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18Knowledge and beliefs regarding pain in a sample of nursing facultyJournal of Professional Nursing1993112
19Collaboration, Credibility, Compassion, and Coordination: Professional Nurse Communication Skill Sets in Health Care Team InteractionsJournal of Professional Nursing2006111
20Clarifying Concepts: Cultural Humility or CompetencyJournal of Professional Nursing2014111
21The long-term impact on nursing students of participating in international educationJournal of Professional Nursing1996109
22Group Cohesion and Organizational Commitment: Protective Factors for Nurse Residents' Job Satisfaction, Compassion Fatigue, Compassion Satisfaction, and BurnoutJournal of Professional Nursing2014108
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24An Integrative Review of Flipped Classroom Teaching Models in Nursing EducationJournal of Professional Nursing2017107
25Information literacy as the foundation for evidence-based practice in graduate nursing education: a curriculum-integrated approachJournal of Professional Nursing2003104
26Critical thinking skills and dispositions of baccalaureate nursing students—A conceptual model for evaluationJournal of Professional Nursing1997102
27Musculoskeletal disorders among professional nurses in mainland ChinaJournal of Professional Nursing2004101
28Cultural Competence in the Era of Evidence-Based PracticeJournal of Professional Nursing2008101
29Global Health Competencies for Nurses in the AmericasJournal of Professional Nursing2012100
30Enhancing Clinical Decision Making: Development of a Contiguous Definition and Conceptual FrameworkJournal of Professional Nursing201497
31Comparison of internet versus lecture instructional methods for teaching nursing researchJournal of Professional Nursing200096
32U.S. Boards of Nursing and the Use of High-Fidelity Patient Simulators in Nursing EducationJournal of Professional Nursing200896
33CARES: AACN's New Competencies and Recommendations for Educating Undergraduate Nursing Students to Improve Palliative CareJournal of Professional Nursing201696
34Relationships Between Professional Commitment, Job Satisfaction, and Work Stress in Public Health Nurses in TaiwanJournal of Professional Nursing200794
35Nurse Practitioner Educators' Perceived Knowledge, Beliefs, and Teaching Strategies Regarding Evidence-Based Practice: Implications for Accelerating the Integration of Evidence-Based Practice Into Graduate ProgramsJournal of Professional Nursing200893
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43Predicting student success: A 10-year review using integrative review and meta-analysisJournal of Professional Nursing199686
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47Gender Discrimination and Nursing: Α Literature ReviewJournal of Professional Nursing201183
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