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1Pre-trained models for natural language processing: A surveyScience China Technological Sciences2020674
2Progress in study on constructal theory and its applicationsScience China Technological Sciences2012221
3A review for dynamics of collective behaviors of network of neuronsScience China Technological Sciences2015215
4Sound absorption performance of natural fibers and their compositesScience China Technological Sciences2012186
5Recent studies on mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete in China—A reviewScience China Technological Sciences2012177
6A novel memristive neural network with hidden attractors and its circuitry implementationScience China Technological Sciences2016172
7A new strategy for integrated urban water management in China: Sponge cityScience China Technological Sciences2018161
8Monocular depth estimation based on deep learning: An overviewScience China Technological Sciences2020161
9The state-of-the-art of the China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite missionScience China Technological Sciences2018156
10Energy analysis for damage and catastrophic failure of rocksScience China Technological Sciences2011152
11State-of-the-art of 3D printing technology of cementitious material—An emerging technique for constructionScience China Technological Sciences2018151
12Exponential H ∞ filtering analysis for discrete-time switched neural networks with random delays using sojourn probabilitiesScience China Technological Sciences2016145
13Preparation of polystyrene spheres in different particle sizes and assembly of the PS colloidal crystalsScience China Technological Sciences2010141
14Progress and recent trend in MILD combustionScience China Technological Sciences2011133
15Thermodynamic analyses and optimization for thermoelectric devices: The state of the artsScience China Technological Sciences2016128
16Dynamics of electric activities in neuron and neurons of network induced by autapsesScience China Technological Sciences2014126
17Transition of electric activity of neurons induced by chemical and electric autapsesScience China Technological Sciences2015124
18Convective heat transfer and flow characteristics of Cu-water nanofluidScience China Technological Sciences2002121
19Lévy noise induced stochastic resonance in an FHN modelScience China Technological Sciences2016120
20Wind energy and wave energy resources assessment in the East China Sea and South China SeaScience China Technological Sciences2012119
21Moment-independent importance measure of basic random variable and its probability density evolution solutionScience China Technological Sciences2010117
22Environmental analysis of innovative sustainable composites with potential use in aviation sector—A life cycle assessment reviewScience China Technological Sciences2017116
23On the treatment of solid boundary in smoothed particle hydrodynamicsScience China Technological Sciences2012114
24Intelligent and connected vehicles: Current status and future perspectivesScience China Technological Sciences2018114
25A design method and numerical study for a new type parabolic trough solar collector with uniform solar flux distributionScience China Technological Sciences2014111
26Contact theoryScience China Technological Sciences2015111
27A model for nanogrinding based on direct evidence of ground chips of silicon wafersScience China Technological Sciences2013109
28The influence of steel slag on the hydration of cement during the hydration process of complex binderScience China Technological Sciences2011102
29Application of entropy production theory to hydro-turbine hydraulic analysisScience China Technological Sciences2013102
30Review of single-camera stereo-digital image correlation techniques for full-field 3D shape and deformation measurementScience China Technological Sciences2018102
31Influence of the impounding process of the Three Gorges Reservoir up to water level 172.5 m on water eutrophication in the Xiangxi BayScience China Technological Sciences2010101
32Vehicle survival patterns in ChinaScience China Technological Sciences201199
33Path planning of unmanned aerial vehicle based on improved gravitational search algorithmScience China Technological Sciences201299
34Effects of grain size on phase transition behavior of nanocrystalline shape memory alloysScience China Technological Sciences201497
35A constitutive model for granular materials considering grain breakageScience China Technological Sciences201196
36Some new pre-warning criteria for creep slope failureScience China Technological Sciences201195
37Design and engineering implementation of non-supplementary fired compressed air energy storage system: TICC-500Science China Technological Sciences201595
38Memristor initial-boosted coexisting plane bifurcations and its extreme multi-stability reconstitution in two-memristor-based dynamical systemScience China Technological Sciences202094
39Ultrahigh performance concrete-properties, applications and perspectivesScience China Technological Sciences201592
40Enhancement of pacemaker induced stochastic resonance by an autapse in a scale-free neuronal networkScience China Technological Sciences201691
41A light-weight high-entropy alloy Al20Be20Fe10Si15Ti35Science China Technological Sciences201889
42Industrialization prospects for hydrogen production by coal gasification in supercritical water and novel thermodynamic cycle power generation system with no pollution emissionScience China Technological Sciences201588
43Nanoimprint lithography for the manufacturing of flexible electronicsScience China Technological Sciences201988
444D printing of personalized shape memory polymer vascular stents with negative Poisson’s ratio structure: A preliminary studyScience China Technological Sciences202088
45Liquid phase 3D printing for quickly manufacturing conductive metal objects with low melting point alloy inkScience China Technological Sciences201487
46Phase coupling synchronization of FHN neurons connected by a Josephson junctionScience China Technological Sciences202087
474D printed shape memory polymers and their structures for biomedical applicationsScience China Technological Sciences202085
48Lubricating a bright future: Lubrication contribution to energy saving and low carbon emissionScience China Technological Sciences201384
49A review of negative electrode materials for electrochemical supercapacitorsScience China Technological Sciences201584
50Advances in luminescent lanthanide complexes and applicationsScience China Technological Sciences201883