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1A survey of linear singular systemsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing19861,150
2A Deep Learning-Based Framework for Automatic Brain Tumors Classification Using Transfer LearningCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2020323
3An overview of morphological filteringCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing1992316
4Fast Normalized Cross-CorrelationCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2009304
5Eigenstructure methods for direction finding with sensor gain and phase uncertaintiesCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing1990260
6Prediction error estimation methodsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2002196
7Fractional-Order RC and RL CircuitsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2012177
8Instrumental variable methods for system identificationCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2002170
9Decomposition- and Gradient-Based Iterative Identification Algorithms for Multivariable Systems Using the Multi-innovation TheoryCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2019140
10New Stability and Stabilization Conditions of Switched Systems with Mode-Dependent Average Dwell TimeCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2017138
11A Recursive Parameter Estimation Algorithm for Modeling Signals with Multi-frequenciesCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2020137
12Recursive Least Squares and Multi-innovation Stochastic Gradient Parameter Estimation Methods for Signal ModelingCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2017136
13An Efficient VLSI Architecture for Fast Motion Estimation Exploiting Zero Motion Prejudgment Technique and a New Quadrant-Based Search Algorithm in HEVCCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2022136
14A wavelet-based interpolation-restoration method for superresolution (wavelet superresolution)Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2000135
15Design of Digital FIR Filters Using Differential Evolution AlgorithmCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2006135
16A methodology for designing, modifying, and implementing Fourier transform algorithms on various architecturesCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing1990129
17Multi-object Detection and Tracking (MODT) Machine Learning Model for Real-Time Video Surveillance SystemsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2020123
18Krylov space methods on state-space control modelsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing1994117
19Some circuits and systems applications of semistate theoryCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing1989115
20Separable Multi-innovation Newton Iterative Modeling Algorithm for Multi-frequency Signals Based on the Sliding Measurement WindowCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2022115
21Novel Voltage-Mode All-Pass Filter Based on Using DVCCsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2010114
22Multi-innovation Extended Stochastic Gradient Algorithm and Its Performance AnalysisCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2010113
23Recursive Least Squares Parameter Estimation for a Class of Output Nonlinear Systems Based on the Model DecompositionCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2016112
24Seasonal Crops Disease Prediction and Classification Using Deep Convolutional Encoder NetworkCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2020111
25A New Approach to Observer-Based Fault-Tolerant Controller Design for Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems with State DelayCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2009108
26Multi-scale Guided Image and Video Fusion: A Fast and Efficient ApproachCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2019106
27An overview of median and stack filteringCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing1992105
28Segmentation of moving objects in image sequence: A reviewCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2001103
29On the reducibility of centrosymmetric matrices — Applications in engineering problemsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing1989101
30Iterative Parameter Estimation for Signal Models Based on Measured DataCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing201898
31Optimization of Fractional-Order RLC FiltersCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing201396
32Hierarchical Principle-Based Iterative Parameter Estimation Algorithm for Dual-Frequency SignalsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing201996
33Effect of Multiscale PCA De-noising in ECG Beat Classification for Diagnosis of Cardiovascular DiseasesCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing201595
34Sampled-Data $$H_{\infty }$$ H ∞ Synchronization of Chaotic Lur’e Systems with Time DelayCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing201695
35Chaotic Lag Synchronization of Coupled Delayed Neural Networks and Its Applications in Secure CommunicationCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing200593
36Weighted Parameter Estimation for Hammerstein Nonlinear ARX SystemsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing202093
37l 2–l ∞ Filtering for Multirate Systems Based on Lifted ModelsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing200892
38Stabilization of Delayed Chaotic Neural Networks by Periodically Intermittent ControlCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing200990
39Fractional Order Sallen–Key and KHN Filters: Stability and Poles AllocationCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing201586
40On The Optimization of Fractional Order Low-Pass FiltersCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing201686
41Recursive Extended Least Squares Parameter Estimation for Wiener Nonlinear Systems with Moving Average NoisesCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing201484
42Morphology neural networks: An introduction with applicationsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing199383
43Robust Stabilization of Delayed Singular Systems with Linear Fractional Parametric UncertaintiesCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing200383
44Zeros and poles of linear periodic multivariable discrete-time systemsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing198882
45Modified Subspace Identification for Periodically Non-uniformly Sampled Systems by Using the Lifting TechniqueCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing201481
46Scattering theory and matrix orthogonal polynomials on the real lineCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing198279
47Simplified Design of Constant Coefficient MultipliersCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing200679
48Denoising and R-Peak Detection of Electrocardiogram Signal Based on EMD and Improved Approximate EnvelopeCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing201479
49Duality, observability, and controllability for linear time-varying descriptor systemsCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing199178
50Adaptive Input Design for Identification of Output Error Model with Constrained OutputCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing201477