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1SpecDis: Quantifying the Comparison of Calculated and Experimental Electronic Circular Dichroism SpectraChirality20131,038
2The use of X‐ray crystallography to determine absolute configurationChirality2008625
3FDA'S policy statement for the development of new stereoisomeric drugsChirality1992504
4Absolute configuration determination of chiral molecules in the solution state using vibrational circular dichroismChirality2003483
5ECD cotton effect approximated by the Gaussian curve and other methodsChirality2010462
6Lanthanide Circularly Polarized Luminescence: Bases and ApplicationsChirality2015433
7Good Computational Practice in the Assignment of Absolute Configurations by TDDFT Calculations of ECD SpectraChirality2016381
8Circularly Polarized Luminescence: A Review of Experimental and Theoretical AspectsChirality2016339
9A covalently bonded teicoplanin chiral stationary phase for HPLC enantioseparationsChirality1995327
10Chemical chiral pollution: Impact on the society and science and need of the regulations in the 21st centuryChirality2018325
11The determination of the absolute configurations of chiral molecules using vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectroscopyChirality2008323
12Chiral reagents for the determination of enantiomeric excess and absolute configuration using NMR spectroscopyChirality2003317
13Evaluation of the macrocyclic antibiotic vancomycin as a chiral selector for capillary electrophoresisChirality1994302
14Induced circular dichroism by chiral molecular interactionChirality2003299
15Computing chiroptical properties with first‐principles theoretical methods: Background and illustrative examplesChirality2009296
16Ligand binding strategies of human serum albumin: How can the cargo be utilized?Chirality2010295
17The FDA perspective on the development of stereoisomersChirality1989280
18Chiral ionic liquids: Synthesis and applicationsChirality2005272
19Application of lipases in kinetic resolution of racematesChirality2005255
20Optical rotation: Recent advances in determining the absolute configurationChirality2002254
21Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy of DNA: From Duplexes to QuadruplexesChirality2012248
22Stereoselective hydrolysis of triglycerides by animal and microbial lipasesChirality1993241
23Polyproline II structure in proteins: Identification by chiroptical spectroscopies, stability, and functionsChirality2002237
24Stereoselective metabolism of methadone N-demethylation by cytochrome P4502B6 and 2C19Chirality2004234
25Molecular imprinting technology: challenges and prospects for the futureChirality1998224
26The nature of chiral recognition: Is it a three-point interaction?Chirality1997219
27Nonlinear optical spectroscopy of chiral moleculesChirality2005213
28Determination of enantiomerization barriers by dynamic and stopped-flow chromatographic methodsChirality2001208
29Determination of absolute configurations of chiral molecules using ab initio time-dependent Density Functional Theory calculations of optical rotation: How reliable are absolute configurations obtained for molecules with small rotations?Chirality2005203
30Stereospecific determination, chiral inversion in vitro and pharmacokinetics in humans of the enantiomers of thalidomideChirality1995202
31Measured and calculated CD spectra of G‐quartets stacked with the same or opposite polaritiesChirality2008202
32The asymmetric hydroformylation in the synthesis of pharmaceuticalsChirality1991194
33The use of circular dichroism spectroscopy for studying the chiral molecular self‐assembly: An overviewChirality2008191
34Why is it important to simultaneously use more than one chiroptical spectroscopic method for determining the structures of chiral molecules?Chirality2008183
35Emerging methods for the rapid determination of enantiomeric excessChirality2002182
36Homochiral imperative of molecular evolutionChirality1998180
37Circular dichroism and the interactions of water soluble porphyrins with DNA?A minireviewChirality2003177
38Biological Stereoselectivity of Atropisomeric Natural Products and DrugsChirality2013177
39Stereoselective uptake and degradation of (±)‐o,pDDD pesticide stereomers in water‐sediment systemChirality2018174
40Chiral nanotechnologyChirality2005171
41Emergence of homochirality in far-from-equilibrium systems: Mechanisms and role in prebiotic chemistryChirality2007163
42Racemization, enantiomerization, diastereomerization, and epimerization: Their meaning and pharmacological significanceChirality1995149
43Assignment of absolute configuration using chiral reagents and NMR spectroscopyChirality2011146
44Drug binding to human serum albumin: Abridged review of results obtained with high-performance liquid chromatography and circular dichroismChirality2006142
45Biological significance of the enantiomeric purity of drugsChirality1993132
46Determination of absolute configuration using ab initio calculation of optical rotationChirality2003129
47Progress toward the first observation of parity violation in chiral molecules by high‐resolution laser spectroscopyChirality2010129
48Chirality as a tool in nucleic acid recognition: Principles and relevance in biotechnology and in medicinal chemistryChirality2007127
49Commonly used chiral drugs: A surveyChirality1993124
50The online assignment of the absolute configuration of natural products: HPLC‐CD in combination with quantum chemical CD calculationsChirality2008124