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Most Cited Articles of Tissue Engineering - Part A in 2012

Direct human cartilage repair using three-dimensional bioprinting technology2012441
Improving viability of stem cells during syringe needle flow through the design of hydrogel cell carriers2012426
A microfabricated platform to measure and manipulate the mechanics of engineered cardiac microtissues2012274
Conditioned media from mesenchymal stem cells enhanced bone regeneration in rat calvarial bone defects2012227
A customized self-assembling peptide hydrogel for dental pulp tissue engineering2012188
Decellularized cartilage matrix as a novel biomatrix for cartilage tissue-engineering applications2012163
Engineered contractile skeletal muscle tissue on a microgrooved methacrylated gelatin substrate2012159
Trophic effects of mesenchymal stem cells in chondrocyte co-cultures are independent of culture conditions and cell sources2012154
Initial binding and recellularization of decellularized mouse lung scaffolds with bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells2012148
Human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells systemically injected promote peripheral nerve regeneration in the mouse model of sciatic crush2012134
Comparison of potentials of stem cells isolated from tendon and bone marrow for musculoskeletal tissue engineering2012131
A comparison of the functionality and in vivo phenotypic stability of cartilaginous tissues engineered from different stem cell sources2012130
A nonhuman primate model of lung regeneration: detergent-mediated decellularization and initial in vitro recellularization with mesenchymal stem cells2012127
Transplantation of cord blood mesenchymal stem cells as spheroids enhances vascularization2012127
Anisotropic fibrous scaffolds for articular cartilage regeneration2012112
A murine model of volumetric muscle loss and a regenerative medicine approach for tissue replacement2012104
Enhanced cartilage formation via three-dimensional cell engineering of human adipose-derived stem cells2012103
Dynamic compressive loading enhances cartilage matrix synthesis and distribution and suppresses hypertrophy in hMSC-laden hyaluronic acid hydrogels201294
Nanofibrous collagen nerve conduits for spinal cord repair201293
Further development of a tissue engineered muscle repair construct in vitro for enhanced functional recovery following implantation in vivo in a murine model of volumetric muscle loss injury201290
A hydrogel-mineral composite scaffold for osteochondral interface tissue engineering201284
Fibroin scaffold repairs critical-size bone defects in vivo supported by human amniotic fluid and dental pulp stem cells201284
Tissue engineering for total meniscal substitution: animal study in sheep model--results at 12 months201284
Angiogenic potential of gellan-gum-based hydrogels for application in nucleus pulposus regeneration: in vivo study201283
Design and fabrication of a biodegradable, covalently crosslinked shape-memory alginate scaffold for cell and growth factor delivery201282