different analytical techniques201349
Development of a fast method for direct analysis of intact synthetic insulins in human plasma: the large peptide challenge201348
A simple LC-MS/MS method for determination of kynurenine and tryptophan concentrations in human plasma from HIV-infected patients201348
A novel approach to capillary plasma microsampling for quantitative bioanalysis201347
Personalized medicine for targeted and platinum-based chemotherapy of lung and bladder cancer201346
The bioanalytical challenge of determining unbound concentration and protein binding for drugs201345
Microsample analyses via DBS: challenges and opportunities201345
PK assays for antibody-drug conjugates: case study with ado-trastuzumab emtansine201345
In-depth study of homogeneity in DBS using two different techniques: results from the EBF DBS-microsampling consortium201344
Electrochemical bioassay for the detection of TNF-α using magnetic beads and disposable screen-printed array of electrodes201342