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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Engineering Science1303,118212
2Mechanical Engineering Department501,73511
3Department of Engineering671,7241254
4Department of Mechanical Engineering431,4481013
5Department of Mechanical Engineering241,35186
6Department of Mechanical Engineering431,23437
7Department of Mechanical Engineering118664228
8Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2682512
9Mechanical Engineering Department1373084
10Department of Mechanical Engineering1664221
11Department of Mechanical Engineering20637411
12Department of Mechanical Engineering355911661
13Department of Mechanical Engineering32584618
14Department of Energy Engineering1653411
15Department of Mechanical Engineering175152137
16Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering25488322
17Department of Mechanical Engineering34676915
18Department of Aerospace Engineering23453110
19Department of Mechanical Engineering104333026
20Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science104243552
21Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering23422953
22Department of Mechanical Engineering204181765
23Department of Mechanical Engineering4391316
24Department of Industrial Engineering2835748
25School of Mechanical Engineering3035133117
26School of Engineering934335
27Department of Mechanical Engineering1340585
28Department of Mechanical Engineering16326914
29Department of Power Mechanical Engineering143223624
30Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics12316912
31Thermo-Fluid Mechanics Research Centre628212
32School of Engineering and Applied Sciences1026335
33Faculty of Engineering and the Environment42627459
34Department of Mechanical Engineering82521520
35Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering82501336
36Department of Mechanical Engineering5240129
37Department of Chemical Engineering82261020
38Institute for Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Dynamics1821812
39School of Engineering and Materials Science32151316
40Department of Fluid Mechanics821222
41Department of Thermal Engineering112094158
42Department of Mechanical Engineering33208240
43Department of Mechanical Engineering102061336
44Department of Mechanical Engineering819113
45Department of Mechanical Engineering71862026
45Department of Engineering81862756
47Institute of Fluid Mechanics2018214
48College of Engineering10181163264
49Department of Mechanical Engineering1117979201
50Department of Mechanical Engineering121641053
51School of Mechanical Engineering9162613
52Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering7156515
53School of Energy and Power Engineering151522327
54Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering215061
55Department of Mechanical Engineering9143418
56School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering914255111
57Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering91351541
58School of Mechanical Engineering16131106233
59Department of Mechanical Engineering513015
60Department of Mechanical Engineering31249481
61Department of Mechanical Engineering21142020
62Department of Mechanical Engineering81111449
63School of Engineering61092063
64Department of Mechanical Engineering61074393
65Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering310312
66Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering71023493
67Department of Mechanical Engineering1010029
67Department of Mechanical Engineering41008047
69School of Energy and Power Engineering109984159
70Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering39711
71Department of Mechanical Engineering496227203
72Department of Mechanical Engineering13921032
73Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering4905094
74Department of Energy and Process Engineering287135106
75Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering5862982
76Department of Mechanical Engineering38391122
77Department of Mechanical Engineering28116
77Internal Fluid Mechanics Division48115
79Department of Mechanical Engineering379728
80School of Mechanical Engineering278184129
80College of Engineering278822525
82School of Engineering3772013
83Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering3762846
84Department of Mechanical Engineering77557184
85Department of Mechanical Engineering474103154
86Institute of Applied Mechanics3727675
87Faculty of Mechanical Engineering5697272
87Department of Aerospace Engineering6692368
89School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering6671660
90School of Mechanical Engineering166195101
91Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2646461
92Department of Mechanical Engineering363106113
93Department of Fuel and Energy3621724
94Department of Mechanical Engineering259127115
95School of Engineering258622494
95School of Chemical Engineering25886106
95School of Aerospace Engineering258137138
98Department of Mechanical Engineering15623
99Department of Aerospace Engineering25489
100Department of Mechanical Engineering1535024
101Department of Mechanical Engineering252204217
101Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science45257140
101Department of Mechanical Engineering152109
101Faculty of Engineering1524829
105Division of Engineering150270246
106School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering1492422
107Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering248313378
108School of Aerospace Engineering345102113
109Department of Mechanical Engineering142212150
110Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics141143138
110School of Engineering141381274
110Department of Mechanical Engineering1412319
110Department of Mechanical Engineering141137
110Department of Mechanical Engineering241715
110Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences241211319
116Department of Mechanical Engineering140227182
116Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering140342296
116Department of Mechanical Engineering540410
119Mechanical Engineering Department139157
120Department of Mechanical Engineering1383743
120Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering138240195
122School of Engineering237234352
122Department of Mechanical Engineering1373320
124Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences535829
124Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering23592143
124Department of Chemical Engineering2353151
124Department of Mechanical Engineering3354587
128Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering33493196
129Aerospace and Civil Engineering432119322
130Department of Computer Science131128148
130Department of Mechanical Engineering131205
130College of Engineering1318339
133Department of Aerospace Engineering2284958
134Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering227129213
134Mechanical Engineering12711
136Department of Chemical Engineering1267584
137Institute of Fluid Mechanics12544
137Department of Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering1255628
139Department of Mechanical Engineering224164264
139Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department12423
141Department of Energy Sciences1237778
141Department of Energy Technology3233075
141Faculty of Engineering123479468
141Department of Aerospace Engineering1236981
141Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2232743
146School of Aerospace Engineering222170203
146Department of Mechanical Engineering322156345
148Department of Mechanical Engineering1215070
148Department of Mechanical Engineering12133
148Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics22111
148Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics1212136
152Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering32063182
153Department of Mechanical Engineering1193222
153School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering1197979
153Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering119211257
156Department of Mechanical Engineering218150259
157Department of Mechanical Engineering117476550
157Department of Mechanical Engineering11768
157Department of Mechanical Engineering11749
157Department of Aerospace Engineering3174488
161School of Mechanical Engineering316211358
161Department of Mechanical Engineering116220201
161Department of Mechanical Engineering11687125
164Department of Mechanical Engineering215350650
164Department of Engineering1151722
164Department of Mechanical Engineering115222267
164Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering11589125
168Department of Mechanics21438101
168Department of Mechanical Engineering2144055
170Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering213841
170Department of Mechanical Engineering113144243
170Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics21393218
170Department of Mechanical Engineering11372104
170Department of Algorithms and System Modeling1131115
170Department of Mechanical Engineering1132230
170Department of Mechanical Engineering113914
170School of Mechanical Engineering41378245
170Department of Engineering Mechanics11332
179Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics112350473
179School of Mechanical Engineering112229302
179Department of Mechanical Engineering1121936
179Department of Mechanical Engineering2123646
179Department of Management and Engineering112213302
179School of Engineering112499670
179Department of Mechanical Engineering2125686
179Department of Mechanical Engineering11235
187Department of Mechanical Engineering21194221
188Department of Mechanical Engineering210469963
188Department of Mechanical Engineering1106295
188Department of Energy31074237
188School of Chemical and Process Engineering110194287
188School of Energy and Power Engineering110163170
188Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering1103975
188Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation11076104
195Department of Mechanical Engineering191216
195Department of Aerospace Engineering29141284
195Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences19100161
198School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering183766
198Aerospace and Manufacturing Engineering182132
198Institute of Fluid Mechanics181628
198Department of Mechanical Engineering18221278
198Department of Mechanical Engineering1877141
198Department of Marine Engineering184056
204Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering17121175
204Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering17237362
204Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics17124205
204Department of Mathematics17179260
204School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering17253357
204Department of Mechanical Engineering17121173
204School of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology1738
204Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering17174263
204Aerospace and Civil Engineering17311
213Materials and Aerospace Engineering3613119
213Energy and Environmental Research Center162254
213Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2649177
213Department of Mechanical Information Science and Technology162324
217Department of Mechanical Engineering25117352
217Department of Mechanical Engineering15103209
217Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2547221
217Faculty of Mechanical Engineering2585226
217Department of Physics1592142
217Department of Mechanical Engineering1556107
223Department of Mechanical Engineering141430
223Division of Fluid Dynamics241355
223Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering14298470
223Department of Mechanical Engineering and Computational Fluid Dynamics Center1434
223Department of Fluid Mechanics141835
223Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering24139337
223Department of Mechanical Engineering1457139
223Department of Mechanical Engineering144585
223Division of Mechanical Engineering24931
232Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy13914
232School of Engineering13280519
232Department of Mechanical Engineering133556
232School of Computer Science and Engineering13207357
232Department of Engineering2390282
232Department of Mechanical Engineering23647
232Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering132451
232Department of Mechanical Engineering132255
232Department of Aerospace Engineering1371147
241Department of Mechanical Engineering12445706
241Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering12214417
241College of Power and Energy Engineering12122219
241Department of Mathematics12525905
241Department of Industrial Engineering22210664
241Department of Management and Engineering22123416
241Department of Aerospace Engineering122556
241Institute for Thermodynamics12716
241Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science1246103
241Department of Mechanical Engineering12414712
241Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering1262133
241Automotive and Materials Engineering1270150
241Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering122263
254Faculty of Mechanical Engineering111247
254Faculty of Mechanical Engineering218101
254Department of Chemistry11431743
254Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research111629
258Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering1079147
258Department of Mechanical Engineering10402652
258Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering101021
258Institute of Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics104690
258Thermofluid Dynamics Division1014
258Department of Mechanical Engineering10322569