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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Medicine8136129173
1Department of Microbiology8136717
3School of Public Health394422313
4Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics4771529
5Department of Medical Microbiology17111
6Faculty of Medicine11691255
7School of Medicine265298160
7Department of Bacteriology and Virology265216
9School of Medicine15912969
10Clinical Microbiology Research Center1553611
11Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation350511
12Department of Medical Microbiology149246
12Department of Biology1491114
14Directorate of Medical Sciences14465
14Department of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology1445348
14Department of Microbiology1442420
14Health Sciences Center1442312
18Faculty of Medicine242202191
18Medical Microbiology Research Center24265
20Faculty of Veterinary Medicine136310201
21School of Medicine535128622
22Department of Microbiology and Parasitology1322926
23School of Medicine331215416
23Department of Cardiology13164
23Division of Gastroenterology1311410
26School of Medicine3301342
27School of Medicine329226363
27Department of Medical Parasitology and Mycology3291228
29Faculty of Veterinary Medicine32851107
29Department of Environmental Health Sciences128165288
29School of Medicine2285081
32Faculty of Medicine227163167
32Department of Microbiology and Immunology227815
32Department of Internal Medicine12722
35Department of Microbiology and Parasitology1252518
35Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacy12513
35Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center125239212
38Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology92416
39Faculty of Medical Sciences123204178
39School of Veterinary Medicine1232836
41Department of Clinical and Toxicological Analysis222625
41School of Medicine122203251
41Department of History of Science and Documentation122613
41Department of Medicine122765909
45Faculty of Medicine122119313
45Department of Pathobiology and Population Medicine2213764
47Department of Biology1205473
48School of Public Health219135291
49Faculty of Medicine1181.1K812
50Department of Morphology117821
50Faculty of Medicine3175764
50Department of Zoology1171326
50Department of Microbiology and Virology1172024
54College of Medicine116678774
54Department of Microbiology and Immunology1165788
54Department of Biology116147209
54Department of Genetics1165273
54Department of Immunology1163853
54Department of Parasitology1163244
60Faculty of Pharmacy11558117
60Department of Medical Microbiology115115189
60Department of Animal Medicine and Surgery115311
60Faculty of Medicine2157311.3K
60Faculty of Medicine1159088
60Department of Medical Microbiology11549
60Department of Biotechnology11523
60Department of Genetics and Bioengineering11547
60Faculty of Health Sciences115510
60Department of Nutrition and Dietetics11578
70Department of Medicine114242338
70Department of Pharmacology114117212
70Department of Health Information Management1142941
70Faculty of Veterinary Medicine1145077
70Department of Biology1141734
75School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine213344734
75School of Medicine1133135
75Department of Neurology11395158
75Department of Neurology1132244
79Department of Orthopedics5121186
79Department of Medicine1122548
79School of Life Sciences112227
82Department of Internal Medicine11125
83Faculty of Health Sciences2104991.1K
83Division of Dermatology21025
83Department of Radiology1010887
83Botucatu Medical School11090172
83Department of Pathology and Legal Medicine1103053
83Faculty of Medicine110132256
83School of Medicine310357
83National Reference Center for Sanitary Dermatology and Leprosy11037
83School of Medicine110141189
92Department of Internal Medicine1969109
92Faculty of Life Sciences195572
92Department of Biochemistry194955
92College of Medicine197851.1K
92Department of Microbiology and Immunology191021
92Department of Pediatrics19109
92Faculty of Medicine79472
92Department of Radiology7916
92Department of Emergency Medicine194997
92Program of Veterinary Medicine1913
102School of Medicine1881187
102Department of Pediatrics18132229
102Department of Microbiology18303430
102Department of Clinical Medicine1852135
102Department of Pediatrics1852119
102Faculty of Medical Sciences18668935
102Department of Immunology1887172
102Department of Pathology18121191
102Hematology Research Center184363
102Professor Alborzi Clinical Microbiology Research Center182453
112Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology1711
112Department of Epidemiology1766149
112Division of Cardiology173161
112Zoology Department173461
112Department of Dermatology1729
112School of Medicine1768140
112Department of Medical Parasitology and Mycology1767
112School of Medicine17128214
112Department of Microbiology17818
112Division of Cardiology17923
112School of Medicine17149262
123Department of Pathology16117
123Department of Genetics16167340
123Department of Microbiology46125
123Faculty of Health Sciences16513
123Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology163133
123School of Medicine16464746
123Department of Parasitology and Mycology162645
130Section of Virology153695
130School of Medicine153699
130Faculty of Medicine15151246
130Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation15812
130Department of Surgery1582151
130Department of Cell Biology and Genetics15618
130Center of Biological and Health Sciences1518
130Department of Microbiology151642
138Department of Pathology1454135
138Department of Pathology14357661
138Department of Internal Medicine14110
138Faculty of Health Sciences14310
138Department of Pathology Anatomy1432
143Department of Infectious Disease and Clinical Microbiology1315
143Department of Microbiology1355175
143Department of Internal Medicine1350134
143School of Medicine1366182
143Department of Dermatology131530
143Department of Internal Medicine13208546
143Faculty of Medicine13297573
143Department of Emergency Medicine13917
143Department of Dermatology and Radiotherapy13826
143School of Medicine1397217
143Department of Urology1326
143Department of Parasitology and Mycology13830
143Department of Epidemiology1338
156Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology121544
156Department of Medicine12543979
156School of Physics12106228
156Maternal and Pediatric Infectious Disease Branch121535
156Department of Pharmacology12617
156Department of Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery1213
156Institute of Military Veterinary Medicine121552
156Department of Parasitology-Mycology12312
164College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine11164478
164School of Nursing11200442
164Department of Medical Microbiology111566
164Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC)11187388
164Faculty of Medicine115751.2K
164Department of Medicine11111299
164Department of Medical Oncology111031
164Faculty of Medicine11237503
164Department of Dermatology111236
164Department of Dermatology112465
164Department of Gastroenterology1113
164Faculty of Medicine11328678
164Department of Pathology11417
164Department of Bacteriology1171160
164Molecular Dermatology Research Center112665
164Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC)11176370
180Department of Radiology201191
180Department of Pathology10101291
180Faculty of Medicine1098344
180Department of Cardiology104186
180Department of Pathology1016
180School of Medicine1025115
180Department of Medicine108131.5K
180Division of Oncology10162344