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1Emerging trends in regenerative medicine: a scientometric analysis inCiteSpaceExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2012860
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4TRUCKs: the fourth generation of CARsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2015473
5Venoms as a platform for human drugs: translating toxins into therapeuticsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2011433
6Advances in the formation, use and understanding of multi-cellular spheroidsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2012413
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9Nanotechnology and medicineExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2003352
10N-acetylcysteine for antioxidant therapy: pharmacology and clinical utilityExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2008335
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13Decellularized matrices for tissue engineeringExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2010257
14Development of 2A peptide-based strategies in the design of multicistronic vectorsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2005236
15The wound-healing and antioxidant effects of adipose-derived stem cellsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2009235
16Taking a Toll on human disease: Toll-like receptor 4 agonists as vaccine adjuvants and monotherapeutic agentsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2004234
17Stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1): homing factor for engineered regenerative medicineExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2011227
18Biofunctionalized targeted nanoparticles for therapeutic applicationsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2008225
19An overview of antimicrobial peptides and the latest advances in their developmentExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2017225
20Anti-inflammatory effects of mesenchymal stem cells: novel concept for future therapiesExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2008217
21STAT3 as a therapeutic target in head and neck cancerExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2006212
22Towards organ printing: engineering an intra-organ branched vascular treeExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2010203
23Drug delivery to the retina: challenges and opportunitiesExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2003200
24A humanized anti-IL-6 antibody (ALD518) in non-small cell lung cancerExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2011197
25Nanobodies as novel agents for cancer therapyExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2005196
26Tissue engineering with the aid of inkjet printersExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2007193
27Immunotherapy of cancer by IL-12-based cytokine combinationsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2007191
28Biodegradable polyester elastomers in tissue engineeringExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2004189
29Development of novel tissue engineering scaffolds via electrospinningExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2004175
30Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells: an overview of their potential in cell-based therapyExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2015168
31Potential of mesenchymal stem cells in gene therapy approaches for inherited and acquired diseasesExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2005164
32Adipose-derived stem cells for the regeneration of damaged tissuesExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2006164
33Adipose tissue-derived therapeuticsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2003163
34Benralizumab – a humanized mAb to IL-5Rα with enhanced antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity – a novel approach for the treatment of asthmaExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2012161
35Protein crystals for the delivery of biopharmaceuticalsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2004160
36VEGF blocking therapy in the treatment of cancerExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2003159
37Non-fucosylated therapeutic antibodies as next-generation therapeutic antibodiesExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2006158
38Therapeutic human papillomavirus vaccines: current clinical trials and future directionsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2008156
39Mesenchymal stem cell derived secretome and extracellular vesicles for acute lung injury and other inflammatory lung diseasesExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2016156
40Mannose receptor-targeted vaccinesExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2004151
41Cationic lipid–DNA complexes for non-viral gene therapy: relating supramolecular structures to cellular pathwaysExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2005150
42Regulatory mechanisms of microRNAs involvement in cancerExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2007150
43Berberine on metabolic and cardiovascular risk factors: an analysis from preclinical evidences to clinical trialsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2012150
44Improvements in diagnosis of histoplasmosisExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2006149
45Role of mesenchymal stem cells in regenerative medicine: application to bone and cartilage repairExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2008149
46Platelet-derived growth factor applications in periodontal and peri-implant bone regenerationExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2011149
47Human models of aging and longevityExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2008147
48Mesenchymal stem cells: biological properties and clinical applicationsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2010147
49Sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ATPase as a therapeutic target for heart failureExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2010146
50Half-life extended biotherapeuticsExpert Opinion on Biological Therapy2016146