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Top Articles

1Enhancing teaching through constructive alignmentHigher Education19961,955
2Threshold concepts and troublesome knowledge (2): Epistemological considerations and a conceptual framework for teaching and learningHigher Education2005899
3Relations between teachers' approaches to teaching and students' approaches to learningHigher Education1999827
4Dynamics of National and Global Competition in Higher EducationHigher Education2006810
5The effectiveness of peer tutoring in further and higher education: A typology and review of the literatureHigher Education1996684
6Welcome to America? International student perceptions of discriminationHigher Education2007623
7Higher education and its communities: Interconnections, interdependencies and a research agendaHigher Education2008578
8(null)Higher Education2003571
9Beyond national states, markets, and systems of higher education: A glonacal agency heuristicHigher Education2002549
10Individual differences in study processes and the Quality of Learning OutcomesHigher Education1979509
11Improving the quality of student learning: the influence of learning context and student approaches to learning on learning outcomesHigher Education1991499
12(null)Higher Education1998499
13Academic identity and autonomy in a changing policy environmentHigher Education2005496
14Academic quality, league tables, and public policy: A cross-national analysis of university ranking systemsHigher Education2005487
15COVID-19 and digital disruption in UK universities: afflictions and affordances of emergency online migrationHigher Education2021458
16Metacognitive, cognitive and affective aspects of learning styles and strategies: A phenomenographic analysisHigher Education1996444
17Approaches to learning, evaluations of teaching, and preferences for contrasting academic environmentsHigher Education1990439
18Academic restructuring: Organizational change and institutional imperativesHigher Education2000436
19Project-Based Learning in Post-Secondary Education – Theory, Practice and Rubber Sling ShotsHigher Education2006424
20The worldwide trend to high participation higher education: dynamics of social stratification in inclusive systemsHigher Education2016423
21The Changing Debate on Internationalisation of Higher EducationHigher Education2004422
22Understanding What We Mean by the Generic Attributes of GraduatesHigher Education2006406
23Concept mapping, mind mapping and argument mapping: what are the differences and do they matter?Higher Education2011396
24The steering of higher education systems: a public management perspectiveHigher Education2008393
25Quantitative studies of student self-assessment in higher education: a critical analysis of findingsHigher Education1989392
26Cross-border flows of students for higher education: Push–pull factors and motivations of mainland Chinese students in Hong Kong and MacauHigher Education2007388
27International students: a vulnerable student populationHigher Education2010376
28Higher education in East Asia and Singapore: rise of the Confucian ModelHigher Education2011367
29Developing evaluative judgement: enabling students to make decisions about the quality of workHigher Education2018336
30Addressing potential challenges in co-creating learning and teaching: overcoming resistance, navigating institutional norms and ensuring inclusivity in student–staff partnershipsHigher Education2016317
31Revisiting academics' beliefs about teaching and learningHigher Education2001316
32Qualitative differences in approaches to teaching first year university scienceHigher Education1994314
33Conceptions of teaching held by academic teachersHigher Education1992310
34Internationalization of universities: A university culture-based frameworkHigher Education2003308
35“Is that paper really due today?”: differences in first-generation and traditional college students’ understandings of faculty expectationsHigher Education2008306
36Student learning and perceptions of the academic environmentHigher Education1979303
37Identifying distinctive approaches to studyingHigher Education1979297
38African higher education: Challenges for the 21st centuryHigher Education2004295
39The importance of institutional image to student satisfaction and loyalty within higher educationHigher Education2009292
40Misconceptions about the learning approaches, motivation and study practices of Asian studentsHigher Education2000291
41“I Heard it through the Grapevine”: Doctoral Student Socialization in Chemistry and HistoryHigher Education2007285
42Approaches to learning and perceptions of the learning environmentHigher Education1991280
43International experience and graduate employability: stakeholder perceptions on the connectionHigher Education2010279
44Understanding academic performance of international students: the role of ethnicity, academic and social integrationHigher Education2012273
45The link between high-impact practices and student learning: some longitudinal evidenceHigher Education2015272
46Identifying students at risk through ineffective study strategiesHigher Education1996268
47Teachers’ beliefs and intentions concerning teaching in higher educationHigher Education2005264
48Relations between student learning patterns and personal and contextual factors and academic performanceHigher Education2005262
49Who matters to universities? A stakeholder perspective on humanities, arts and social sciences valorisationHigher Education2010262
50Higher education, internationalisation, and the nation-state: Recent developments and challenges to governance theoryHigher Education2004260