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Top Articles

1A critical account on π–π stacking in metal complexes with aromatic nitrogen-containing ligands †Dalton Transactions RSC20004,024
2Templating and structural engineering in organic–inorganic perovskitesDalton Transactions RSC2001794
3Polymerization of lactide and related cyclic esters by discrete metal complexesDalton Transactions RSC2001787
4A net-based approach to coordination polymers †Dalton Transactions RSC2000691
5Alkane C–H activation and functionalization with homogeneous transition metal catalysts: a century of progress—a new millennium in prospectDalton Transactions RSC2001638
6Inter-ligand reactions: in situ formation of new polydentate ligandsDalton Transactions RSC2000520
7The Mayer bond order as a tool in inorganic chemistry†Dalton Transactions RSC2001429
8Ceramics for medical applicationsDalton Transactions RSC2001429
9Non-innocent behaviour in mononuclear and polynuclear complexes: consequences for redox and electronic spectroscopic propertiesDalton Transactions RSC2002379
10Serendipitous assembly of polynuclear cage compoundsDalton Transactions RSC2002370
11Hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structures of three-dimensional co-ordination frameworks constructed with mixed terephthalate (tp) and 4,4′-bipyridine (4,4′-bipy) ligands: [M(tp)(4,4′-bipy)] (M = CoII, CdII or ZnII)Dalton Transactions RSC2000279
12Modified silicas for clean technologyDalton Transactions RSC2000254
13N-Functionalised heterocyclic carbene complexes of silverDalton Transactions RSC2000249
14Monomeric metal alkoxides and trialkyl siloxides: (BDI)Mg(OtBu)(THF ) and (BDI)Zn(OSiPh3)(THF ). Comments on single site catalysts for ring-opening polymerization of lactides †Dalton Transactions RSC2001230
15Hydrogen bonds and other intermolecular interactions in organometallic crystals †Dalton Transactions RSC2000208
16Metal–amino acid chemistry. Weak interactions and related functions of side chain groupsDalton Transactions RSC2002201
17Towards nanostructured arrays of single molecule magnets: new Fe19 oxyhydroxide clusters displaying high ground state spins and hysteresis †Dalton Transactions RSC2000200
18Red and blue luminescent metallo-supramolecular coordination polymers assembled through π–π interactions †Dalton Transactions RSC2000200
19Coordination networks of Ag(i) and N,N′- bis(3-pyridinecarboxamide)-1,6-hexane: structures and anion exchangeDalton Transactions RSC2002197
20Polymerization catalysis at the millennium: frontiers in stereoselective, metal-catalyzed polymerizationDalton Transactions RSC2002196
21Spin state tuning of non-heme iron-catalyzed hydrocarbon oxidations: participation of FeIII–OOH and FeVO intermediatesBased on the presentation given at Dalton Discussion No. 4, 10–13th January 2002, Kloster Banz, Germany.Dalton Transactions RSC2002193
22The reactivity of diazabutadienes toward low oxidation state Group 13 iodides and the synthesis of a new gallium(i) carbene analogueDalton Transactions RSC2002191
23Luminescent gold(I) macrocycles with diphosphine and 4,4′-bipyridyl ligandsDalton Transactions RSC2000188
24Multi-modal bridging ligands; effects of ligand functionality, anion and crystallisation solvent in silver(I) co-ordination polymers †Dalton Transactions RSC2000184
25The bright future of stereoselective synthesis of co-ordination compoundsDalton Transactions RSC2000180
26Hydrothermal syntheses, structures and properties of terephthalate-bridged polymeric complexes with zig-zag chain and channel structuresDalton Transactions RSC2001180
27Organically pillared microporous zirconium phosphonatesDalton Transactions RSC2002174
28Inorganic crystal engineering: a personal perspectiveDalton Transactions RSC2000169
29Hydrothermal syntheses and structures of three one-dimensional heteropolytungstates formed by Dawson or Keggin cluster unitsDalton Transactions RSC2001162
30Bis-carbene complexes from oxidative addition of imidazolium C–H bonds to palladium(0)Dalton Transactions RSC2002162
31Structure of Jahn–Teller distorted solvated copper(ii) ions in solution, and in solids with apparently regular octahedral coordination geometryDalton Transactions RSC2002161
32Out-of-plane dimers of Mn(iii) quadridentate Schiff-base complexes with saltmen2– and naphtmen2– ligands: structure analysis and ferromagnetic exchangeDalton Transactions RSC2002160
33Synthesis and characterisation of infinite co-ordination networks from flexible dipyridyl ligands and cadmium salts †Dalton Transactions RSC2000156
34Stereochemical effects on the spin-state transition shown by salts of [FeL2]2+ [L = 2,6-di(pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine]Dalton Transactions RSC2002154
35The crystal supramolecularity of metal phenanthroline complexesDalton Transactions RSC2001149
36Mono-guanidinate complexes of lanthanum: synthesis, structure and their use in lactide polymerizationDalton Transactions RSC2001149
37Structural diversity of N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of silver(i)Dalton Transactions RSC2002148
38Molecular precursors for (nano) materials — a one step strategyDalton Transactions RSC2002147
39Design of vanadium compounds as insulin enhancing agentsDalton Transactions RSC2000146
40Biologically inspired polyoxometalate–surfactant composite materials. Investigations on the structures of discrete, surfactant-encapsulated clusters, monolayers, and Langmuir–Blodgett films of (DODA)40(NH4)2[(H2O)n ⊂ Mo132O372(CH3CO2)30(H2O)72] †Dalton Transactions RSC2000145
41Continuous symmetry measures of penta-coordinate molecules: Berry and non-Berry distortions of the trigonal bipyramid †Dalton Transactions RSC2000143
42A molecular meccano kit †Dalton Transactions RSC2000143
43The synthesis and structure of lithium derivatives of the sterically encumbered β-diketiminate ligand [{(2,6-Pri2H3C6)N(CH3)C}2CH]–, and a modified synthesis of the aminoimine precursorDalton Transactions RSC2001143
44Solid state coordination chemistry of the copper(I)–cyano–organodiimine system. Two- and three-dimensional copper cyanide phases incorporating linear dipodal ligandsDalton Transactions RSC2001142
45Cationic 2,6-bis(imino)pyridine iron and cobalt complexes: synthesis, structures, ethylene polymerisation and ethylene/polar monomer co-polymerisation studiesDalton Transactions RSC2002142
46The interconversion of formic acid and hydrogen/carbon dioxide using a binuclear ruthenium complex catalystDalton Transactions RSC2000140
47Syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties of copper(ii) dicyanamide complexes; dinuclear, chain and ladder compoundsDalton Transactions RSC2002140
48Copper(I) dicyanamide coordination polymers: ladders, sheets, layers, diamond-like networks and unusual interpenetration †Dalton Transactions RSC2000136
49Sterically hindered iminophosphorane complexes of vanadium, iron, cobalt and nickel: a synthetic, structural and catalytic study †Dalton Transactions RSC2000136
50Synthesis of a new cage ligand, SarAr, and its complexation with selected transition metal ions for potential use in radioimaging†Dalton Transactions RSC2001133