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1The 1993 IGTI Scholar Lecture: Loss Mechanisms in TurbomachinesJournal of Turbomachinery19931,317
2A Correlation-Based Transition Model Using Local Variables—Part I: Model FormulationJournal of Turbomachinery2006927
3The 1991 IGTI Scholar Lecture: The Role of Laminar-Turbulent Transition in Gas Turbine EnginesJournal of Turbomachinery1991869
4Film-Cooling Effectiveness Downstream of a Single Row of Holes With Variable Density RatioJournal of Turbomachinery1991523
5Stall Inception in Axial Flow CompressorsJournal of Turbomachinery1993415
6A Correlation-Based Transition Model Using Local Variables—Part II: Test Cases and Industrial ApplicationsJournal of Turbomachinery2006340
7Criteria for Spike Initiated Rotating StallJournal of Turbomachinery2008323
81997 Best Paper Award—Turbomachinery Committee: A Study of Spike and Modal Stall Phenomena in a Low-Speed Axial CompressorJournal of Turbomachinery1998316
9Flow Visualization in a Linear Turbine Cascade of High Performance Turbine BladesJournal of Turbomachinery1997307
10Sensitization of the SST Turbulence Model to Rotation and Curvature by Applying the Spalart–Shur Correction TermJournal of Turbomachinery2009281
11Stall Inception in Axial CompressorsJournal of Turbomachinery1990274
12Darryl E. Metzger Memorial Session Paper: Experimental Heat Transfer and Friction in Channels Roughened With Angled, V-Shaped, and Discrete Ribs on Two Opposite WallsJournal of Turbomachinery1996271
13Stall, Surge, and 75 Years of ResearchJournal of Turbomachinery2016271
14Rotating Instabilities in an Axial Compressor Originating From the Fluctuating Blade Tip VortexJournal of Turbomachinery2001263
15Predictions of Endwall Losses and Secondary Flows in Axial Flow Turbine CascadesJournal of Turbomachinery1987254
16Film Cooling With Compound Angle Holes: Adiabatic EffectivenessJournal of Turbomachinery1996239
17Tip Leakage Flow in Axial CompressorsJournal of Turbomachinery1991238
18A Detailed Analysis of Film-Cooling Physics: Part I—Streamwise Injection With Cylindrical HolesJournal of Turbomachinery2000238
19Analytical Formulation of Friction Interface Elements for Analysis of Nonlinear Multi-Harmonic Vibrations of Bladed DisksJournal of Turbomachinery2003237
20Discrete-Jet Film Cooling: A Comparison of Computational Results With ExperimentsJournal of Turbomachinery1994236
21Adiabatic Wall Effectiveness Measurements of Film-Cooling Holes With Expanded ExitsJournal of Turbomachinery1998232
22Three-Dimensional Separations in Axial CompressorsJournal of Turbomachinery2005231
23The Calculation of Three-Dimensional Viscous Flow Through Multistage TurbomachinesJournal of Turbomachinery1992230
24Film Cooling With Compound Angle Holes: Heat TransferJournal of Turbomachinery1996228
25Surge Dynamics in a Free-Spool Centrifugal Compressor SystemJournal of Turbomachinery1992226
26Heat Transfer in Rotating Serpentine Passages With Smooth WallsJournal of Turbomachinery1991222
27A New Model for Boundary Layer Transition Using a Single-Point RANS ApproachJournal of Turbomachinery2004219
28The Measurement and Formation of Tip Clearance LossJournal of Turbomachinery1989217
29A Review of Surface Roughness Effects in Gas TurbinesJournal of Turbomachinery2010212
30An Experimental and Numerical Investigation into the Mechanisms of Rotating InstabilityJournal of Turbomachinery2002205
31The Many Faces of Turbine Surface RoughnessJournal of Turbomachinery2001204
32A Fundamental Model of Mistuning for a Single Family of ModesJournal of Turbomachinery2002202
33The Role of Tip Leakage Vortex Breakdown in Compressor Rotor AerodynamicsJournal of Turbomachinery1999197
34A Review of Staggered Array Pin Fin Heat Transfer for Turbine Cooling ApplicationsJournal of Turbomachinery1988196
35Two-Dimensional, Nonequilibrium, Wet-Steam Calculations for Nozzles and Turbine CascadesJournal of Turbomachinery1992194
36The Effect of Periodic Ribs on the Local Aerodynamic and Heat Transfer Performance of a Straight Cooling ChannelJournal of Turbomachinery1998192
37Origins and Structure of Spike-Type Rotating StallJournal of Turbomachinery2015192
38Viscous Analysis of Three-Dimensional Rotor Flow Using a Multigrid MethodJournal of Turbomachinery1994191
39Role of Blade Passage Flow Structurs in Axial Compressor Rotating Stall InceptionJournal of Turbomachinery1999190
40Local Heat Transfer and Flow Structure on and Above a Dimpled Surface in a ChannelJournal of Turbomachinery2001189
41Turbine Separation Control Using Pulsed Vortex Generator JetsJournal of Turbomachinery2001189
42Heat Transfer in Rotating Serpentine Passages With Trips Skewed to the FlowJournal of Turbomachinery1994187
43Active Suppression of Rotating Stall and Surge in Axial CompressorsJournal of Turbomachinery1993178
44Heat Transfer in Rotating Passages With Smooth Walls and Radial Outward FlowJournal of Turbomachinery1991174
45Active Control of Rotating Stall in a Low-Speed Axial CompressorJournal of Turbomachinery1993174
46Free-Stream Turbulence Effects on Film Cooling With Shaped HolesJournal of Turbomachinery2003172
47Boundary Layer Development in Axial Compressors and Turbines: Part 1 of 4—Composite PictureJournal of Turbomachinery1997167
48Flowfield Measurements for Film-Cooling Holes With Expanded ExitsJournal of Turbomachinery1998167
49Large Eddy Simulation of Film Cooling Flow From an Inclined Cylindrical JetJournal of Turbomachinery2003167
50Rotating Waves as a Stall inception Indication in Axial CompressorsJournal of Turbomachinery1991166