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1Active disturbance rejection control: Methodology and theoretical analysisISA Transactions2014644
2Fault diagnosis of rolling bearings with recurrent neural network-based autoencodersISA Transactions2018377
3Interior search algorithm (ISA): A novel approach for global optimizationISA Transactions2014371
4Second order sliding mode control for a quadrotor UAVISA Transactions2014371
5On the centrality of disturbance rejection in automatic controlISA Transactions2014346
6Deep transfer network with joint distribution adaptation: A new intelligent fault diagnosis framework for industry applicationISA Transactions2020344
7Analysis and synthesis of networked control systems: A survey of recent advances and challengesISA Transactions2017326
8Adaptive sliding mode control for finite-time stability of quad-rotor UAVs with parametric uncertaintiesISA Transactions2018286
9Event-triggered control design of linear networked systems with quantizationsISA Transactions2012283
10A robust PID controller based on imperialist competitive algorithm for load-frequency control of power systemsISA Transactions2013283
11A novel deep learning based fault diagnosis approach for chemical process with extended deep belief networkISA Transactions2020280
12Position and attitude tracking control for a quadrotor UAVISA Transactions2014278
13Deep learning algorithms for rotating machinery intelligent diagnosis: An open source benchmark studyISA Transactions2020271
14Anti-disturbance control theory for systems with multiple disturbances: A surveyISA Transactions2014270
15Deep residual learning-based fault diagnosis method for rotating machineryISA Transactions2019264
16Global fast dynamic terminal sliding mode control for a quadrotor UAVISA Transactions2017253
17Fractional order fuzzy control of hybrid power system with renewable generation using chaotic PSOISA Transactions2016248
18Terminal sliding mode tracking control for a class of SISO uncertain nonlinear systemsISA Transactions2013241
19Tuning of an optimal fuzzy PID controller with stochastic algorithms for networked control systems with random time delayISA Transactions2011238
20Rolling bearing fault diagnosis using adaptive deep belief network with dual-tree complex wavelet packetISA Transactions2017234
21Survey on methods of increasing the efficiency of extended state disturbance observersISA Transactions2015225
22On the selection of tuning methodology of FOPID controllers for the control of higher order processesISA Transactions2011221
23Cyber security risk assessment for SCADA and DCS networksISA Transactions2007216
24Intelligent fault diagnosis of machines with small & imbalanced data: A state-of-the-art review and possible extensionsISA Transactions2022214
25Bouc–Wen model parameter identification for a MR fluid damper using computationally efficient GAISA Transactions2007200
26Sliding mode control with PID sliding surface and experimental application to an electromechanical plantISA Transactions2006199
27Data-driven remaining useful life prediction via multiple sensor signals and deep long short-term memory neural networkISA Transactions2020197
28Adaptive control of nonlinear uncertain active suspension systems with prescribed performanceISA Transactions2015196
29Robust control of nonlinear MAGLEV suspension system with mismatched uncertainties via DOBC approachISA Transactions2011194
30Fractional order sliding-mode control based on parameters auto-tuning for velocity control of permanent magnet synchronous motorISA Transactions2012194
31Non-fragile sampled-data robust synchronization of uncertain delayed chaotic Lurie systems with randomly occurring controller gain fluctuationISA Transactions2017192
32Identification of mechanical compound-fault based on the improved parameter-adaptive variational mode decompositionISA Transactions2019190
33A robust decentralized load frequency controller for interconnected power systemsISA Transactions2012189
34Adaptive backstepping fault-tolerant control for flexible spacecraft with unknown bounded disturbances and actuator failuresISA Transactions2010185
35Adaptive nonsingular fast terminal sliding-mode control for the tracking problem of uncertain dynamical systemsISA Transactions2018183
36Sliding mode control: an approach to regulate nonlinear chemical processesISA Transactions2000182
37Efficient path planning for UAV formation via comprehensively improved particle swarm optimizationISA Transactions2020182
38Robust adaptive nonsingular fast terminal sliding-mode tracking control for an uncertain quadrotor UAV subjected to disturbancesISA Transactions2020182
39Simulation and experimental design of a new advanced variable step size Incremental Conductance MPPT algorithm for PV systemsISA Transactions2016181
40Second-order sliding mode control with experimental applicationISA Transactions2010179
41Design and analysis of tilt integral derivative controller with filter for load frequency control of multi-area interconnected power systemsISA Transactions2016179
42Modified active disturbance rejection control for time-delay systemsISA Transactions2014178
43The conformable fractional grey system modelISA Transactions2020176
44Detection and diagnosis of abnormal batch operations based on multi-way principal component analysis World Batch Forum, Toronto, May 1996ISA Transactions1996168
45Application of higher order spectral features and support vector machines for bearing faults classificationISA Transactions2015166
46Incipient winding fault detection and diagnosis for squirrel-cage induction motors equipped on CRH trainsISA Transactions2020166
47Neural adaptive observer-based sensor and actuator fault detection in nonlinear systems: Application in UAVISA Transactions2017164
48Cat Swarm Optimization algorithm for optimal linear phase FIR filter designISA Transactions2013163
49Development of an integrated wireless sensor network micro-environmental monitoring systemISA Transactions2008159
50Nonlinear model identification and adaptive model predictive control using neural networksISA Transactions2011156