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1REGULARIZATION TOOLS: A Matlab package for analysis and solution of discrete ill-posed problemsNumerical Algorithms19941,281
2A multiprojection algorithm using Bregman projections in a product spaceNumerical Algorithms1994997
3Detailed Error Analysis for a Fractional Adams MethodNumerical Algorithms2004724
4Numerical integration using sparse gridsNumerical Algorithms1998720
5Regularization Tools version 4.0 for Matlab 7.3Numerical Algorithms2007602
6On choosing “optimal” shape parameters for RBF approximationNumerical Algorithms2007462
7Algorithms for the Split Variational Inequality ProblemNumerical Algorithms2012427
8Numerical differentiation with annihilators in noisy environmentNumerical Algorithms2009298
9Affine Arithmetic: Concepts and ApplicationsNumerical Algorithms2004269
10Stochastic Approaches to Uncertainty Quantification in CFD SimulationsNumerical Algorithms2005209
11On preconditioned MHSS iteration methods for complex symmetric linear systemsNumerical Algorithms2011203
12The numerical solution of fractional differential equations: Speed versus accuracyNumerical Algorithms2001200
13A modified Newton-Jarratt’s compositionNumerical Algorithms2010186
14Algorithms and software for total variation image reconstruction via first-order methodsNumerical Algorithms2010184
15A rational Lanczos algorithm for model reductionNumerical Algorithms1996164
16Iterative Methods for Image Deblurring: A Matlab Object-Oriented ApproachNumerical Algorithms2004152
17Old and new parameter choice rules for discrete ill-posed problemsNumerical Algorithms2013149
18Remarks around 50 lines of Matlab: short finite element implementationNumerical Algorithms1999148
19Stable iterations for the matrix square rootNumerical Algorithms1997147
20Numerical solution of fractional order differential equations by extrapolationNumerical Algorithms1997146
21An efficient fourth order weighted-Newton method for systems of nonlinear equationsNumerical Algorithms2013142
22An optimized two-step hybrid block method for solving general second order initial-value problemsNumerical Algorithms2016140
23Design, analysis, and implementation of a multiprecision polynomial rootfinderNumerical Algorithms2000139
24Deconvolution and Regularization with Toeplitz MatricesNumerical Algorithms2002134
25On choosing the location of the sources in the MFSNumerical Algorithms2016133
26A new operational matrix based on Bernoulli wavelets for solving fractional delay differential equationsNumerical Algorithms2017133
27Model reduction of state space systems via an implicitly restarted Lanczos methodNumerical Algorithms1996129
28Effects of thermal radiation on the boundary layer flow of a Jeffrey fluid over an exponentially stretching surfaceNumerical Algorithms2011129
29A Modified Low-Rank Smith Method for Large-Scale Lyapunov EquationsNumerical Algorithms2003126
30Nonautonomous systems, cocycle attractors and variable time-step discretizationNumerical Algorithms1997123
31Two-step modulus-based matrix splitting iteration method for linear complementarity problemsNumerical Algorithms2011123
32Accelerated modulus-based matrix splitting iteration methods for linear complementarity problemNumerical Algorithms2013123
33AIR Tools II: algebraic iterative reconstruction methods, improved implementationNumerical Algorithms2018123
34Automatic Control and Adaptive Time-SteppingNumerical Algorithms2002121
35Stochastic approaches to uncertainty quantification in CFD simulationsNumerical Algorithms2005119
36Two finite difference schemes for time fractional diffusion-wave equationNumerical Algorithms2013119
37Numerical approximations and solution techniques for the space-time Riesz–Caputo fractional advection-diffusion equationNumerical Algorithms2011118
38BiCGstab(l) and other hybrid Bi-CG methodsNumerical Algorithms1994117
39Nonlinear multiscale decompositions: The approach of A. HartenNumerical Algorithms2000116
40Modulus-based synchronous two-stage multisplitting iteration methods for linear complementarity problemsNumerical Algorithms2013116
41A review of Bandlet methods for geometrical image representationNumerical Algorithms2007115
42Review of inverse Laplace transform algorithms for Laplace-space numerical approachesNumerical Algorithms2013114
43Zero Dissipative, Explicit Numerov-Type Methods for Second Order IVPs with Oscillating SolutionsNumerical Algorithms2003113
44Modified subgradient extragradient method for variational inequality problemsNumerical Algorithms2018108
45Solving stable generalized Lyapunov equations with the matrix sign functionNumerical Algorithms1999107
46An inertial forward-backward-forward primal-dual splitting algorithm for solving monotone inclusion problemsNumerical Algorithms2016107
47A comparison of iterative methods to solve complex valued linear algebraic systemsNumerical Algorithms2014106
48Numerical computation of real or complex elliptic integralsNumerical Algorithms1995104
49Continuous and discrete Zhang dynamics for real-time varying nonlinear optimizationNumerical Algorithms2016104
50On explicit two-derivative Runge-Kutta methodsNumerical Algorithms2010103