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1Diagnostic accuracy of the vegetative and minimally conscious state: Clinical consensus versus standardized neurobehavioral assessmentBMC Neurology2009957
2Post-stroke infection: A systematic review and meta-analysisBMC Neurology2011555
3Characteristics of compounds that cross the blood-brain barrierBMC Neurology2009520
4Validation of patient determined disease steps (PDDS) scale scores in persons with multiple sclerosisBMC Neurology2013520
5A systematic review of population based epidemiological studies in Myasthenia GravisBMC Neurology2010488
6Chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, depression and disordered sleep in chronic post-SARS syndrome; a case-controlled studyBMC Neurology2011457
7The Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience (Cam-CAN) study protocol: a cross-sectional, lifespan, multidisciplinary examination of healthy cognitive ageingBMC Neurology2014430
8Systematic literature review and validity evaluation of the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) and the Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite (MSFC) in patients with multiple sclerosisBMC Neurology2014429
9COX-2, CB2 and P2X7-immunoreactivities are increased in activated microglial cells/macrophages of multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis spinal cordBMC Neurology2006420
10Incidence and prevalence of multiple sclerosis in Europe: a systematic reviewBMC Neurology2013392
11Peak plasma interleukin-6 and other peripheral markers of inflammation in the first week of ischaemic stroke correlate with brain infarct volume, stroke severity and long-term outcomeBMC Neurology2004389
12Brief International Cognitive Assessment for MS (BICAMS): international standards for validationBMC Neurology2012275
13The effect of body mass index on global brain volume in middle-aged adults: a cross sectional studyBMC Neurology2005271
14Evidence based guidelines for complex regional pain syndrome type 1BMC Neurology2010256
15Duloxetine for painful diabetic neuropathy and fibromyalgia pain: systematic review of randomised trialsBMC Neurology2008242
16Differential expression of the capsaicin receptor TRPV1 and related novel receptors TRPV3, TRPV4 and TRPM8 in normal human tissues and changes in traumatic and diabetic neuropathyBMC Neurology2007241
17Pesticide exposure and risk of Parkinson's disease: A family-based case-control studyBMC Neurology2008221
18Clinical features, treatment and outcome in neurosarcoidosis: systematic review and meta-analysisBMC Neurology2016221
19Randomised controlled trial of gabapentin in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome type 1 [ISRCTN84121379]BMC Neurology2004208
20Open-label add-on treatment trial of minocycline in fragile X syndromeBMC Neurology2010197
21APOE ε4 lowers age at onset and is a high risk factor for Alzheimer's disease; A case control study from central NorwayBMC Neurology2008196
22Association of childhood trauma with cognitive function in healthy adults: a pilot studyBMC Neurology2010193
23Mechanisms underlying fatigue: a voxel-based morphometric study of chronic fatigue syndromeBMC Neurology2004184
24Cingulate cortex hypoperfusion predicts Alzheimer's disease in mild cognitive impairmentBMC Neurology2002183
25Exercise prescription for patients with multiple sclerosis; potential benefits and practical recommendationsBMC Neurology2017183
26Meta-analysis of duloxetine vs. pregabalin and gabapentin in the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathic painBMC Neurology2009178
27Protocol for the Locomotor Experience Applied Post-stroke (LEAPS) trial: a randomized controlled trialBMC Neurology2007176
28Effects of multicomponent exercise on cognitive function in older adults with amnestic mild cognitive impairment: a randomized controlled trialBMC Neurology2012176
29Early intervention in Alzheimer’s disease: a health economic study of the effects of diagnostic timingBMC Neurology2014174
30Circulating miR-30a, miR-126 and let-7b as biomarker for ischemic stroke in humansBMC Neurology2013171
31Meningeal and cortical grey matter pathology in multiple sclerosisBMC Neurology2012160
32The association between cognitive function and white matter lesion location in older adults: a systematic reviewBMC Neurology2012159
33Cognitive impairment six months after ischaemic stroke: a profile from the ASPIRE-S studyBMC Neurology2015159
34Efficacy and safety of pregabalin 600 mg/d for treating painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy: A double-blind placebo-controlled trialBMC Neurology2008157
35Causes and consequences of cerebral small vessel disease. The RUN DMC study: a prospective cohort study. Study rationale and protocolBMC Neurology2011154
36Reperfusion therapy in acute ischemic stroke: dawn of a new era?BMC Neurology2018154
37Population studies of sporadic cerebral amyloid angiopathy and dementia: a systematic reviewBMC Neurology2009150
38Reproducibility and accuracy of optic nerve sheath diameter assessment using ultrasound compared to magnetic resonance imagingBMC Neurology2013149
39Mindfulness based interventions in multiple sclerosis - a systematic reviewBMC Neurology2014148
40Are mild head injuries as mild as we think? Neurobehavioral concomitants of chronic post-concussion syndromeBMC Neurology2006147
41Saliva levels of Abeta1-42 as potential biomarker of Alzheimer's disease: a pilot studyBMC Neurology2010146
42Risk of subsequent ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke in patients hospitalized for immune-mediated diseases: a nationwide follow-up study from SwedenBMC Neurology2012146
43Pilot study of locomotion improvement using hybrid assistive limb in chronic stroke patientsBMC Neurology2013144
44Low dose intravenous minocycline is neuroprotective after middle cerebral artery occlusion-reperfusion in ratsBMC Neurology2004142
45Trial design and rationale for APOLLO, a Phase 3, placebo-controlled study of patisiran in patients with hereditary ATTR amyloidosis with polyneuropathyBMC Neurology2017142
46Widespread sensorimotor and frontal cortical atrophy in Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisBMC Neurology2006141
47Effect of nicotinamide mononucleotide on brain mitochondrial respiratory deficits in an Alzheimer’s disease-relevant murine modelBMC Neurology2015141
48Corticosteroid and antiviral therapy for Bell's palsy: A network meta-analysisBMC Neurology2011137
49A single nucleotide polymorphism in the coding region of PGC-1α is a male-specific modifier of Huntington disease age-at-onset in a large European cohortBMC Neurology2014137
50Pediatric multiple sclerosis: a reviewBMC Neurology2018137